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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

List of Known Quests

(List of quests based on the book on the counter)

First Town/Onsen Town

First page
  1. Goblin Extermination (Repeatable) (500G, 80EXP)
  2. Medicine Delivery (300G, 50EXP)
  3. Waitressing in Bar (Repeatable) (500G, 50EXP)
Second page
  1. Minotaur Extermination (5000G, 250EXP)
  2. Bodyguard (1000G, 150EXP)
  3. Babysitter (1000G, 150EXP)
When all 6 are done
  1. Thieves hideout(1500G+1500G, 150EXP)
Third Page
  1. Merchant Escort

New City (Capital)

  1. Procure Medical Plants (500G)
  2. Bar Dancer (Repeatable) (800G)
  3. Killing the Slime King (1200G)
  4. Garuda Egg acquisition (3000G)
  5. Finding the Murderer (6000G)
  6. Escorting a girl (2500G)
  7. Rescue at the Valley of the Wyvern (9500G)
  8. Sperm collection (10,000G)

Serena specific events

  1. Introduction
  2. Investigate the Stolen Treasure
  3. Investigate the Loli Brothel


  1. Visiting a son's grave (Item)
  2. Milking of cow (600g)
  3. Unusual ghost mystery (1200g)

Underground city

  1. New Weapon

Beach town, west of Capitol City

  1. Kojima's thing search (2000g)

Goblin Quests

  1. Capture Rin, the guard captain
  2. Capture Ashley, the ice mage
  3. Queen of the goblins

Quest Guides - First Town/Onsen Town

Goblin Extermination (Repeatable)

  • Leave Onsen Town through the northern exit.
  • Kill the roaming goblins to finish the quest. You only need to kill the red ones to receive the reward.
    • Lose the fight against the goblins to trigger a gangrape scene ending with a game over.
    • Losing as Selena will result in a different gangrape scene and an option to continue.
    • Losing as Selena a second time will result in a second, different gangrape scene.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 500g and 80exp.
  • After completing this quest you gain access to the area north of the town.

Medicine Delivery

  • Stop by the center stall in the shopping plaza and talk to the girl for the medicine.
  • Leave Onsen town through the western exit.
  • Move to the western edge of the area. Take the path leading north.
  • Continue going north until you reach a hut. Talk to the witch.
  • Return to the stall to receive several potions (5 potions and 2 antidotes) for free before heading to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward (300g and 50exp) and to complete the quest.

Waitressing in Bar (Repeatable)

  • Go to the Pub west of the northern gate. Talk to the barkeep behind the counter.
  • You will be given a number of a table (as shown on the map) that you need to get the order to.
  • The barkeep will ask Nanako to take off her jacket as his bar is known for sexy waitresses. Serena will just take off her gloves. No other character will take off any piece of clothing.
  • Once you have finished delivering all the orders, return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 500g.
  • The man sitting at the 17th table will grope you if you go past him. You can choose to:
  1. Get angry at him.
  2. Ignore him.
  • If you ignore him a few times you will get the option to shake him off. If you do so he will claim medical expenses for the injuries you caused. You will be informed by the guild that you owe them money. You must pay the money back to the Demon lender or be sold as a slave after 30 days.
  • If you choose not to resist a few times you will earn 2000g; 500g twice and 1000g for the final groping.
  • The man disappears once the final groping is done. If you only let him grope you only 2 times you can keep winning 1000g each time you do this quest.
  • If you let the man grope you one final time (actually, you can still have this encounter if you're only groped and paid twice) you can visit the restroom where you can have Nanako masturbate if you have a Desire level of 60 or higher. A man will try to enter, giving you the option to:
  1. Lock the door.
  2. Leave it unlocked.
  • Choosing the first option will have Nanako lock the door and you can continue the quest as normal.
  • The second option will have the man enter the room and have sex with Nanako. (NOTE: This fails the quest.)
  • As he is about to cum you are given the choice to either:
  1. Cum inside Nanako.
  2. Cum in her mouth.
  • If you get drunk while finishing the quest (some guests will invite you to join them drinking), or if you use the cactus by the entrance (it is for debugging the drunk Nanako event), you will leave the pub at night after finishing the quest and be given two choices:
  1. Take a nap behind the bar, where you will be surrounded by three men. You will be given a choice to either:
    1. Ignore the men; you will be knocked out and gangraped.
    2. Fight back; losing will result in a gangrape.
  2. Try to get back to your room. You will faint and then get gangraped.

Minotaur Extermination

  • Leave the town through the western gate.
  • Go west one area. In the next area, move north across a small bridge to eventually find a cave.
  • Enter the cave and move as far north as possible, then east to find a room with a chest. Open it to get a key to the room where the prisoners are being held.
    • Opening the chest from the front will trigger a traphole where you fall into a room filled with slimes. Defeat the slimes to get out.
    • If the slimes manage to tear off all your clothes (or you strip) you will be raped by one of the slimes.
    • BUG NOTE: Walking into the grass patch in this room will cause you to trigger Serena's event (where you get to choose to wait for minotaur sex or escape) and you'll have a permanent timer (meant for time left to escape) set at 00:00.
  • Go back to the entrance and move eastwards. There is a door at the far end that you can open with the key you just found in the chest. Inside you will find three women who have been kidnapped by the minotaurs.
  • Talk to the purple haired witch in the middle. She will ask for help. You can reply:
    1. Yes; she will ask you to kill the minotaurs.
    2. No; she will ask you to leave while you can.
  • Finally go back to the entrance, then north, then pick the second path to the right which will lead you to the minotaurs.
    • BUG NOTE: If your companion kills one or both of the minotaur, you will still get a victory scene, but the guild master will refuse to acknowledge that the quest is over. There's no way to get past this, so don't bring a companion on this quest.
    • Defeat the two enemies to finish the quest. Be careful as they will charge if you remain too long in front of them, and the attack is damaging.
    • If you lose to them you will be raped but you won't get a game over as the swordsman Handen will appear and take you back to town; you will appear in the Adventurer's Guild Underground Hospital. You can recruit him as a party member by talking to him at the guild. You fail your quest, however.
    • Serena has a slightly different rape scene if she loses; she also gets the choice of being rescued by Handen or being locked in the room above the slime pit with her equipment missing. In the latter, she has three choices:
      1. Letting a minotaur have sex with her.
        • The chance of pregnancy is greatly increased, and she gives birth quickly but does not have possession of a minotaur child.
        • There does not appear to be an ending no matter how long she stays.
      1. Using the five seconds given to try to escape before the minotaurs return to rape her.
        • To escape, head towards the spot to the east (below where the chest used to be), which drops you into the slime pit.
        • There is a chest there which contains your equipment (this is bugged in that if you escape and return in the correct order you can get doubles of whatever you are wearing).
        • You can attempt again to defeat the minotaurs.
      2. Taking a few steps south, where she will be given the choice to give up; this alters the minotaur sex scene a little.
  • Go back to the prisoners' room and tell the witch that you have killed the minotaurs. Leave the cave and return to the Adventurer's Guild to let them know you have completed the quest and receive your reward: 5000g and 250 exp.


  • After accepting the quest, either use the clock next to the public toilets or rest at the Inn.
  • At night, search the second floor of the inn for a man who will then accompany you.
  • Exit through the dirt path above the eastern gate and move eastwards until you reach a house.
  • If your Charm is 70 or greater, depending on your stats you may have a H-scene here.
  • After the scene in the house, continue east until the man leaves.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 1000g and 150 exp.
  • Optional Event : Bathhouse Inn
  • Bug: If you fail this quest, you won't be able to pick it up again, so proceed with caution. (You can't get Thieves hideout)
  • Bug: 130123 pretranslation version of this quest crash's the game just after Nanako yells at guys she's hiding with to stop staring at her.  HOWEVER, this bug is fixed in pretranslated version 13.02.04 and possibly earlier.


