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all characters are at least 18

Wakeari [edit]


  • H Guide

Technical Help


H guide for Wakeari

Controls and interface



  • Left Mouse Button = turn camera around central point.
  • Right Mouse Button = zoom and vertical movement of central point.
  • Scrolling = zoom
  • Left+Right Mouse Button = horizontal and vertical movement of central point.
  • Middle Mouse Button = 8-dirrection movement of central point.
  • Num8, Num6, Num2, Num4 = turn camera around central point.
  • Arrows = movement of central point.
  • ; and ] = change zoom limit.
  • . and \ = rotate camera.
  • / = align rotation.
  • Q = look on the girl's face.
  • W = look on the girl's breasts.
  • E = look on the girl's crotch.
  • R and Num5 = reset the camera.
  • T = Toggle auto-rotation.
  • Pg up and pg down = change vertical position of central point.
  • Home and End = zoom


  • 1 = hide\show the room.
  • 2 = hide\show the walls when camera behind they. Also hide\show all outside the room.
  • 3 = hide\show central point marker.
  • 4 = hide\show the guy.
  • 5 = hide\show the cock.
  • Z = dress\undress the guy.
  • X = hide\show crossview.


  • Left Mouse Button = Increase speed of current action. (Notice: Works when cursor placed over orange box)
  • Right Mouse Button = Decrease speed of current action. (Notice: Works when cursor placed over orange box)
  • Scrolling = Change animation of current action. (Notice: Works not for all types of actions.)
  • A and S = Increase\decrease pleasure of the girl. (Notice: Works only in free mode.)
  • C = stops the demon flying in demon mode.


  • Left side of the screen has two buttons.
    • First one call the system menu.
    • Second one ends the h-scene.
  • Top side of the screen has:
    • Pleasure meter. Shows pleasure of a girl.
    • Little heart on the pleasure meter. Appearing of little heart says that girl is ready for more ecchi actions. Appears after half of the pleasure bar.
    • One more button that appears when the girl ready to cum. That button has two option. First - a girl cum along. Second - a girl cum together with the guy (the guy always cumming inside.)
  • Down side of the screen has only the orange bordered box. The orange box is for controlling current action (see controls of H-action). In additional the box has several buttons:
    • Purple line in the middle with points - for choosing animation.
    • Two small blue buttons - for changing size of the box and for hiding it.
  • Right side of the screen has:
    • First button: Choice of main type of action.
    • Second button: Choice of sub type of action.
    • Third button: Speak with the girl.
    • Fourth button for making the guy cum. After hitting that button you can hit it again and choose where to cum.
    • Last button: Dress\undress the girl.


All h-actions, h-positions, h-animations, etc could be obtained in ghost hunting of the story mode. Shoot yellow ghosts for that. Every yellow ghost = something new in H. Yellow ghosts will no longer appear when all positions and h-actions will be obtained. If you tired of shooting all the ghosts down you can shoot only yellow ghosts and then give up. (Hit G on the keyboard and pick left option for giving up.)

Relationship level

If you obtained some new h-actions it not means that you can use it instantly. The girl have several states and relation levels that can you allow or disallow something. Relation level shows in system->status menu. Sexual arousal (pleasure meter) affect to permission level to.

  • None of hearts (None):
    • You can only talk with the girl. All h-actions are disallowed.
  • One heart (Virgin):
    • At start a girl allows any kind of play with her body except any kind of penetration. After getting half of the pleasure bar, at beginning of it, appears little heart. After that a girl allows you vaginal penetration.
    • She absolutely disallow anal penetration, finger or tongue penetration, and any kind of plays with the guy's body.
  • Two hearts (Friend):
    • At start a girl allows everything except sex. She allows sex after getting little heart (half pleasure bar).
  • Three hearts (Love):
    • A girl allows everything at the start.
  • The girl is possessed (Lewd):
    • A girl allows everything at the start.
      • Getting the state: To getting this state you must allow red ghosts reach the house, in ghost hunting of the story mode. When three ghosts possess a girl she is become possessed, (or lewd for simplicity).
    • The state changes the girl's appearance and voice.
    • The state allows you do everything you want in h-mode.
    • In the story mode the state prevent to raise the relation level.
    • The state changes all the h-animations to more filthily.


