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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Old Man
  • Available for Nanako only.


  • Speak with the Old Man in the south of the Capitol entrance.
  • He will ask you to help find his Granddaughter, and offer 4 clues to help you.
  • The last clue will direct you to the Bakery, go there and question everyone.
  • The little girl tells you to go ask around the slums for more info.
  • Make 4 purchases in the Porn Shop to get a Membership Card.
  • Speak with each Bandit outside of the Porn Shop.
  • Then speak with the Bandit in the mask outside of the Slum Church.
  • He gives you a Forged VIP Pass.
  • Return at night with Membership Card to get in back room.
  • Use forged pass to get in to VIP area.
  • You will see the girl in the pit, walk in front of queen and be kicked in to pit.
  • [Seems unfinished: Once in the pit a tentacle gangbang starts, but you will be kicked out to other room after it.]
[NOTE: There seem to be three ways to get to VIP area. ]
2. There is a way to impress Burigussha to get near the VIP area, but it is unpredictable and buggy. You have to sample the main room until he starts grinning. Then use the Pit scene until Rimun shows up and is scolded. If you miss the chance for Rimun to appear, you will see either Nemes or the Masked Man approach, but it will get stuck if this happens. Once Rimun shows up you can get past the twin guards that kick you back. If you look around you will see there is no actual way to the VIP yet, so this route seems unfinished.
3. Serena Route: If playing as Serena you will be unable to start the old man quest. If you go the Porn Shop and sell your panties, you will be approached when leaving the store. The men take you to the cell near the Orphanage, inside the church and to the right. Once in the cell a man buys some time to eat Serena out, Burigussha approaches and it ends with you outside the church again. The cell they take Serena to is connected to the room behind Burigussha.
[If you use FatalMix you can turn clipping off and explore the pit. If you interact with the Pigman, a scene of extreme anal penetration starts. The door in pit leads to a room that looks like a prison. If you are Nanako you will see Serena passed out in one of the cells, if playing as Serena you will see Nanako in another cell. Backtracking from here leads you to a door that does not let you pass thru it, something is said about turning back will cause you to lose all your gear.]