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all characters are at least 18

Wakeari [edit]


Technical Help


  • PP list

.pp file info list

wkar_00_00: (cloth texture ... etc)
wkar_01_01_00: (xa file ... )
wkar_01_01_01: (Same as above)
wkar_01_01_02: (Same as above)
wkar_01_01_03: (Same as above)
wkar_01_01_05: (Same as above)
wkar_03_00: (Same as above)
wkar_04_00: map file and.. xx file
wkar_05_00: icon img file and.. ui img and cg and lst(link sound file)
wkar_05_03: add cloth pack ppfile(add cloth texture ... etc)
wkar_06_00: Subtitle file txt file is Subtitle
wkar_07_00: xx file and xa file etc img - i don't know Purpose
wkar_08_00: bgm and Effect sound
wkar_09_00: char Voice File..(Guess Voice File of ryokko)
wkar_09_01: char Voice File..(Guess Voice File of hitomi)
wkar_09_02: char Voice File..(Guess Voice File of mekumi)
wkar_09_05: Voice File of demon(you know? orange pig demon)
wkar_10_00: cam file...(i don't know)