Overall system

All is pretty simple here. You choose main action in the first list (first right button), then choose sub action in the second list (second right button). After that you can choose type of animation in orange box, if it's allowed, and speed. A girl can have orgasm when pleasure meter is filled. She can cum along or together with the guy. The guy can cum at any time you want.

  • You can, or the game features:
    • Three girls with two type of character for each.
    • High amount of positions dependent from location.
    • Several different locations with several places on each.
    • The guy can cum inside\outside.
    • You can dress\undress girl in h-scene.
    • You can talk with a girl.
    • The girl has two states of fatigue.
    • This game has crossview (internal view). You can watch how's cock moves inside vagina, anal or mouth. You can turn it on\off by "X" key on the keyboard.
    • The demon mode, where you can rape the girls.
    • 4p sex in the demon mode.

About positions

At first - in this game is no such term as "position" as always. There is only actions. In previous Illusion games was buttons like "sex in missionary", "sex in doggy", etc. In this game these buttons looks like "Front sex" and "Behind sex". The same for all other actions. Position depended of place. Every location contains several areas of five types: Chair area, bed area, wall area, floor area, special area. You can freely change area by picking last option in first list (first button). I divided all actions to three big category for simplicity of explanation about areas and positions dependence.

  • Guy fondles girl (Kissing, Fondle breasts, Fingering, Licking pussy). There is two main positions for each action:
    • Chair areas and wall areas will give you "standing foreplay".
    • Floor areas and bed areas will give you "lying foreplay".
  • Girl fondles guy (Blow job, Hand job, Missionary rubbing, Tit job, Foot job, Doggy rubbing).
    • No any dependence of area. Having this actions in any place will give you same positions.
  • Sex (Front sex, Behind sex). There is four main positions for each action. Each main position has two sub positions:
    • Have it in bed area will give you lying sex, missionary\doggy positions.
    • Have it in floor area will give you lying sex, cowgirl\reverse cowgirl positions.
    • Have it in chair area will give you sitting sex, ride\reverse ride positions.
    • Have it in wall area will give you standing sex, standing\standing behind positions.
    • Have it in special areas will give you special positions.

Every position and action has high amount of modifications. Read about it in "Positions and animations" section.

Some tips and functions

List of all actions in the first and the second menu

(Beware 1, if you haven't open all options yet, then you will get a different placement of these. Beware 2, enabled items disappeared until disabling. Beware 3, this list is for normal girl. Some actions is a little different for lewd girl.)

  • Front sex
    • Vaginal penetration
    • Anal penetration
  • Behind sex
    • Vaginal penetration
    • Anal penetration
  • Kissing
    • Just kissing (Enabled by default after switching)
    • More passionate kissing
    • Licking
    • Girl sucks tongue of the guy 1
    • Girl sucks tongue of the guy 2
  • Fondle breasts
    • Massage breasts (Enabled by default)
    • Play with nipple
    • Pull nipple
    • Lick nipple
    • Suck nipple
  • Fingering
    • Rub pussy (Enabled by default)
    • Rub clitor
    • Insert fingers into vagina
  • Licking pussy
    • Lick pussy (Enabled by default)
    • Lick clitor
    • Insert tongue into vagina
  • Blow job
    • Lick balls (Enabled by default)
    • Lick penis
    • Lick head of penis 1
    • Lick head of penis 2
    • Rubbing head of penis by lips
    • Blow job
    • Blow job with movement of tongue
    • Deep throat, girl moves her head
    • Suction of the penis
    • Deep throat, the guy moves head of a girl
  • Hand job
    • One handed job (Enabled by default)
    • Two handed job 1
    • One hand on penis, one on head of it 1
    • Two handed job 2
    • One hand on penis, one on head of it 2
    • A girl skips penis through her fingers
    • One hand grabs head, second rubs penis
    • The girl rubs head by her palm
  • Missionary rubbing
    • The guy rubs pussy of a girl by penis (Enabled by default)
    • Different position of the same action above
    • Different position of the same action above + girl helps the guy
  • Tit job (Paizuri)
    • Tit job between breasts, girl moves only her body
    • Girl rubs penis by her breast
    • Girl rubs penis by her nipple
    • Tit job between breasts, girl moves each breast separately by pulling nipples
  • Foot job
    • One foot rubbing
    • Different rubbing
    • Two foot rubbing
    • Touching balls by foot
  • Doggy rubbing
    • The guy moves penis between hips of girl (Enabled by default)
    • The same as above, but there is moves girl
    • The same as the first one, but more intense