  • Use the dirt path above the eastern exit (bring the 30g arousal medicine for an extra scene).
  • Enter the house. If you've used the medicine before entering the house, you will wake up in the middle of the night, giving you the choice to:
  1. Have fun with the kids (note: if your Purity is too high, the only choices will be to masturbate or to go back to sleep).
  2. Masturbate.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 1000g and 150 exp.
  • Note: The quest ends after this. The rest of the topic is for optional events.
  • If you picked choice 1, you will be able to visit the house again and seduce the kids once more. If you have the rope (get it from the basement of the forest witch's hut) you'll be caught by the mother, who then starts a fight with you.
  1. Win the fight to get another sex scene and a repeatable sex scene each time you visit the house.
  2. Lose and get thrown out.
  • If you picked choice 2 (or if your Purity is too high to molest the kids), when you go back to the house you'll get a scene with Nanako studying with the kids again.
  • You will sleep on the second floor instead of the first floor. Repeat this event about five times.
  • Eventually the kids will catch their mother in the basement, after which you can get a repeatable sex scene with the mother.
[from hongfire tread:
Sex Slave Path:
When first taking the quest, pop an aphrodisiac before going in the house. You'll wake up during the night. If you start screwing the kids, you'll be locked on this path. Every time you visit the house after the quest is over and you've slept at an inn, then you'll have sex and the mother won't interrupt UNLESS you have rope gear. If you have the gear, then she'll come in, see what you are doing, and fight you. Beat her, and the kids take her to the basement and make her a sex slave. HOWEVER, the quest is not finished, so you will get kicked out after visiting the basement, and when you go back in the house, you can have sex with the kids again. The mother interrupts, same as before*, etc.
Loving Mother Path (heh):
Take the quest, but do NOT take an aphrodisiac at any point. You won't wake up during the night, so no sex with the kids. Finish things at the house, get your money at the guild, go to sleep at the inn, then go back to the house. You can then babysit the kids again but without a money reward. Just repeat the process until you see the scene with the mom masturbating, you'll know your close then. Keep it up, and eventually when you go to sleep at the house, you will wake up horny. Have sex with the boys that night, get some rope, come back, do em again, fight the mom when she interrupts. This time however, when she's defeated she will consent to keeping the boy's company, so now when you visit from here on you can go to the second floor to get a scene.
Basically the main difference between the two paths is whether the mother consents or not to doing the boys after she's beaten. If you take the aphrodisiac at any point, then you can think of that as the "bad" (and buggy*) end, but if you go the long route of babysitting over and over you will see her consent in the end.]
*NOTE: This quest is no longer bugged in 13.01.23, and possibly as of versions prior to that.

Thieves hideout

  • After completing a bunch of quests and checking the local ranking at the right side of the Guild counter, you will be offered a mission to explore the Thieves' Hideout. You need to sneak in the back way while another group creates a distraction.
  • Head east untill you run into a NPC near a house who will talk to you. After that, in the next area take the path north.
  • Make your way through a forest area until you find a cave entrance.
  • Inside you need to examine all the sparkling points to map the area as well as checking each of the rooms.
  • Head east through a tunnel to continue. You will hide in a side room after hearing people coming from ahead and behind. A very long (skippable) scene will follow. Choose the first option to skip. Afterwards you fight a few bandits and then must sneak out.
  • Head east while avoiding the patrolling bandits (they can see you in a semi circle range in front of them).
    • Losing the fight in the room or getting detected by the patrols will result in a gameover.
  • After a few rooms of this you will reach the end of the quest.
  • Meet Erika. After arriving at the Onsen town, head straight to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to the guildmaster.
  • Sleep at the inn and you should see Nanako standing in water.
  • After waking up, spend the day at your leisure.
  • Sleep at the inn and watch another scene with Nanako standing in water (she should be practicing some attack; the screen will flash). Afterwards when you return to your room Erika will be there waiting for you.
  • (EDIT: You may have to kick Erika out of your party in order to see Nanako practicing her attack; To do this head to the guild building, to the left you should see Erika talk to her to ask her to leave the party)
    • Prequisitite: Guild Rank 13 (Nanako must be level 15 or above). Completed Merchant Escort Quest. (Not body guard quest). This is the 7th quest in the Onsen Town Guild, and should automatically unlock after Erika appears.
  • For a short scene with Serena, visit her room at the Inn. Go to the guild and talk to the guildmaster. Scouts will arrive. Talk to the guildmaster and then to Erika and the witch, Benetta.
  • Now head north towards the swamp (location after the outpost with a VH heart on top).
  • Take southwest path.
  • Jump in the hole, then jump on rocks above the waterfall, on the last rock jump down. Nanako will swim to other side. Climb up, now head down, then right and up (on the same location); head right to the next location.
  • Watch the scene. Try fighting the Leader. After you lose more than half your health, another scene triggers; go to the menu and equip the new skill. (Hold shift to activate). Spam it until another scene occurs (it seems to work only if you are directly adjacent to the enemy).
  • You will appear in the Adventurer's Guild Underground Hospital. Head upstairs to end the quest. You get your 5,000g reward plus a ticket to Capital. The guild manager will mention someone helping during the fight (Serena and the customer from the bodyguard quest) as well as the Martial Arts Tournament being held in the Capital with 1,000,000g prize money at stake together with a title and land.
    • Note: After this quest, you can no longer perform any of the guild quests in Onsen Town.

Merchant Escort

  • Only available once Erika joins the guild (i.e. finish first half of Thieves Hideout Quest)
  • This quest can be found on the third page of the quest book.
  • As usual, talk to the guild master. Afterwards go to building North of potion/clothing shops.
  • Find Erika and Benetta in the building. Enter the room they are standing in front of.
  • Bug Note: As of the prepatched version of 13.08.28, players may experience a game breaking freeze upon entering the room. The conversation with the merchant will fail to activate, leaving the player frozen in place. This glitch is consistent and there is as of yet no known fix for it.
  • After conversation with the merchant girl you will be teleported to train.
  • Fight through train until a cutscene with Nanako trying to kick down a door.
  • Go onto the roof of the train. Keep moving forward. After a while Nanako will jump back down into the carriages.
  • Some enemies carry keys. You will need to defeat them in order to unlock the doors and keep moving forward. (In my playthrough none of the birds ever dropped keys, so you can just ignore them.)
  • Nanako will enter the train's generator room. After cutscene defeat all the enemies and then destroy the crystal in the centre.
  • Character control now switches to Erika instead. If you open the box in middle of the room with the merchanct you'll get 15 bombs which allows you the use of Erika's HOLD SHIFT ability.  It costs MP and is limited to that bomb count.  Just keep on moving forward as before until cutscene. Defeat the boss to proceed. (Warning: You are about to be put into a room with unlimited spinning axes flying around that do damage and knocks you around while the boss one shots your character. Hold shift to throw rocks at him, this is the best way to kill him.)
  • When fighting the above boss once you get him down to a certain amount of HP he'll start doing a dash attack does huge damage and may kill you.  If you do survive the attack and are low enough on HP, roughly 25% and below, you're supposed to HOLD SHIFT and charge up your bar.  Once the first bar is charged keep holding it and you'll start charging a pink/red bar.  When THAT is filled, by releasing SHIFT you'll do a dash.  Hit the boss with it and Erika will finish him off with the attack.
  • Switches back to Nanako. Move towards last room for yet another cutscene, followed by a final boss fight. Ignore the semi-transparent mage and focus on the woman surrounded by flying skulls instead. The skulls can be destroyed.
  • Final cutscene. Guards will appear and arrest the defeated mage. A young Rin (not yet captain) will make an appearance.
  • Talk to Guild master to complete quest.

Quest Guides - New City (Capital)

Gathering medicinal herbs

It's the first quest on the Capital Adventurer's Guild quest list. (Note: It is repeatable.) After you get the quest, talk to the doctor (she will ask you to bring her three medicinal herbs).

