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all characters are at least 18

Way" [edit]




Spirit Heart/Karma Cost +Hunt/Search/Combat Hunt Bonus Search Bonus Combat Bonus Defense Notes
Ghost Archer
1/3 1/1/0 Dregs -1
  • Guarantees 1 point damage, but only in Combat.
  • If the damage reduces the opponent to 0, you will win regardless of the outcome of the round.
  • Bonus Dregs may be useful all around.
1/2 1/1/2 Color Color
  • Spector-lite, they can add to their role but not much else.
  • Cheap cost, but the graveyard slot might be better spent.
1/3 3/3/1 Color Color
  • Ex Brave added
  • Very good ability for the cost; if you fill your graveyard with nothing but these, you could probably handle anything.
  • Additional combat assistance may be needed.
3/4 1/0/1 Blue Blue 1
  • Combat oriented, the added Blue and Defense may be a life-saver
  • Ability is too spread out for the cost, with only marginal improvement in Combat and Defense
0/1 0/0/0 2
  • Very cheap Defense.
  • Doesn't do much for the graveyard slot it occupies, but they're so cheap they're easily disposed of and replaced between encounters.
  • Decent choice when conserving Karma during a Max Karma run, but you may want the graveyard slot to hold more versatile Spirits.
1/2 0/0/0 10
  • Serious protection against serious Bosses
  • Not useful for anything else, even combat offense
  • Higher cost than Zombie, but still cheap enough to dispose of after it's needed
1/5 2/2/2 Dregs Dregs, Sakura Dregs, Sakura
  • Ex Brave added
  • High cost for moderate Hunt/Search/Combat, but its real value is in the Brave and bonus added.
  • Very high utility for the Cost and graveyard slot; these may be worthwhile even in Max Karma runs.
1/2 1/1/2 Color Color
  • Ex Brave added
  • The combat support distinguishes this spirit from the Shadow. It also better complements the Spectors.
  • Great value for Max Karma runs.
Black Carriage
3/6 1/1/3 Red, Kasu Dregs Red
  • A shock trooper in Combat, and contributes decent bonus to Hunt/Search
  • High cost but high value. It's a tempting expense even on a Max Karma run.
Fortune-Teller's Spirit
1/1 0/2/0 Dregs
  • Ex Brave added
  • Combat support added, but you're unlikely to encounter Combat in Search grounds, which is what these are best for.
  • Cheap enough to dispose of between Hunt and Search encounters.
  • Balanced enough to retain in Max Karma runs, when Search is necessary to build Karma, Hearts and Pow in preparation for Combat.


  • The "Brave" support may have an effect on the opponent AI's aggressiveness.
  • The elements occupying each row will influence the Shadow Heroes that can be summoned. See next table.

Shadow Heroes

Shadow Heroes will be summoned according to all Elemental Attributes along a row of the graveyard, plus any Elemental Effect granted from the scroll. No Spirits are Elemental Sun, so a Scroll of Light would be required to add it.

