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all characters are at least 18

Wakeari [edit]


Technical Help


Saving Your Game

To save your game, you must be lying in bed. Select the sleep button and choose one of the bottom options that looks like this: セーブ. The save menu will appear. Select a slot to save to and then push the bottom right button. Select the bottom left button to exit or just use the right mouse button.

Starting a game

When you start the game you are lying in bed, you cannot perform any action except pressing the orange "door" button. Then select the only option available.You will be confronted with the eldest girl, the blonde. At first your only option is "camera mode", which will occur automatically. You will meet all three girls and perform a quick "camera mode".

  • Click the left mouse button and drag over her clothing to make it transparent, you will notice some interactivity at this point. You can use the mouse scrollwheel to enlarge or reduce the "eraser" tool. Notice that the target circle is normally light blue.
  • In Camera Mode you can click on the arrow next to the hand Icon in order to be able to also erase the girls underwear (you need to obtain this skill through the ghost hunt).
  • You can also exorcize any spirits possessing a girl in camera mode simply erase parts of her clothes until you see the ghost clinging on her, then point at them and shoot them by pressing the space bar. It is very likely that the 'erase underwear' skill is needed to make to ghost(-s) fully visible. The target circle will turn red or yellow when near a ghost, even when it is not visible.

Afterwards, you may speak with the girls by selecting the "speech bubble" icon, you can adjust the camera angle or click the camera icon. Once you click the camera icon you will be able to erase clothing. You can change the view during camera mode when holding Ctrl, with left-, middle- or right mouse button.

The bar of green boxes at the top of the screen represent how much "power" you have to erase clothing, once this is empty the session ends. There is also a timer beneath the bar, once time runs out the session ends too.

Tip : Instead dragging along the clothes, you can erase the clothes by just using mouse clicks without moving, which does not deplete the gauge bar (don't forget to increase the size of the circle using scroll up to make this go easier and faster). When using this trick it is basically the timer that ends the session, but as long as the bar isn't emptied a new camera mode session can be started immediatly, with the girl fully dressed again. Only the size of the target circle will be stored between sessions.

Ghost Hunting

When at least one of the girls has a love relationship you will have an out of body experience at midnight and go ghost hunting. The guys room will have an overall red color and the same goes for outdoors. The controls are very simple, WASD keys control movement and direction. The left mouse button will move you forward and the right mouse button will move you backwards. Holding W+LMB doubles forward movement, S+RMB moves backward twice as fast.

Pressing the space bar will fire your main projectile weapon and pressing the 'B' key will fire your bomb, which will destroy all ghosts in your view. In later sesions it seems to only push the ghosts back. When all ghosts are killed or have disappeared from the area the session ends, but pressing the 'G' key will give you the option to give up earlier. Any remaining Orange Ghosts will proceed to possess a girl at random, but they will only appear when at least one of the girls has lost her virginity and when not all girls are possesed. The third option to end the session is when the ammo bar is completely depleted.

There are 4 kinds of ghosts:

  • The Blue Ghosts usually fly around the house in circles and on later Ghost Hunting sessions they also maneuver up and down. Killing them doesn't seem to be giving you anything. When the intention is to kill all ghosts, it is handly to save them for the last. Although they are quite harmless and easy to avoid, getting 'touched' by any ghost will deplete the ammo bar with 5 blocks.
  • The Pink Ghosts fly randomly around the house. Killing them gives the player one additional "Bomb". These ghosts fire small blue dot projectiles at the player. Simply moving will cause these to miss, you can also shoot the projectiles to stop them. When hit with their projectile the ammo bar gets reduced with 5 blocks.
  • The Red Ghosts fly slowly towards the house. They fly faster at later ghost hunting sessions. If they reach the house they will posses one of the non-virgin girls. If a girl gets possessed by 3 ghosts she then is completely possessed and her behavior & appearace changes. Enough Orange Ghosts will spawn to fill all of the girls' available possession slots. Each Orange Ghost that is already possessing a girl will be replaced by other ghosts.
  • The Yellow Ghosts hold an orb and fly around the house randomly. You can unlock new H positions and camera utilities when you kill them. They will stop appearing when all positions are unclocked.

Free Exploration

On day 29 you will have a different kind of out of body experience, called House Haunting. From this time on you have the additional option to roam around the house freely instead, except on midnight when a 'normal' ghost hunting appears. This can also be done at night, when normally you where forced to sleep as the only available option. Now you can pass through floors, walls and ceilings and go to the adjustment rooms. You can go to the girls rooms or the rest of the house and watch the girls while they cook, drink, pee, bath, dance, sleep or whatever they are doing. During this mode you collect 'memories' that will be available to watch again later on in free mode( NOTE:If a girl is sleeping under a blanket , that scene won't be added to the memory page.). Pressing "F" when one of the girls is present will start camera mode and you can also perform exorsisms like in normal (= story) camera mode. It happens quite often that only two of three girls can be found in or outside the house. The location of the girls is not necessarily the same as the available options for a direct encounter. In order to end the session: press the 'G' button and press the left button that appears.