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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Gold Reward: 2500G
  • Available for Nanako after completing Rescue Rin.
  • Warning The girl will stand still making it impossible to escort her towards the VH/Slave Market.
  • Note: It's an automatic game over if either Nanako or the escorted girl dies before reaching the Slave Market.


  • Go to the client's house.
    • Leave the Guild Hall and head east into the Trade District.
    • Go north into the next area.
    • Take a left and head west.
    • Go past the grassy area and enter the large house with iron doors and vines on the wall.
  • Talk to the man by the table. He will explain to Nanako that she is to escort his daughter to the Slave Market so she can begin working for a rich merchant.
  • Leave the house and go to the horse-train station.
    • Go back to the Trade District.
    • The path leading to the station is just south of all the trade stalls. There's a guard talking to a girl right where the path forks.
  • Once at the station, walk all the way down to a guard standing between two desks. Speak with him.
    • Note: Nanako will not be able to board the train with a companion.
  • Nanako and the girl will ride the horse-train and be dropped off in the wilderness.
  • Nanako will have to protect the girl while they walk through the next few areas.
  • Once reaching the Slave Market, Nanako will drop the girl off and be on her way.
    • Before leaving, Nanako may inspect a peephole in the wall to the office she just left.
    • If Nanako looks inside she'll discover the girl was actually just sold as a sex slave to cover her family's debts.
    • The fat man Nanako just dropped the girl off with takes the girl's virginity and forces her to beg for sex.
  • Return to Ziggy and turn in the quest.