  • Go south, then east until you get to a section with monsters; head north.
  • Gather all the flower things in the section (red-white ones, they do NOT sparkle); you may need to head further into the forest (or re-enter the location).
  • When you gather all 3 return to the doctor.
    • If you pick up four, Nanako will get aroused.
  • Return to the doctor, Nanako will tell the doctor she feels funny. The doctor will strip naked and bring out a vibrator.
    • You will be able to repeat this on later trips, you can then choose whether the doctor will wear                        a BDSM  outfit or whether she will be naked.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward.

Bug NoteIn the pretranslated release of version 13.01.23,  if Nanako is fucked by any monsters east of the Capital (ie: in the area where this herb quest is pursued) then any attempt to leave the map where that took place will result in the game freezing.

Bar Dancer (Repeatable)

  • At the Adventurer's Guild, accept the "Dancer at a Bar" quest (800g).
  • From the main street, take the northwest exit and head south next. There should be a pub to the left of the sewer entrance area.
  • Talk to the lady bartender, and she'll explain how dancing works. Basically you need to move to the corner where there's a person with a ! over their head.
  • You'll strip down and put on a dangerous swimsuit, and go onto the stage, where you'll dance.
  • After you're done dancing talk to the lady bartender. She'll tell you to go to the guild.
  • You can walk around in the pub before you go back to the guild. Some men will grope you. You can either:
  1. Get mad
  2. Ignore it
  • One NPC will ask you to have some fun with him and his other brothers. If you accept, it will trigger a gangbang scene.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward. If you managed to perform at the right corners at least 10 times during the show, you will get a 200g bonus.

Killing the Slime King

True name is Sewer Investigation.

  • Take the northwestern exit from the main street and enter the second entrance you get to (guard's office).
  • In the office, get the sewer key from the right-side clerk.
  • Exit and move south until you get to the sewers.
  • In the sewers there are some hidden chests.
    • Head east, take the southern path and turn westwards to find a chest with Recovery Medicine.
    • Head south from there, take the eastern path to the next area. Continue east before taking the next southern path. There is a chest on the eastern fork with an arousal potion.
    • In the next area right before the Slime King's lair, there is a chest with one salve.
  • From the point you enter the sewers, move to the right and eventually reach the Slime King.
    • The Sime King will inject her with an aphrodisiac when raping her, causing her to go into Horny status once he's finished.
  • Losing will trigger a H-scene.
    • The doctor might rescue you the first time you lose, wherein you wake up nude on a bed in her office.
    • If you lose a second time Nanako succumbs to the aphrodisiac of the Slime King, resulting in a game over.
  • Once you defeat the Slime King, return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 1200g and 300 exp.

(Note: It seems that consuming any pregnancy boosting pill will trigger the game over scene automatically when losing, meaning you wont get rescued.)

Garuda Egg acquisition

  • Get this quest from the book and head out of the city. Head east until you reach an area with monsters.
  • Head north and follow the path until you make it to an area with three scorpions.
  • There should be a large egg in this area. Press ‘z’ by it to pick up the egg. You will be attacked by a giant bird you can’t hit. If it kills you it’s a game over.
  • Run back to town to end the quest.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 3000g and 450 exp.

Finding the Murderer

  • Need to complete the 'Thieves hideout' quest. Rank is irrelevant.
  • Get details of the murder from Rin, Captain of the City Guard (she won't talk to you if you have the child witch with you).
  • Now go to the crime scene. Go east on the path below the way to the main street.
  • After examining the dismembered body, go to the doctor.
  • Go back to the crime scene, the doctor will come and give you her report. Then bring the information to the captain.
  • Your next target is the chef of the Inn (located in the Capital main street).
  • After the chef is beaten you will see a masked figure leaving the inn. You will get two options, one is to follow the masked figure, the other is to arrest the chef. Both lead to the same scene.
  • Follow him to a building south of the path to the crime scene to confront him.
  • After the scene you can choose to:
  1. Fight him, getting a guro H-scene followed by a game over if you lose.
  2. Surrender, getting you a H-scene and a game over.
  • When fighting, try to stay away from Rin and focus on the conjurer.
  • Once you defeat him, the conjurer will unleash a final spell. You can:
  1. Block the spell for Rin and get hit, making you aroused.
  2. Finish the guy off, with Rin getting aroused by the spell.
  • Depending on Nanako's Purity or Pervertedness, the next scene will be different:
    • If her Purity is high enough, the first choice will make Nanako suffer from his spell and she'll ask Rin to take her to the doctor. The second choice will make Rin stab herself (at her feet?) to prevent her assaulting Nanako.
      • The next scenes are a bit buggy, but it's said that Rin is cured from her futa status. When Nanako gets her reward from the guild, Diggy says that Rin turned herself in for being the murderer and is to be sentenced to death. Nanako becomes angry and decides to stop it from happening.
    • If Pervertedness is high enough, the first choice will make Nanako beg Rin to suppress the heat, and they have sex with Nanako on top. The second choice will make Rin have sex with Nanako in normal/missionary position.
      • After the scene, Nanako will ask about Rin's body and Rin is a bit depressed. You will be given two choices:
  1. Cure her.
  2. Help her yourself.
  • If you cure her, the next events will be the same as those for high Purity. If you choose to help her yourself, Rin will be in futanari status and you can have sex with her.
  • To invite Rin to your party, talk to her and select the first option (check your menu screen) or dismiss her by talking again, picking the second option.

After the Murder (must have completed "Finding the Murderer")