Sacrifice / Element
No Elements Any sacrifice summons Cavalier
1 Element Wood Anteater Blessed Anteater Water Fish Blessed Fish Fire Rhinoceros Blessed Rhino Wind Crocodile Blessed Crocodile Moon Sheep Blessed Sheep Sun Cobra Blessed Cobra
Wood Gladiator Gladiator Cavalier Hunter Cavalier Mercenary Mercenary Gladiator Dark Axeman Soldier Soldier
Water Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Cavalier Cavalier Cavalier Shadowblade Shadowblade Shinobi Shinobi
Fire Cursed Warrior Cursed Warrior Gladiator Bandit Cavalier Shinobi Shinobi Cavalier Crystal Gazer Cavalier Cavalier
Wind Dark Axeman Soldier Mercenary Mercenary Dark Axeman Mercenary Shadowblade Cavalier Cavalier Dark Axeman Crystal Gazer
Moon Cavalier Cavalier Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Mercenary Gladiator Soldier Soldier Cursed Warrior Cursed Warrior
Sun Gladiator Gladiator Cavalier Cavalier Gladiator Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary
2 Elements Anteater Blessed Anteater Fish Blessed Fish Rhinoceros Blessed Rhino Crocodile Blessed Crocodile Sheep Blessed Sheep Cobra Blessed Cobra
WoodWater Soldier Cavalier Mercenary Mercenary Demonologist Assassin Gladiator
WoodFire Gladiator Cavalier Cavalier Gladiator Cavalier Soldier Soldier
WoodWind Dark Axeman Cavalier Dark Axeman Imperial Knight Bandit Dark Axeman Dark Axeman
WoodMoon Gladiator Cavalier Gladiator Soldier Gladiator Imperial Soldier Gladiator
WoodSun Bandit Cavalier Bandit Imperial Knight Gladiator Magician Soldier
WaterFire Black Bowman Demonologist Cavalier Shinobi Shinobi Mercenary Shinobi
WaterWind Assassin Herald Shadowblade Mercenary Shadowblade Shadowblade Assassin
WaterMoon Mercenary Demonologist Mercenary Mercenary Martial Artist Martial Artist Black Bowman
WaterSun Demonologist Mercenary Cavalier Mercenary Herald Herald Mercenary
FireWind Soldier Bandit Dark Axeman Gladiator Crystal Gazer Crystal Gazer Soldier Crystal Gazer
FireMoon Cursed Warrior Gladiator Gladiator Black Bowman Cursed Warrior Cleric Cursed Warrior
FireSun Bandit Gladiator Mercenary Gladiator Bandit Spellsword Black Bowman
WindMoon Imperial Soldier Bandit Imperial Soldier Mercenary Soldier Soldier Imperial Soldier
WindMoon Shadowblade Mercenary Bandit Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Cavalier
SunMoon Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Demonologist Bandit Bandit Mercenary
3 Elements Anteater Blessed Anteater Fish Blessed Fish Rhinoceros Blessed Rhino Crocodile Blessed Crocodile Sheep Blessed Sheep Cobra Blessed Cobra
WoodWaterFire Samurai Shinobi Soldier Gladiator Mercenary Gladiator
WoodWaterWind Assassin Shadowblade Assassin Imperial Knight Radiant Son Assassin
WoodWaterMoon Soldier Mercenary Soldier Soldier Demonologist Samurai
WoodWaterSun Berserker Mercenary Mercenary Imperial Knight Demonologist Soldier
WoodFireWind Soldier Crystal Gazer Dark Axeman Soldier Soldier Soldier
WoodFireMoon Gladiator Cursed Warrior Gladiator Samurai Cavalier Gladiator
WoodFireSun Cleric Bandit Imperial Knight Soldier Gladiator Samurai
WoodWindMoon Imperial Soldier Soldier Imperial Soldier Imperial Knight Bandit Imperial Soldier
WoodWindSun Assassin Mercenary Valiant Imperial Knight Bandit Mercenary
WoodMoonSun Bandit Gladiator Bandit Berserker Gladiator Soldier
WaterFireWind Cleric Radiant Son Crystal Gazer Gladiator Mercenary Mercenary Cleric
WaterFireMoon Black Bowman Demonologist Cursed Warrior Black Bowman Black Bowman Black Bowman
WaterFireSun Black Hand Demonologist Dark Axeman Gladiator Gladiator Black Bowman
WaterWindMoon Dragon Soldier Radiant Son Martial Artist Mercenary Martial Artist Dragon Soldier
WaterWindSun Shadowblade Herald Shadowblade Mercenary Herald Cavalier
WaterMoonSun Demonologist Demonologist Mercenary Demonologist Radiant Son Mercenary
FireWindMoon Highlander Bandit Imperial Soldier Gladiator Cleric Highlander
FireWindSun Mercenary Bandit Herald Gladiator Spellsword Shinobi
FireMoonSun Bandit Gladiator Demonologist Black Hand Bandit Black Bowman
WindMoonSun Martial Artist Bandit Bandit Mercenary Bandit Mercenary
4 Elements Anteater Blessed Anteater Fish Blessed Fish Rhinoceros Blessed Rhino Crocodile Blessed Crocodile Sheep Blessed Sheep Cobra Blessed Cobra
WoodWaterFireWind Cleric Mercenary Soldier Soldier Martial Artist Cleric
WoodWaterFireMoon Samurai Black Bowman Gladiator Samurai Mercenary Samurai
WoodWaterFireSun Mercenary Gladiator Dark Axeman Soldier Demonologist Samurai
WoodWaterWindMoon Dragon Soldier Martial Artist Dragon Soldier Imperial Knight Radiant Son Dragon Soldier
WoodWaterWindSun Assassin Herald Assassin Imperial Knight Radiant Son Mercenary
WoodWaterMoonSun Berserker Demonologist Soldier Berserker Demonologist Soldier
WoodFireWindMoon Highlander Cleric Imperial Soldier Soldier Soldier Highlander
WoodFireWindSun Cleric Spellsword Bandit Soldier Bandit Gladiator
WoodFireMoonSun Cleric Bandit Berserker Mercenary Gladiator Samurai
WoodWindMoonSun Dragon Soldier Bandit Valiant Imperial Knight Bandit Soldier
WaterFireWindMoon Mercenary Radiant Son Cleric Gladiator Soldier Mercenary
WaterFireWindSun Mercenary Radiant Son Dark Axeman Gladiator Swordsmith Shinobi
WaterFireMoonSun Black Hand Demonologist Imperial Soldier Black Hand Black Hand Black Bowman
WaterWindMoonSun of Martial Artists Radiant Son Martial Artist Mercenary Radiant Son Mercenary
FireWindMoonSun Soldier Bandit Radiant Son Gladiator Bandit Black Bowman
5 Elements Anteater Blessed Anteater Fish Blessed Fish Rhinoceros Blessed Rhino Crocodile Blessed Crocodile Sheep Blessed Sheep Cobra Blessed Cobra
WoodWaterFireWindMoon Mercenary Soldier Highlander Soldier Martial Artist Mercenary Mercenary
WoodWaterFireWindSun Cleric Swordsmith Dark Axeman Soldier Radiant Son Mamluk Gladiator
WoodWaterFireMoonSun Mercenary Black Hand Imperial Soldier Mercenary Demonologist Silver Archer Samurai
WoodWaterWindMoonSun Dragon Soldier Radiant Son Dragon Soldier Imperial Knight Radiant Son Gladiator Dragon Soldier
WoodFireWindMoonSun Mercenary Bandit Gladiator Soldier Bandit Nazgul Samurai
WaterFireWindMoonSun Soldier Radiant Son Imperial Soldier Gladiator Dragon Knight Dragon Knight Black Bowman
All Elements Anteater Blessed Anteater Fish Blessed Fish Rhinoceros Blessed Rhino Crocodile Blessed Crocodile Sheep Blessed Sheep Cobra Blessed Cobra
Mercenary Dragon Soldier Imperial Soldier Silver Archer Soldier Radiant Son Silver Archer Samurai Silver Archer