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Violated Heroine edit




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Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Slums Pub
  • Gold Reward: 3000G
  • Available for Nanako after completing Bar Waitress.


  • Examine the poster by the door of the Slums Pub and take the job.
  • Speak with the manager, she will tell Nanako to get behind the counter and speak to her again.
    • Note: If Nanako is pregnant she will be denied the job on the spot, at least until she gives birth or has it aborted.
  • Nanako will be given the option of taking the day shift or night shift, though only the night shift is actually available.
  • After accepting the job Nanako will be instructed to return at night.
  • Go to the inn and stay the night.
    • Note: Using any method besides sleeping at the inn may break the quest when returning to the Slums Pub.
  • Nanako will wake up noting it's time to begin her shift. Go all the way back to the slums on the west side of town and enter the pub through the back door.
  • Speak with the manager, Nanako will be instructed to change into a uniform in the locker room near the door she just entered.
  • Go to the locker room and put on the Waitress Uniform.
    • If Nanako has high Dirty she may choose to go without underwear.
  • Speak with manager then walk around the counter and speak with her again.
  • Nanako will be instructed to deliver orders to each table similar to the previous Bar Waitress quest.
    • Unlike the previous quest, every single person in the bar will attempt to grope Nanako.
    • As Nanako is being groped her clothes begin to fall apart, this happens regardless of whether or not she accepts being groped.
    • After being groped six times Nanako's outfit will fall apart until she's only wearing an Apron.
      • Once Nanako has been stripped she may willingly choose to have customers grope either her breasts or her ass.
    • When Nanako completes the job she will be instructed to change back into her regular outfit.
  • Go to the locker room and change out of the uniform.
    • If Nanako was stripped another waitress will beg Nanako not to file a complaint as the bar is the only way for some girls to earn a living without becoming prostitutes.
  • Once out of the uniform, return to the manager and speak with her.
  • Nanako is rewarded 3,000G regardless of how many orders she brings to the wrong table.
    • In older versions, even if Nanako wasn't groped she will refuse to take the job ever again.
    • If Dirty is high enough, Nanako can take the job again following the same process (read the poster, sleep in the inn).
    • When she dresses, she will get the option to only wear the apron (as she's going to get stripped anyway) or go with clothes.