  • This is not a guild quest.
  • Once Rin is not in your team, go turn in the “Finding the Murderer” quest. After turning in the quest the guild master will tell you that Rin is in jail. Go talk to the maid in Rin's office.
  • After this go east 2 scenes, then north twice and talk to the guard at the door to the jail. He will tell you to go to the pub near the sewer entrance at night.
  • Talk to the man with the “!” over his head; this is the guard. After talking to him he will tell you to go to the toilet and remove your pants and panties (this is bugged so every time you enter this toilet it repeats that scene) then go back and talk to the man again. He will take your pants, wallet and 2000g.
  • Leave the pub and go to the sewer where the guard will open it for you. Take the top right path untill you see a gate which the guard will open, then enter it. Follow the path till you reach a rope where you will enter the jail. Keep going till a scene starts; after this scene go to the inn.
  • In the inn you will be given a option with 4 choices to get information, with each removing parts of your clothing. Choose a new one each time. When you have no clothes and try for the last option you will get 2 new options where he asks you go lie down on the bed:
  1. Don’t bear with it.
  2. Bear with it and go lie on the bed.
  • Choosing 1 will end with Nanako beating the guard and getting the information as well as her pants and wallet back.
  • Choosing 2 will start a H-scene and you will lose your pants, wallet and all your money.
  • In later builds most of the NON-BOLD may not apply to saving Rin. If you follow the NON-BOLD and Sara's Mama is just telling you that there's nothing there, then you have to do what's in BOLD.
  • After one of these scenes, go to the maid in Lynn's office. The maid says her name is Hinano and that you can get information in a building behind the office. Leave and head north and enter the big building to the far north.
  • In later builds you have to buy Nanako's house inorder to do the Sarah quest line, though it still does not have any connection to the Rin rescue.
  • Talk to the girl at the desk, Sarah Mama, and you will be given the choice to respond "Yes" or "No". Choose "Yes". After this enter the left side room to talk to her husband.
  • Sarah Papa will ask if you’re a adventurer; reply yes and he will ask you to find his little girl Sarah. He gives you a picture and 2000g, and promises you 3000g more if you get her back.
  • Head to the pub near the sewer entrance and talk to the bartender. He tells you that he knows where Sarah is: she is in a manor at the back of the pub, which is members' only. Take the exit to the west and talk to one of the guards there to start a scene where you will be given 2 choices:
  1. Work as a prostitute.
  2. No.
  • Select the first choice to start a scene, and afterwards you will get into the back room. (Note: You must have at least 50 Charm in order to persuade them successfully, or else they will refuse to accept you). Enter the building and go left as you enter. Talk to the manager. He will ask you to strip and give him a blowjob. You are given two choices:
  1. Suck it.
  2. Don’t do it.
  • If you choose the first choice you will start a H-scene where you give him a blowjob. (Note: It's possible that if your Purity is too high Nanako will automatically knock him out and you'll skip this.) After this you get another two choices:
  1. Get fucked (believe the preg part to him is bugged since even if you have a 100% chance you don’t).
  2. Don’t do it.
  • If you choose the second choice it will end the same way as the first second choice you had.
  • If you choose the first choice it will start a H-scene with him playing with your tits, and then he will fuck you on the bed. After that, you will enter the Red Lily Museum and given a collar of the whore. You will wake up in a room afterwards to go look for Sarah. Try to leave this room and you will find it is being blocked by a guard. Talk to him and he will take you to the basement.
  • If you chose the second choice during either the first or second choice sets, you will knock him out and ask the manager where the girl is. He will tell you she's in the training basement. You will get a collar of the whore before knocking him out again. Go out to the main hall and talk to the first guard at the top right who will let you pass. Enter and go to the down the stairs.
  • If you chose "Get fucked" and enter the Red Lily Museum the prostitute's way and you go out after the guard lets you out of your room, just talk to him again to enter a new storyline. If not, skip this. After the scene leave your room and go right. Once in the main hall head upstairs and enter the room and talk to the lady in red; you will run out of the room. Head downstairs and go to the to left room you will find Sarah. Talk to her and head back to your room to get a scene. After that go back to the main hall where the guard will take you to where Sarah is. After this scene leave the room and head downstairs you will try to leave but the guards well stop you. Win and go back to Sarah's house. (there maybe more to this with more updates)
  • The last cell is where Sarah is and she is being fucked. You enter and beat the man (sprite a bit off here since if you came in as a whore the animation bugs, but come by beating manager you will have it working). After you get Sarah here you will get in a fight to leave the basement. After leaving the basement with Sarah you will get in a fight with Bloody Lily.
    • If you lose you’ll get a H-scene with you and Sarah (game over).
    • If you win you take Sarah home.
  • Go and talk to Sarah's dad. He will give you 3000g and 4 choices:
  1. You don't understand
  2. Hobby/Preference
  3. Because of love
  4. Still unsure
  • Each one gives you something different to say. After this go back to Hinano in Lynn's office. After talking to Hinano, leave the office; it will be nighttime. Sleep at the inn.
  • In the morning go and talk to Sarah. (She's at the same house as her parents, but only during day time.) After leaving, go back to Rin's office where you will see Serena walk by. Talk to Hinano. Then go out. You will start a scene where you go back to the Red Lily manor. You will auto start a fight with Walter, the head of security.
  • Win and you get told of about a secret passage underground. Go down to the basement and go to the last cell opposite the one you found Sarah in. Press ‘z’ by the fire stand. Continue on this path till you're outside. Enter the building and keep going and you will find Rin in a cell with a man while being tortured. A scene will start where the man calls a golem. Beat it.
  • Leave and go out of the manor though the front door. When you exit you will see Rin being confronted by Bloody Lily and a lot of NPC’s ready for a fight.
    • If you lose, you get a game over.
  • Win and you get a scene where Rin, Nanako and Hinano escape to a safe house that Hinano has set up for you. From this point on Rin stays here. The house can be accessed through magic circles throughout the Capital.
  • After talking with the maid, Hinano, in the office she will give you a picture of Rin.
  • Go talk to bartender in the pub in the resident area.
  • After getting that info go back to Hinano, Nanako will come up with a plan to sneak into the place holding Rin.
  • Exit that building, the visuals should turn to night, Nanako will then sneak into another building.
  • From there you chase a man down a couple of stairs. One of the stairs you have to talk to so you can choose to proceed or not.
  • You'll find another building, enter that and you will find Rin, defeat the Golem, then fight your way back out.
  • You have to exit out the front door in which you fight 4 stronger NPCs.

Escorting a girl

  • Go to the big house immediately to the left in the residential area (north of the building where Rin's office is).
  • Talk to the guy there; he'll introduce you to his daughter who you need to take to the slave market for "apprentice work".
  • Go to the train station and take the train.
  • You'll now have to defend the girl while she walks along the trail (if she dies you get a game over).
  • When you arrive at the slave market, the boss gives you a special ticket to return there later.
  • Interact with the sparkly spot on the wall to see what kind of "apprentice work" her father was talking about. You can decide to not watch it but you must touch it to be able to go out.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward (2500g).
  • Note: by finishing this quest you will be able to continue the miniquest to acquire a discount for a girl at the slave market. Simply on returning you may speak to the new girl at the counter to start some fetch quests. These will make it so that the price for the girl reduces by 10'000g. (The quests are acummalative in the sense that you can end up only having to pay around ca. 70'000g-90'000g)

BUG NOTE: In the pretranslated release of version 13.01.23, attempting to leave the first map in which you escort the girl by using the EASTERN tile of the 2-tile-large northern exit will crash the game.

Rescue at the Valley of the Wyvern

  • You must have completed the Goblin Extermination quest at Onsen Town.
  • Get this quest and head to Onsen Town. Once there, head though the north exit and continue until you hit a cave. Enter and try to leave the other side. * You will get 3 choices:
  1. Mining Town
  2. Village of the dead
  3. Quit

(*) Not in newest versions where you have to walk the road (I didn't find wich road yet).

  • Choose 2 and enter. Walk north until you get to a building with a black orb, go near it. Press 'z' by it and move on since you can do nothing to it.
  • Go southeast till you see the Inn. Go inside. Talk to everyone and try to leave; you will find the door isn’t working. Walk through the hole next to the door. A scene occurs with a little witch girl who tells you her name is Michiru. After this scene, go west, then north and enter the building with the hole in the middle. Talk to the dying man on the floor. He will tell you to talk to the bearded man in the inn but before he dies he asks you to show your boobs. You're given 2 choices:
  1. Show him.
  2. Farewell in silence.
  • After that, head back to the Inn and hear what the girl have to say. The bearded man will be back in his spot. Talk to him. Afterwards, leave the Inn and go north to the black orb by the building and press ‘z’. you will be given 2 choices:
  1. Touch it.
  2. Pass.
  • If you choose the top choice, you will get a H-scene with a Wyvern. If you choose the bottom one nothing will happen.
  • Go back to the Inn and talk to the bearded man. He will leave to handle the orb. Leave and go to where the orb is to find that it’s gone. Enter the building; you will see another hole you can exit through.
  • There are many places to go that are denoted by grass or a dirt patch where you can enter and get items, but to continue go north and left and enter the building by walking into the roof. When inside, go down and take the first left you see which should end you up in an area with crosses (a makeshift graveyard). Enter the hole to the north and in this area go south. You should see a door the second on this path leads outside and unlock it. Continue until you see an area with a lot of holes. Walking to the end will make you say something if you have someone in your team.
  • After kicking whoever you have in your team, go back to that spot and you will jump across. Follow the path until you get to an opening with a large green area in the middle. Entering starts a scene with Michiru. Leave and re-enter to start a boss fight with her. (Make sure you do not retrieve your teammate, as the the game bugs out if you have a teammate later on.)
  • If you win, you get a story about another witch. Loot the items that dropped from Michiru and the wyverns she created; you will have the key to the doors. Leave and head to the well outside and go down (there is more than one way to get to where I am showing you, but that will take some backtracking). Go through the first gate and take the first left you see across the water, and then up the stairs. In this room go north and enter the next area.
  • You will find a little girl covered in sperm whom you will take to the inn. After that, walk out and head north and you will find the bearded man from before on the ground. He says something and dies. Enter the house behind him and you will end up in a scene. Leave and return to the inn for another scene. Rest in the inn.
  • You will wake up at night alone. Try to leave and you will find a broken sword at the door. Leave the inn. You are trapped in the village now. Head to where you found the little girl covered in sperm. At the top of this room there is a magic circle. Walk on it to enter the next area.
  • You will find the other adventurers and villagers from the Inn in cages. After examining all the cages try to leave the way you came and Michiru will appear again. She will remove the black orbs from the area so you can continue.
  • Heading forward an area will lead you to the little blond girl in a H-scene with one of the village survivors. After the scene the villager turns into a zombie. She tells you her name is Merizando and summons some zombies before disappearing. After killing them go to the purple orb in the room and press ‘z’. (The orb will not be present if you have a teammate.)
  • Once in the next room you end up in a fight with a lot of ghosts. After killing them, continue forward and you will get a H-scene with Michiru getting raped by tentacles. Once the scene finishes you end up in a fight with Merizando.
  • This fight may bug as the second phase starts. It can be fixed by opening your diary (this is only available in debug mode). Once you win, go help Michiru. After that go back out to the cells and free everyone.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 9500g and 1000 exp.

