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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Chivalric Bank
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Available for Serena.


  • Some of the nobles in the Capital collect rare items which are obtained cheaply through illegal channels.
  • When Serena chooses to investigate this lead she's needs to need to find a noble contact.
  • Return to the Industrial Area where the Chivalric Bank is. Just outside the bank is a small boy in red clothing, speak with him.
  • Accept the request to guide him around town.
  • He introduces himself as Theo, he and Serena take a tour of the town.
  • Afterwards Serena may speak with him again.
    • Serena may give him another tour of the city which leads to an h-scene.
    • Choosing the bottom option will continue the quest.
  • Choosing to guide Theo around will take Serena back to the dining area of the inn.
    • If Serena's Dirty is high she may accept his "thanks."
      • Theo slips Serena an aphrodisiac/contraceptive combination if she accepts the offer.
      • After fucking Serena all night, Theo slips out before Serena wakes up.
    • From here on out Serena can either go on subsequent dates or choose the bottom option to continue the investigation.
      • On their date, Theo and Serena make out in the residential area.
      • Serena gets horny and they go back to the inn to have sex again.
      • This time Theo waits for Serena to wake up before leaving.
  • Choosing the bottom option, Theo will give Serena an invitation to speak with him in the noble's district.
  • Go to Theo's mansion.
    • Go north of the bank and speak with the large blue guards.
    • Once in the noble's district of the Capital, head all the way north.
    • Eventually you will be in a large area with two kids running around the fountain.
    • Speak with the row of guards on the road leading to the west.
    • Follow the path and enter the mansion.
    • Go all the way up the stairs and enter the room.
  • Speak with Theo.
    • He tells Serena why would aristocrats buy illegal stuff and why not buy them legally
  • From here on out you may speak with the blond-haired man in Residential Area 3 to continue the quest.
    • Speak with him three times.
    • Return to him at night and speak with him again.
    • The first option will continue the quest, the second option will hold off for now.
      • Choosing the first option leads to three more options.
      • The first option will have him lead Serena into an alley where she's ambushed.
        • Defeat the enemies then inspect the chest around the corner.
          • You don't actually have to defeat the enemies, you can just run past them and open the chest.
      • Serena will be awarded 300G and 100EXP then be teleported to the Public Office.
      • You can now enter the house the blond man was standing by and speak to him again.
        • Choosing the first option leads to a debug map.
      • The second option will cause the blond man to rape Serena then leave her in an alley.
        • Speaking with him again will cause a game over.
      • If Serena is dirty enough the third option will have Serena strip first and flash her chest the the man before he leads her into the alley in the first option.
        • If Serena is even more dirty she will give him a blowjob.