You can freely undress or dress the girl on the fly. There is seven kind of clothes. Some of them combined in the selection window, but can be taken off separately. There is: shirt, skirt, panties, bra, stockings, accessory, shoes. Instead of the shirt + skirt might be a dress. You also can lift clothes without removing them.

  • First hit on the option - lift item of clothing.
  • Second hit on the same option - remove the item.
  • Third hit on the same option - return the item of clothing.
  • Options of the menu: (Last button on right side of the screen)
    • Shirt (Or a dress)
    • Skirt (Option won't appear if the girl is wearing a dress)
    • Bra (Hidden until shirt is lifted or removed)
    • Panties (Hidden until stockings are lifted or removed)
    • Stockings
    • Shoes
    • Accessory
    • Remove all (Or return all)

Possible states of the girl

The states of a girl that can be obtained:

  • Tired state. Let the girl cum at least once and then continue frictions without letting her rest. Works only for sex. It change current position.
  • Overwork\overload\rolling eyes state. Let the girl cum three times in the row. It will change her voice, she begins screaming and moaning more louder. Kyouko and Hitomi will roll their eyes back. Megumi will never do that, but her voice will change. For lewd girls count of orgasms in the row increased to five.
  • Tongue out state. Nobody knows how to get it(just keep a good rhythm and make sure she has both eyes open and she will enter squrting mode, this can only be done at certen times tho) . You can see this state on official screenshots of the game on the Illusion's site. But there is a little notice: "Game in development. All what you can see might be changed without notice." So actually this state may not exist in the game.


Girl can swallow the sperm. Requirements:

  • Virgin - will never do even blow job.
  • All others - fill half of the pleasure bar.

Commands for girls

You can say to a girl to do something with the speak menu (third button of the right side of the screen).

  • First three - "You are wonderful", "You are cute", "I love you" - do nothing.
  • "Look in camera" - make a girl look in camera. Any action (even change of speed) canceling this. Also might be canceled by hitting "Look at the guy".

When the girl is giving pleasure to the guy (Ie blow job, hand job, or similar), you can say this to her:

  • "Do it slowly" - decrease the speed of the action.
  • "Do it faster" - increase the speed of the action.
  • "Do what you like" - makes a girl change sub action every ten seconds by her own.
  • "Do what I tell you" - makes a girl stop changing of the sub action.

Locations and areas

There is list of areas inside each location.

  • Tenpei's room (The guy room) - Bed, floor, wall.
  • Kyouko's room (MILF's room)' - Bed, floor, wall, special.
  • Hitomi's room (Long haired girl's room) - Bed, chair, wall.
  • Megumi's room (Short haired girl's room) - Bed, chair, floor.
  • Lobby - Chair, wall, Floor.
  • Kitchen - Floor, wall, bed.
  • Bathroom - Wall, floor, Special.
  • Toilet - Wall.
  • Yard - Floor, wall, chair.
  • Bonus location - Floor, Bed, Chair, Wall.

Special areas

Special areas allow you have sex in different position than usual.

  • Special area for standing positions located in Kyouko's room, on the balcony. The girl recline on the rails. There is also a glass door for standing position. You can push girl's breasts to the glass.
  • Special area for sitting positions located in bathroom, right in the bath. If you pick "behind sex" in the bath a girl will not ride the guy as always. The position is mix of behind stand and doggy positions. There is also you can have sex in the water.

Positions and animations

The game has not so much positions at all, but has a huge count of variations for each.

Animation system

All h-actions in the game are divided into main action types. Almost every main action has several sub actions. Each main or sub action with penetration has three types. Any sub action or type of penetration has it's own animation. This animations are depend of the triggers mentioned below in the "Triggers" section. Moreover, triggers are can be combined. What all this means:
1. We have basic animation.
2. We have "lewd" trigger. This trigger changes basic animation. Call it "lewd animation".
3. We have "tired" trigger. This trigger changes basic animation. Call it "tired animation".
4. So we also can have "tired AND lewd animation".
5. We have "anal" trigger. We can have "anal & tired & lewd animation", "tired & anal animation", and so on.
6. But triggers and combinations of the triggers will not always give different animations. Remember that.