Martial Arts Tournament

This is not fully implemented yet but we can begin it. I guess it'll come in handy later in some 1/2 years?

  • Requirements :
    • Thieves Hideout in Onsen Town completed
    • Murderer case in Capital completed.
  • In the Residential District, North-West in the Capital, a girl will relieve 2 goblins. Go "save" her and she'll bring you to the arena. She asks you to prove yourself and to become Rank 3.
  • Go at the entrance, there is the reception, talk to the first woman with black hair. Pay the fee and you'll receive your card. Talk once again and choose the first option to fight. After 6 easy fights, you become Rank 3. Pay attention to the last one, you must have quite a number of potion since you'll have to fight without weapon and just a dangerous swimsuit to protect you.
  • Go back to talk to the princess. She will explain the situation briefly and want you and Rin to fight for her when the Tournament will open. Seems she will seek the help of the magic guild too.
  • That's all. It'll certainly be our second badass mission in the capital.

Sperm collection

Introduced in version 120615, this quest sees Nanako collect sperm for a woman in the Capital (you may also proceed this event as Serena and Ashley). The woman is convinced, and for a good reason, as you'll discover in the course of the quest, that male seed is the best beauty aid. Part 2 of the quest is very extensive and reveals the big secret behind the initial quest.

  • Requirements:
    • Buy breads at the bakery (any bread is fine, that's the trigger for activating the event), then go outside. The quest will start automatically.
  • You start in a bakery of the Capital.
    • Directions: go to Capital main street, take the first exit on the left. The bakery is in the lower left corner of the map screen.
  • As you exit the bakery, a pink-haired woman comes rushing by and crashes into Nanako, spilling something she was carrying. As Nanako recovers and they exchange dialogue, it quickly becomes apparent that the woman has just spilled a good amount of semen onto Nanako.
  • The pair hurries off to get cleaned up "so men don't get the wrong impression". You arrive in the large mansion-style home of the woman who crashed into Nanako. A butler takes Nanako's clothes to be cleaned, and Nanako and the mystery woman take a dip in the luxurious pool.
  • While bathing, the mystery woman remarks on Nanako's physique and even studies her breasts. Lengthy dialogue follows, where she explains the what and why of her "hobby". She will eventually ask Nanako to collect semen to replace what was spilled.
    • You can Refuse (bottom option) the initial offer of 5,000 G to get an even bigger offer of 10,000 G.
    • If you Refuse both offers, the woman bears no ill will towards Nanako and you are free to leave after the bath is over and your clothes have been restored. She will tell you that her offer remains open, and for the higher price.
    • Should you Accept (top option) either offer, the woman is delighted and the quest will begin after the bath is over and your clothes are back on.
  • Once out of the bath, you next discover the pair in the woman's chambers. There she will either explain the details of the task and give you items for it, or bid Nanako farewell and remind her of the open offer. You learn that her name is "Nemes" (or Nemesu, depending on how you see the spelling. Additional Note: try to read her name backwards).
    • Items received: Sperm Bag (collects sperm whenever Nanako has sex, must be enabled to use), 20 Contraceptives.
    • Stat bonus: +10 Charm (explained as an effect of the sperm shower from earlier).
  • The quest starts off from in front of the woman's house in the Capital. The house is right below the city guard HQ, for when you need to come back to finish or repeat the quest, or to take it after refusing the offers.
    • Directions: go to Capital main street, take the last exit on the left. The house is the one below the HQ. HQ has the red banners up by the doors.
  • To complete the quest, you must collect the semen from 100 ejaculations in the bag. The way to do it is obvious. Activate the bag and off you go!
    • If you have a slutty character, your quickest way is probably to partake in the "onsen orgy" at the Hot Spring Town spa. The orgy gives 30 shots per gangbang, so the quest becomes a 4-day job (3 if you have not done the initial orgy - then you can milk them one by one for 10 extra before going back in for the orgy proper).
    • The sperm bag seems to divert sperm from storing in Nanako's orifices when the bag is in use. However, it is likely she can still get pregnant. You can see the "shot" count by using the bag, the count will always be shown whether you activate or deactivate the bag (or do nothing).
    • NOTE: not all scripted encounters give sperm correctly. For example the pair of young men in the map screen right below the woman's home will not work. Regular fighting rape seems to collect reliably.
  • Once you have collected 100 shots, the bag will start to overflow and you cannot collect any more. Return to the woman's home and head upstairs to her chambers. She will be glad to see you, but even more glad to see that full bag. You hand over the bag and receive your 5,000 or 10,000 G.
  • After giving you the reward, Nemes invites you along to witness "something wonderful". Nanako and Nemes head off to the pool, where Nemes proceeds to use the bag to fill the pool with the goods. A scene ensues where Nemes partakes of the bath, but it's too much for (even a slutty) Nanako.
    • You keep the bag, enabling you to collect more semen.
    • To take a semen bath yourself, go to Nanako's home with the bag full, then activate the hotspot in the bathroom. Nanako will prepare the bath.
    • Take your clothes off (use the basket in the bathroom) and dip in. A scene with Nanako in "full bukkake mode" will ensue, and the sticky stuff will work its magic.
      • If you have Nanako go to town on herself:
        • Stat bonus: +50 Charm, +50 Lust, +50 Perversion.
      • If you have Nanako get out immediately, the bonuses are halved.
    • Once "bathed", Nanako will rinse herself off. Put your clothes on.
    • NOTE: this rather evocative bath is NOT required to proceed into Part 2 with Nemes.
  • Here ends Part 1. Part 2 starts here.
  • To begin, sneak into Nemes' home in the night. Head for her chambers, and through the back door there. If you tried this before, you know how jumpy she is about someone using that door.
  • As Nanako reaches the basement, she is caught red-handed by Nemes. Dialogue happens, and she leads Nanako to her secret, since she deems the "100-shot champion" worthy of knowing it. The two of them are whisked away by a portal.
  • The portal leads to Nemes' "realm". She is revealed to be more than meets the eye and long dialogue ensues as Nanako discovers the secret. She is not exactly pleased.
    • You can Fight Nemes to end some of the depraved practices: choose top option.
      • The fight doesn't even get to start, as Nanako succumbs to Nemes' magic, enhanced by the realm they are now in.
    • The second option is still unexplored at this time (I ran out of time, feel free to contribute!).
  • Nanako will find herself facing challenges, obviously sexual in nature, posed to her by Nemes in exchange for freeing captives. However, this part is not yet fully implemented. You do get to traverse the mazes and have "fights", but will only be able to choose Victory or Defeat at every fight.
    • Choosing Victory lets you progress through the maze.
    • Choosing Defeat sees Nanako spread across the floor with a semen topping, Nemes gloating over her.
      • Defeat leads to sex in the dungeon afterwards. [unimplemented] After the fact, Nanako wakes up in a bed and Nemes inquires her how it felt to get violated. According to her answer, the stat bonus received changes: top (felt good) choice is +20 Perversion, middle (???) +??, bottom (???) +??.
    • You can collect equipment, but must remain naked. The equipment does not seem to be usable yet.
    • In latest edition (120618 ver.), those equipments are switched to 4 books and 4 temporary items raise your sexual status. If you own books right before the sexual battle, you will be asked whether use them or not. If you decide to use them, those books will give you some advantage for your sexual skills by sacrificing your purity (turns evil?). Note: Book of BOJ-WOLB for BLOW-JOB, Book of KCUF-LANIGAV for VAGINAL-FUCK, Book of KCUF-LANA for ANAL-FUCK, Book of TOHSMUC for CUMSHOT.
  • In addition to a sperm-collection bucket in the dungeon "bedroom", there is a very interesting book in the bottom section of said room. It explains why human females are the most suitable to be impregnated. The book theorises about the birth of demons from a human mother - something Nemes is no doubt very interested in.
  • You are free to leave the realm at any time to return to the overworld. As you leave, you can explore the basement.
  • Here ends Part 2. [not yet fully implemented]

