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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Gold Reward: 4000G
  • EXP Reward: 750EXP
  • Other Rewards: Eia
  • Available for Nanako from level 15 and after meeting with Ziggy in the Capital’s Adventurers’ Guild.
  • Note: This is a long and quite hard quest with a lot of strong/fast common enemies who attack/block you in groups, complicated directions, and a difficult boss fight! So it's recommended to have HP/MP/fatigue recovery items, Antidotes, and total Attack/Defense value 100+ (from equipment is fine), also 5000G to buy Sunstone.

Note: Fixed some missing pictures in the Jungle Cave rest place/defeat in Barbarian Village in Netty's 180608 translated version by copying the existing pictures to the correct place. Just extract the content to the root folder. [MEGA link here]


  • After you speak with Ziggy for the first time, head out from the building. A “!” mark will appear above the Guild’s door if Nanako’s level is 15+.
  • Go back, speak with Ziggy who informs you about her request to help a girl whom she sent out by a mistake... to the jungle!
    • There is no time limit, you can accept the quest anytime. Recommended to not have a companion.
  • Go to the East Forest. (same place as in the Garuda Egg acquisition quest)
    • Entrance is just north of Rin's Hideout.
    • To get there, leave the Capital through the south exit of the trade district.
    • Once you get to a crossroad, go east. keep going until you see a statue and some graves.
    • Take the trail leading north into the trees.
  • Once you're in the forest, go around the south side of the lake and into the next area.
  • Head east, jump up the hill, then go east to the next area.
  • Keep going east past the Wolves and Kobolds and enter the next area.
  • There will be 2 “!” marks, one at the north-end, the other at the east-end after a bridge. You can progress at either route, they will connect at some point.
    • Note: It’s best to just run your way through the large group of enemies since they are a pain to deal with.
  • Enter north to the next area. Right at the beginning there will be a fork, go west, follow the path and enter the cave that is on the north and little west after the bridge.
    • At the beginning fork if you go east there will be an NPC who sells various recovery items, and 3 light sources (Candle 50G, Torch 500G, Sunstone 5000G) that illuminate the dark places. Effectiveness goes up with price but ultimately are not needed to navigate through the dark.
  • Go to east all the way (passing the bridge too) until you find clambering plants going up the hill. Climb them to the next area.
    • If you go out from the cave north-east of the clambering plants, there will be a chest with 2000G if you go to the other side of the map but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble.
  • EVENT! Follow where the green girl went for the next area.
    • Beware of the purple spiders, as you can’t hurt them.
  • Now manage through the fast enemies to the middle of the map, enter the hole all the way down.
    • This is a dark area so a light source will increase view range.
  • Make your way to the middle through the platforms (just keep running while pressing the correct directional key). Enter the west hole to the Jungle Temple 2 map.
    • There are no enemies in the east hole (Jungle Temple 3) or in the north dead-end (Jungle Temple) so you can change/adjust equipment there. They are all connected by the sides, so you can also change between them that way.
  • Go north and climb the clambering plant to the next area.
    • After a few seconds enemies will appear, it's best to just ignore them (you can’t kill the skeletons anyway).
  • Exit the cave.
  • Move through the water by simply pressing down. Go to the east path for the next area.
    • To the west there will be some platforms that lead to a Gold Bar in a chest worth 6000G (just keep running while pressing the correct directional key).
  • EVENT! The girl is knocked out and taken by a Barbarian group.
    • Dying in the Jungle Maze or the Barbarian Village until escaping with Eia will result in Nanako and Eia being captured and later waking up to participating in an orgy ritual on an altar with the barbarians. They will now be accepted into the Barbarian Village, being free to roam the village without being attacked, with tattoos similar to Ashley’s, and where they get to know Bana.
  • There are two ways to go from here. The Dirt Path Entrance will give the ability to join the Barbarian Village without dying (Debug mode needed not to be stuck in event).

Dirt Path Entrance

  • Head North East, going North through the large pond, continue North East following a dirt path through to the East.
    • In the middle of the large pond you will find a Hunter's Bow.
  • EVENT! You Walk into the middle of Barbarian Village and run back out realizing you need to be naked to blend in.
    • You get a choice to remove your clothes or to rush in. If you are already naked you do not get a choice and you enter without hostility.
  • Rushing in will make the Barbarian Village hostile.
  • Head all the way East and then enter the small tent South of the hill.
    • If you rushed in, you can enter the cave on the hill skipping the next two steps.
    • Do not enter the tent on the hill, you will be unable to move and have to reload from save.
  • Climb down the vines on the hole.

Vine Path Entrance

  • Head North East, keeping to the right of the large pond until you encounter a bend with vine-covered water tucked in to the North with trees, which you head into.
  • From here head East into a cave. You are now in the Barbarian Village.
    • Taking off your clothes in the cave, weapon doesn’t count, allows you to explore the Barbarian Village without being attacked.
  • Head South West through another cave pathway. (East leads to Breeding Grounds)

  • At the North side of the cave head into the North wall Cave pass on the right.
  • Speak with the green-skinned girl, she is the alraune you are tracking called Eia.
    • If naked when speaking to Eia, she'll mistake you for a barbarian and a small scene with her plays
    • If the Barbarian Village was entered without hostility from the dirt path then you are given the option to escape or stay a while.
  • EVENT! A Barbarian walks in jumps and walks out. If not completely naked the Barbarians will be hostile.
    • If choosing to stay, the event changes to where Bana comes in and the group of them greet each other. Nanako and Eia will be guided to a pot in which Bana will draw patterns on their bodies and guide them to the Breeding Grounds. At the Breeding Grounds you are given a choice on who you'll have sex with. Look at and stand in front of your selected partner then hit "Enter". (Auto-interact does not function here and debug is need as the event needs to be skipped when offered otherwise you'll be stuck.)
    • Take this chance to re-equip all equipment and heal up as this is the closest chance before the boss fight.
  • Go back down the South Eastern Cave pass.
  • Bypass the barbarians and go in the hole on the left of the North wall.
  • Run west to escape the Barbarian Village.
  • EVENT! Eia explains her reason for entering the Jungle and a need to kill a plant to save her village.
    • If you participated in the Breeding Grounds ritual, This event is played earlier when waking up in the Barbarian Village.
  • Follow the grass North into the next zone.
    • There is a chest with a Morning Star on the right, perfect for Eia.
  • BOSS BATTLE: It attacks with a long vine whip, two weaker vine whips, leaves, and slow poison/horny bubbles.
    • At random times a vine appears from the ground through which you can damage it! Recommended to run a lot.
    • The boss gets faster and wilder the lesser HP it has.
    • If Nanako is totally naked and is hit by the long vine a small H-Event will be shown every time (WIP Animation).
  • After winning go north, get the VH Heart for your hard work, go behind the throne and face it to unlock the door behind you, leave.
  • You go back to the east hole (Jungle Temple 3). You can teleport back to the Capital.
    • If you want to walk back and to get a shortcut, then go south and exit, go to the west platforms that lead to the south-west side, then go out by the end of that big platform. You will actually go back to the very first cave you came in (enabling a shortcut), so you just have to exit on the south and go backwards (south and little east, west through the bridge, follow the path, exit at south to the East Forest).
  • Go back to the guild, get your rewards. Starting next day, Eia will always be available in front of the atlas in the Guild.
  • Note Heading back to the Barbarian Village after the quest repeats Eia being captured and you having to save her if you did not join them.