Some more words:
Sex does not have sub actions, only the choice between anal and vaginal sex. This choice is counted as a trigger, because sometimes doesn't change anything.
Three hearts (love) or lewd state of the girl allows you do everything.
Foreplay actions don't have tired state for the girl, but have rolling eyes state.

All type of triggers for animation change

Lewd \ normal girl. Girl was or wasn't possessed by ghosts (Read about it in "relations" section). This one change all animations of all the actions, makes them more filthily.

Tired \ Fresh girl. Girl become tired after her orgasm. If you wait a while she will rest and return to "fresh" state. Another way to rest the girl is pick first option in second list (second button), or change position\type of action\area. If you don't let the girl have a rest and continue frictions, she will stay tired, and this completely change animation of current position.

Anal \ vaginal sex. Different penetrations gives different animations almost for all positions. For anal penetration pick front or behind sex, and then pick second option in second list (second button).

Girl \ guy at the edge of orgasm. When girl is almost cum, animation will changing for several positions\actions. The same for guy.


If you want to count all the animations (positions) in the game, there is:

Every position for sex has 3 types of animation. (Means x3)
Every position for sex has tired state. (Means x2)
Every animation for sex has second type for anal sex. (Means x2)
The game has 8 main positions for sex, so:

The game has at least 2 special positions, so:

Three foreplay main actions "guy fondles girl".
Every has three sub action. (Means x3)
Two sub actions of all has three types of animation. (means +6)
One more foreplay main actions "guy fondles girl" that has 5 sub actions. (Means +5)
3*3+6+5=17+100 = 117

Missionary rubbing and doggy rubbing has 3 sub action each. (6)
Blow job has 10 sub actions. (+10)
Hand job has 8 sub actions. (+8)
Tit job and foot job has 4 sub actions each. (+8)

And, last but not least, every animation has second type for lewd girl. (Means x2)
149*2=298 (It's very rouge of course)

Special modes

Free H-mode

How to open free h-mode:
(It's all about story mode, of course.)

  • Raise relations with each girl to maximum.
  • After that two new options will appears in the first list (first button at right side of the screen) in the story mode.
  • Last one is boss fighting. Pick it and skip one more day.
  • After that you get choice - pick the left option.
  • Slay the boss - you will get good ending, well done!
  • Let's have some sex!

That mode allows you have free H-scene anytime you wish. You can:

  • Pick the girl.
  • Pick relation level and lewd state.
  • Pick the clothes.
  • Pick the hair.
  • Pick the location.
  • Pick the daytime.

All these things opens automatically when you obtain them in the story mode. For relation level: You must have sex with the girl in certain relationship at least once in the story mode.

Demon mode

How to open the demon mode:
(It's all about story mode, of course.)

  • Raise relations with each girl to maximum.
  • After that two new options will appears in the first list (first button at right side of the screen) in the story mode.
  • Last one is boss fighting. Pick it and skip one more day.
  • After that you get choice - pick the right option.
  • Boss won't appear - you will get bad ending, well done!
  • Let's have some rape!

This mode allows you rape the girls, but relax and calm down. Capabilities of this is hardly limited. You can:

  • You can have 1on1 or 4p rape scene or 3p yuri with lazy demon (requires XMAS patch).
  • Every girl's orgasm gives you 1 exp.
  • You can leveling up the demon.
  • Every level of the demon has 2 positions for each rape mode.
  • The demon has 3 levels + lazy demon (requires XMAS patch).
  • You can make double penetration on second level of the demon in 1on1 mode.
  • You can punch the girls when they are beginning resist. (But you don't have to do that if you don't want.)
  • To make the girl not resist, press 'V' (requires XMAS patch).
  • You can setup clothes expansion that adds one more level of the demon that allows you watch two positions for 3p yuri.
  • Or, you can also change the clothes and hairs for the girls. There is button for that. But you can't choose lewd (possessed) forms of the girls.