Serena Specific Quests


  • After the introductory cut-scene, Serena will arrive at the Capital (side info: your hometown is on the small island).
  • You are advised to get a guild card upon arrival to save time on traveling to the guild again. If you do not have a guild card (which costs 50g), the informant you meet later will say that you must have one before he gives you the information. To find the guild, head to the middle of the main street, then turn right to find the guild.
  • Visit the bank in the commercial district, which is under the nobles' district. You will know when you reach the correct location as Serena will have a short conversation with herself. To get there, head north all the way from the main street.
  • Head on north, straight along the center lane, until you reach a building that looks somewhat like a church, that's the bank. Enter.
  • Head north and talk to the priest. He will grant you access to the second level after you revealed your status to him.
  • Look for stairs with a guard blocking the pathway on either the right or left side. Talk to them and they will let you pass. Head on to the second level.
  • Talk to the manager, he will assign you an informant who is waiting in the slums. Talk to the man the second time and he will describe the informant for you. The informant is a boy about the same age as Serena wearing a black cloak and has silver hair.
  • Exit and head to the slums. To get there, head to the main street where you started, then talk to the traveling man located at the bottom left side of the main street (beside a desk with books all over it). He will teleport you to the slums for 5g. From there, head north. To save your 5g, head south-west all the way instead of talking to him.
  • You will know you are in correct place by noticing the houses made of planks instead of regular bricks. The boy will be waiting one corner of a house. You should be able to tell which is him since his hair color is different from regular NPC.
  • Talk to him. The boy who is named Lunar will talked about how cute Serena is, making her flustered, but she regained her composure quickly. Serena will explain the situation to him. If you have the adventurer card you can proceed and talk to him again. If you do not have the card, he will ask you to get it at the guild.
  • Lunar will give you four options when you talked with him again.
    • The first choice is to talk about the stolen heirloom treasure again.
    • The second choice is to talk about a suspicious brothel.
    • The third choice is not yet implemented.
    • The fourth choice is to stop asking.

Investigate the Stolen Treasure

Another quest with no end. Just a beginning. You can only investigate one option at once, so don't take this one unless you don't care.

  • Select the first choice. Lunar will talk about a meeting which he don't know the location. Nobles should have the information but they'll not give it to anybody.
  • Go back in front of the bank and talk to the boy with golden hair. He looks like a girl but isn't one, don't be fooled. He explains what he is doing here and asks you do go out with him for the day. Choose the first option to accept.
  • You'll then be back at the same place with him still in front of you. He'll give you the two same choices and a new one will appear to question him about the treasure. Select it. He don't want to talk here and will give you a written invitation, this should allow you to go to the upper classes nobles district where is his house.
  • Once there, you'll be able to talk to him in his bedroom but he will just say to wait for the update. This part isn't done yet.
  • After talking to Lunar in his room you can talk to a blonde haired npc above the bar you go for the repeatable dancing quest. Talk to him three times and then talk to him at night, you will be given two choices, the top one will give you three more choices, the first one sends you into an alley to fight and collect an item from a chest the second is a rape scene that results in a gameover if you talk to the blonde npc again. After doing that the blonde haired guy will be in a house closeby. You can talk to him again and then talk to the blue haired npc he was standing next to for the next part which is either randomly either, getting transported to an unfinished map, a h-scene and then getting transported to the same map, or a h-scene and gameover.

Investigate the Loli Brothel

  • Talk to the informant and select the second choice. Serena will actually misunderstand 娼館/brothel and 商館/trading company since they are both pronounced しょうかん.
  • Go to the Capital's brothel located south-east, below the outdoor cafe/eatery.
  • Talk to the manager of the brothel. He will say that this is no place for kids. Serena will answer that she's the one introduced by Lunar. He will then add that you are indeed pretty and send you to the loli brothel (without actually saying it) while warning you. (warning: you won't be able to return to the town a while)
  • Enter the building and speak to the brothel manager. He will direct you to talk to a girl on the second floor.
  • Head left and up the stairs. Speak to the little girl at the wall to the southwest. The girl, Connie, will direct you to peek through the wall just south of her. Examine it. Serena will then understand what kind of "shop" this is.
  • Head back to the brothel manager. He will told you to go to sleep. That night, Serena can't sleep because she keeps remembering the sexual activity she saw earlier.
  • The next day, head downstairs and talk to him again. He will direct you to attend a sex education class on the second floor. Go back upstairs. Head east and take the first southern door. Serena will watch a sex scene between the instructor and a student.
  • That night, Serena will masturbate for the first time. The next day, head downstairs to talk the brothel manager again. He will take Serena to a room upstairs and play with her pussy.
  • Another day passes. Repeat. He will ask you to go to the 'special room' on the second floor. It's the room with orange magic circle in it. Serena will get enema from a green slime.
  • Another day passes. Repeat. The brothel manager will ask you to talk to a bald man in the showroom area. He's the one on the right side of the room. Strip off your clothes until you have only your bra and panties on before talking to him. You will be taken upstairs and have anal sex with him.
  • A new day begin. Once again, talk to the manager. He'll threaten Serena to leak her secret and ask her to come here to help once in a while in exchange for his silence. You'll then be back to the Capital. Serena's stats doesn't change, nothing added just as if nothing did happen, only purity is a bit lowered.


3 ways to go there :

  • Leave Onsen Town through its western gate and follow the path south-west until all you can go is west, then go north when you see the road
  • If you have finished Thieves Hideout, the train can bring you there but it's a one way travel. The station of this town isn't done yet. A book for teleportation purpose is just before you when you arrive though
  • Use the book before the station in Onsen Town.

Visiting a son's grave

  • After getting this quest go the slums area.
  • Once there find a house with tombstone in front of it. Go past this house and into the one behind it with the open door.
  • Talk to the old man and he tells you that he wants his son's grave cleaned up.
  • Leave, then enter the house with the tombstone and talk to the nun at the front desk.
  • After that leave the slums and go southwest until you find a farmer in his field. Talk to him.
    • Alternatively, go to the bard vendor in the town shop. Remove your top before talking to him to get a key that can be used to open a locked area downstairs; you get a VH Heart, salve and goblin potion together with the flowers.
  • Go north past the manor to the graveyard. Head to the north-easternmost grave stone and examine it.
  • Return to the old man. Talk to him and he thanks you.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: a Bracelet and 50 exp.

Return to the old man to start investigating on the Bracelet. Talk to the nude old man, north to the guillotine, then talk to the pink haired girl around the place. Talk to the beard guy near the place you talked to the girl just before. Go to the cemetery (scene not implemented). Talk to the guy that blocks the cemetery entrance (another scene not yet implemented). Go to the old man shack and talk to the girl. She will hide in the first house south-west from your location. Enter the house, climb the ladder and talk to her.

