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Violated Heroine edit




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Quest Info

  • Location: Hot Spring Town
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Gold Reward: 500G
  • EXP Reward: 30EXP
  • Other Rewards: Optional event with 1500G reward
  • Available for Nanako, Nana and Serena.


  • Talk to the bartender of the pub to begin the job.
    • Nanako will be forced to strip off her outer clothes (kung-fu dress) in order to appear more appealing to the customers.
      • If Nanako isn't wearing her chest clothes (usually, the tube top,) she will be forced to wear a Waitress Uniform.
    • If Serena isn't wearing enough clothes, she will be forced to wear a School Swimsuit.
  • There is a VH Heart behind the counter. To reach it, enter the storage room west of the bar from outside, and then to go the top right corner - it's a back entrance to the bar. The door to the bar area is unopenable from either side.
  • Each time you talk to the bartender he will give you a table number. Take the drinks to their designated tables until he says you're done.
    • Mixing up too many orders will fail the quest.
    • A man near the restrooms will repeatedly grope Nanako.
      • If repeating the quest, the number of gropes is carried over between quests, and if groped four times, he will never reappear.
      • If Nanako's Purity is high she can choose to reject or accept it. If Nanako's Dirty is high she will accept it automatically.
        • Rejecting him will cause Nanako to shoot him a mean look which causes him to back off.
        • If Nanako accepts his advances then rejects when he pushes further, she will injure him.
          • Serena with not enough Dirty will scold him even if accepted but no injuries are caused.
        • If he's injured, Nanako will fail the quest and be forced to pay 10,000G.
      • Nanako will receive 500G after being groped three times. If you rejected the man at all before this point, you will receive less money.
      • The fourth time, regardless of if you pull away or accept, Nanako will be fingerbanged until she cums.
        • If you pulled away, you will receive 100G.
        • If you accepted, you will receive 1000G.
    • After being fingerbanged Nanako can enter the restroom. If her Desire is 60 or higher she will masturbate.
      • A man will walk up to the door while Nanako is masturbating, she tries to remember whether or not she locked it.
      • If it's decided it's unlocked he will enter and rape her.
        • If Nanako is raped before the bartender says she's done serving tables she will fail the quest.
    • While serving tables some patrons will offer Nanako a drink.
      • Accepting two or more drinks will cause Nanako to become intoxicated (not available for Nana).
  • After serving enough drinks the bartender will tell Nanako's she's done.
  • Leaving the bar while intoxicated will give Nanako the option to rest or keep going.
    • If Nanako chooses to keep going she will pass out and be gangraped.
    • After getting some rest Nanako will be approached by three men who offer to assist her.
      • Accepting their help will have Nanako get knocked out and gangraped.
      • Denying their help will have Nanako enter into combat.
        • Defeating them will end the scene and allow Nanako to return to the guild.
        • Losing will cause Nanako to be knocked out and gangraped.
  • Turn in the quest.