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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info


  • After completing Crybaby Ghost you can continue from there with Amili in your party to help her regain her forgotten past.
  • Talk with the 3 Fairies in Kojima for different reactions (North Kojima - Earth Fairy, Kojima South Beach - Water Fairy, Docks - Lightning Fairy), seem to be not needed though.
    • You can find a new girl character before the docks who will recommend you the Capital's Library for more information about the Fairies.
  • Head/warp to the Capital. After a short scene Nanako wants to go to the library for intel which reminds her that Ashley was a librarian there and she may know things. Since there are no events at the library (yet?) and can't even enter (yet?) so you must look for Ashley. You can find her in the east room of the VH Clan House, she is eating with Sara.
  • Open the door for a scene (where Nanako angrily answers that she had enough with Rin who always talks about a tomboy Princess - I didn't encounter any scene to this with Rin earlier, so this also may be incomplete or I left out something but correct this if I am wrong). Ashley tells you to meet Erika at Eisen, maybe she knows more about the Fairies.

From here I don't know. I went to Eisen and checked the houses but nothing and from the Capital went to Hot Spring Town via Horse Train and got "0723: 妖精フラグ" (Fairy Flag) Variable to 12 and Nanako said after arriving: "Hot Spring Town too, it has been a while...", "Let's show up at the guild." but can't find the next flag. There are later flags of this so there has to be the 13th somewhere...