Milking of cow

  • Go into the ranch with a cow outside, south of the Adventurer's Guild. Talk to the man inside.
  • The first task is to get some hay for the cows. Go to the hay with pitchfork. Press 'z' and go to the cow directly behind you and and put hay in the bucket near it. Do the same for the other cow.
  • Once done, go to the water spot. This is the second task. Examine it, then go outside and examine the nearby well. Go to the well in the slums and examine it as well.
  • Go to the back of the manor and though the back gate. There will be a women masturbating. Talk to her, then go to a light green spot at the right side of the manor to enter the manor's kitchen.
  • Examine the water hole to collect water before leaving the same way. Talk to the woman who was masturbating earlier to get her key. Leave though the back gate and head back to the ranch.
  • Press 'z' by the water hole in the ranch to finish the second task.
  • The third task is to wash the cows. Start from the cow closest to the hay and then move on to the other.
  • The final task is to milk the cows. Start in the same order as before, then talk to the farmer.
  • After a short scene, return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 600g and 80 exp.

If you return later the farmer will give you permission to open the chest in the back. It contains a milking machine (usable item). Use it when the player character is lactating to fill empty bottles; this is much more efficient than using the mirror in Hot Springs Town's inn.

You may want to come back once Nanako has bred a half-minotaur (she needs to have the child with her). Accept the quest, and talk to Mel (Hot Springs Town). Get the semen from the minotaur and talk to Mel again; she will give you "Bull semen". Return to the ranch, and give the semen to the farmer.

A few days later, a bull will appear in the farm. You can help the farmer (1st choice), and if you are in horny state, you will wake in the middle of the night and can have fun with the bull.

After helping the farmer 3 times, a scene will trigger [...]. This seems to be the only way to give birth to a "farm uncle" baby. Beware that if you come back with his child, you may have to leave it there.

Unusual ghost mystery

  • Go to the pub north of the Adventurer's Guild. Talk to the man at the top left of the pub for a scene.
  • After this scene go talk to the NPC in black clothes south of the Adventurer's Guild. He will ask for a donation of 500g. Pay it and he well give you an item - Or - Go to the north east side of town and talk to the officer guarding the gate. He'll let you enter the curch. There talk to the priest about an exorcism.
  • Go to the graveyard north of the manor and talk to the ghost.
  • Return to the pub and talk to the man.
  • Go to the second pub near the entrance of town. On its eastern side there is a house with a broken window. Go to the window and press 'z' to enter the house.
  • Go and talk to the ghost there and after some talking he gives you three options:
  1. Get laid. (Not implemented)
  2. Consider other ways. (Not implemented)
  3. Refuse.
  • The first two options gives you text that something happens, but no H-scene. They all lead to the same outcome.
  • Leave the house and go south-west. Examine the bones near the dog, then talk to the ghost at the graveyard.
  • Head back to the pub and talk to the man at the top corner to end quest.
  • Return to the Adventurer's Guild for your reward: 1200g and 250 exp.

Underground City

There are two ways to get there :

  • Go to the witch hut from the quest "Medicine Delivery". Enter the basement, where you'll find a magic circle. If you step into the circle and press 'z', you will find yourself in a magma cave. At the bottom left part of the cave is a second magic circle that'll take you to the underground city. The quest "Rescue Sera" must have been completed for this to work (seems to be related to the "VH clan" quest Sera is giving once rescued).
  • Use one of the books that can teleport you. One is at Onsen Town just at the right of the south entrance, the other is at グルハスタ/Guruhasuta.

New Weapon

  • Read the advert on the wall of the weapon shop; the dragon will give you a quest to kill a metal slime.
  • Go to the woods northwest from Onsen Town in search of a fast black slime. From Onsen Town, travel west - west - north - north.
  • Kill it, take what it drops, and go back to the dragon for your reward: a very nice weapon specifically for Nanako. He'll also ask you to play with his daughter Bell in the attic.
  • Interact with the leftmost bed on the upper floor to reach the attic. Talk to Bell to trigger a dialogue scene. After this, talk again whit the dragon. He will deliver to you the new weapon.
  • Many scenes here between Nanako and Bell, Leave through the town gates, you'll be with the princess directly reporting. Meanwhile Bell ran away.
  • Then in the entrance of the Underground city where you'll find Bell's hair accessory.
  • Once you take it, you'll talk with Gree, the dragon, who'll say that Bell is in her chamber. Go to her chamber, she will not be there. talk with Gree again.
  • Meet the ninja at guild building. He will find Bell in the Orc Castle
  • Gree thinks Bell may have been kidnapped and will try to leave to save her; Nanako offers to go in his stead.
  • The ninja, who will offer to teleport you to the Orc Castle.
  • Go to the Orc Castle, Nanako gets caught,then she appears locked in a cell, but she blows up the cell door.
  • search every cell, then all way west. you will enter the hall from the left pathway
  • The right pathway has two rooms and another left/right choice.
    • The first room contains a bunch of storage crates and two lootable chests. One contains a healing salve (heals 50hp) and the other contains ovulation medicine.
    • The second room is further down the halls and on the right. Inside is a sparkle in the centre of the room that fully heals you when you enter it. The health meter doesn't update until you leave the room. It also removes any arousal. You can also re-equip if your gear has been ripped off.

The event will play differently depends on the pathway Nanako will go, and her desire parameter:

    • Choosing the left pathway will lead you through a few more pathways filled with pig men, eventually bringing you to the Orc King's room before the H-scene. Defeated by Orc King will have the rape scene with Bell play out, with small changes in the dialogues.
    • Choosing the right pathway first will lead you to a dead end, triggering a scene in which the exit is blocked by a group of pig men. Depends on Nanako's desire, While Nanako fights them, the H-event between Bell and the Orc King will play out differently depends on Nanako's desire parameter:
      • Less than 50 of desire: Bell has her dress ripped off and is raped by the Orc King.
      • More than 50 of desire: Bell has her dress ripped off by him, but suddenly the Orc King become more gentle and decided to rubs her pussy instead with his hand and later with his penis to makes her feel good. He will then have sex with Bell who, despite the pain she felt from losing her virginity, finds it feels good and decided to have more rounds with him.
    • After the H-scene scene Nanako will have defeated the pig men. Head back the way you came and take the left pathway. From here, you must defeat the Orc King. Afterwards, you will find Bell on the bed. Depends on how the H-scene between Bell and the Orc King play out, Nanako will either found Bell crying on the bed after the rape or found her relaxed on the bed after the good (offscreen) sex sessions.
  • After rescuing Bell, make your way back to the hall, then all way south. Fight your way through two maps before you reach the castle exit.
    • Just before leaving, if you take the western stairs you will come to a storage room with a VH Heart.
    • Take the eastern stairs to find a similar storage room with a Pregnancy Promotion potion and an arousal potion.
  • You will appear back at the weapon shop, where different words will be had with the dragon, ninja and bell depending on the status of Bell's virginity.


Unfinished extra quest(missing translation)

  • You can continue further by getting Nanako's adopted daughter (Elmire from Slave Market) and going to talk to Bell after escaping from the Castle.
  • After this Nanako goes outside and you see an orc runs back to the portal to the cave and you can follow it. If you follow it it leads to the cave with the flowers in it. You get a sort of blowjob/rape scene. If Nanako's Dirty is high, then a H-scene where Nanako is raped by the orc will be shown, otherwise the screen will fade out.
  • You take control of Nanako's daughter and Bell, go see Gree.
  • After sleep, go see the ninja inside guilds building. Follow him to the cave then everything collapses.
  • Again with Nanako, explore the stone that is to the right of the map. Enter and after a few scenes you can go out. Disrupt the couple in the toilet has the same effect. Here you see a guy whit blue hair.
  • You show up with Nanako's daughter in what looks to be a half finished town. Here the building in the top left contains orc's the first time you check out the building you are saved. The second time you have to fight the orcs(very difficult if you have low level in Nanako's daughter). This is a possibility for an h-event as losing or bell being killed causes the scene to cut to the two of the being raped by orcs in the forest. Unfortunately this also leads to game over so save before fighting them the second time.
  • After defeating the orcs, you leave town and you meet Edge (Guy whit blue hair).
  • Nanako finally manages to return to Underground city.
  • Go to see Gree, the dragon. Eventually Nanako's daughter and bell come back to the house in company of Edge. After the event, speaks to Edge and the orc who is standing outside Gree's house. Nanako will receive Ray, an artificial fairy, from Edge. Unbeknown to Nanako, Gree overheard everything.
  • There are two choices you can make. It will affect what will happen to Bell afterward:
    • Choosing to talk to Gree and sleep in his house for a day: If you do this, a event where Nanako, Elmire and Bell having the bath together will be played, Afterward, Nanako will be automatically arrived inside the VH Clan to see Gerbera.
    • Choosing to go out of the Underground city: If you do this, a event where Bell will be raped by Gree in the house's under basement will be played. Nanako wakes up in the wood train, having the premonition about the event. After that, Nanako will arrive in front of the VH Clan. Go inside the house to see Gerbera.
  • There's a guard standing on the entry to the east map, who tell Nanako that Gerbera is busy. Nanako did not buy it, and enter the room anyway.
  • Gerbera is seen having sex with a orc in the southeast room. You will go to check the door of the room and Nanako will have to choose to overhear the sex session between the two from the front door or not to disturb them. After that, Rin will shows up, curious of what Nanako is doing on the front door. Nanako and Rin will enter Gerbera's room after the sex session ended.
  • There will be a event where while they were talking in the guest hall, Gerbera's guard shows up and hurting Ray, but is revealed that he is doing so just to bringing out the artificial fairy's alternative personality known as Fron. Both Gerbera and the guard apologizes to Nanako afterward for hurting Ray. Afterward the guard extract the data from Ray and return her to Nanako.
  • After that, you will encounter Hanten and Benetta while trying to leave the house through front door. After that, take the magic circle and talk to the magician to warp to Underground city.
  • Entering the village you will have a small dialogue with the ninja, then go to Gree's house. When you tries to enter the house, Elmire shows up and accidentally knocking Nanako away, leading to Nanako scolding her. After that, enter the house.
  • Event will be played out differently depends on what happened to Bell after you leave the underground city last time. Nanako will no longer able to enter Gree's house after either events:
    • If Bell was not raped by Gree: Go to upstairs and go to Bell's room. Nanako and Elmire will find out that Bell and Gree are having augument due to Gree seeing Nanako talking the orc. Bell eventually ran away from the house after the augument.
    • If Bell was raped by Gree: Try to go to the path to upstairs, but Nanako will stop and looking at the stairs to the under basement. Try to go to the under basement, but Gree will shows up from the front door and find out that Nanako and Elmire are trying to enter the under basement. You will go to the under basement regardless and will find out that Bell was raped, lying on a bed while covered in semen. Gree enter the under basement and confront the two, but Nanako stops him while Elmire was taking Bell out from the basement. Nanako was very angry at the crime Gree did and proceed to knock him out.
  • Go to the guilds building and you will encounter Cain. After that, talk to Edge (Guy whit blue hair). He will tell Nanako that she should go to the Orc Kingdom.
  • If Bell was not raped, there will be a event where she writes a letter for Gree and put it into the post box in front of Gree's house before leaving with Nanako and Elmire.
  • From where you show up after the events, go north and then follow the bridge to the sign, use it to open the portal.
  • so you get to the Orc castle, enters through the front door, head north and meet with King.
    • If Bell happpened to have good sex with the Orc King in the Orc Castle event, Bell will reveals that she is pregnant with the Orc King's offspring. This lead to one of the orc servants panicking about it and then having augument with Bell. (During this event, Nanako will think that Bell is so frightening.)
  • After the meet, all way south outside the castle in the village and sleeps in the INN.
  • Next morning go to the the castle plaza, facing the main gate of the castle, then west to the square. (VH heart north)
  • next step miss...

Beach town, west of Capitol City

To get here, exit the Capital through the south gate. You'll be at a crossroads. Go west, and then keep going westwards. You'll come to a wooden bridge eventually. After the bridge there's a small clearing with a stone tablet that teleports you back to the Capital (don't use it). Go south, and then go west again. You'll know when you've gotten there because when you first enter a 'cutscene' plays. (The cutscene does not play if you are playing as Serena.)

Kojima's thing search (2000g) (discovered by 1 guy, through hours of painful wondering, and reading bad translation via automatic translator)

  • The Adventurer's Guild and the Inn are combined in this town.
  • Exit the guild, go west into the side of the 'port'.
  • Exit the port through western exit and find the man in green (with green hat) in the south-west corner.
  • He'll ask something about finding a Fairy Forest and some glasses or something (you fall asleep during his long explanation).
  • You can find the Fairy Forest if you exit the city and go south on the screen below the screen with the stone tablet, but the forest only has monsters. There's a quiet non-combat area with odd music playing before you enter the forest. Go south again. (It may not be necessary to go to the forest; you can talk to the guild manager and skip the forest search entirely.)
  • There are three parts to the forest:
    • The part you first enter has monsters and some shack with a door that leads back into the area.
    • Right by the first part's entrance, go west and you'll end up in a looping area (if you go up, you show up from the bottom). Besides the monsters there's a VH Heart on the east side of the lake.
    • The third part is reached via a hidden entrance at the top of the first area. You have to go up into the trees (you'll lose sight of Nanako). Then you have to move a little to the right, and then down. You end up in a secret area of sorts. There's a cave entrance here.
  • Turns out you can't find anything there. Go back to the beach town and talk with the guild manager. He says something about going back to the Capital. Go back to the Capital (the stone tablet on the way helps shorten the journey).
  • Go to the Adventurer's Guild here. As you enter, on your right you should find the purple haired loli witch.
  • Talk to her (her name is Benetta, I think). She seems to have a fairy with her, and knows something about the glasses you're looking for. She says something about a mine. If you talk to them again, she punches you (or something) and the fairy disappears.
  • Go back to the green guy; he should be gone. Talk to the purple haired guy and ask him if he can take you to the mine; he says yes. Talk to him again to say you're ready to go. and you'll be taken to another place that looks like a mountain side.
  • Climb up to a black door that you won't be able to get in. Go back down; on the right side of the stairs is a pile of rocks. Use it and you will get something (no clue what). It seems like it's not the glasses, but it is what the green guy was looking for.
  • Go back to the captain and ask to be taken back. The green guy should now be back as well. Talk to him and he seems surprised (god knows what the hell you gave him was).
  • Go back to the Adventurer's Guild to get your reward: 2000g and 200exp.

Goblin Quests

It seems like these features aren't fully implemented yet but the seneschal functions much like an adventurer guild questgiver and seemingly has slots for quests that haven't been implemented yet.

Doesn't work in latest version (120419 and 120430 tested) when you try to take a quest, black screen appears. The music of the outside of the nest is playing.

NOTE: Changed position of goblin quest giver in version 111211 has been reported, this information might not currently be 100 % accurate until it is updated!

NOTE: In version 111024, the quest will be automatically given by the red goblin located northeast near the training room. When interacting, choose the "Let's Talk" option and Nanako will decide to "bring some more cute girls." Interact with either Rin or Ashley, invite them to your party and bring them to the goblin cave entrance to begin the combat sequence.

Capture Rin, the guard captain

  • The seneschal will ask you to capture Rin, the captain of the capitol guard. Currently you simply have to accept the quest and then defeat her in combat. After that you have to visit her in the western training room twice and that's it. You can now add her to your party or switch to control her instead of Nanako.

Capture Ashley, the ice mage

  • The seneschal will ask you to capture Ashley, the ice mage. Currently you simply have to accept the quest and then defeat her in combat. After that you have to visit her in the western training room six times and that's it. You can now add her to your party or switch to control her instead of Nanako.

Queen of the goblins

  • Once you've captured both, if you talk to the goblin king again you'll get a "Happy Ending" gameover.

NOTE: In the current builts, to obtain this ending is to make Nanako lose her 'Humanity' by having sex with the goblins. The required amount that must be lost is 775. Simply mate 78 times in the goblin cave.