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Violated Heroine edit




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Quest Info

  • Location: Ryokan Bathhouse
  • Quest Start: Ryokan Bathhouse
  • Gold Reward: 2000G
  • Available for Nanako, Ashley and Serena.


  • Go to the Ryokan Bathhouse.
    • To get there, head east out of Hot Spring town.
    • Go past the wooden building, past the forest, then finally around and past a lake.
    • Head south when the dirt road forks, the very next area is the bathhouse.
  • Enter the bathhouse and talk to Chitose, the lady behind the counter, and agree to stay for the night.
  • Accept Chitose's request to catch a rapist who has been creeping around the bathhouse.
    • It will only be offered once, declining it will permanently end the quest.
  • After accepting the request, go around the corner and undress in the changing room.
    • Nanako may go in nude or with a school swimsuit, the choice makes no difference.
  • When attempting to leave the room and enter the bathing area, Chitose will say she needs to do some cleaning.
    • If Nanako chooses to wait instead of going in now, Chitose will be raped and turned into a whore.
    • If Chitose is raped the quest will permanently end with no direct monetary reward, however, you still get to sleep at the inn for free from then on.
  • After Nanako enters the bathing area the rapist appears and attempts to rape her
  • Nanako will have to struggle and break free before he fully penetrates her. Tap X to do so.
    • If Nanako loses she will be raped and unlock an H-Scene.
    • Losing will permanently end the quest with no reward.
  • Once Nanako breaks free and defeats the rapist, return to Chitose for the reward.
  • After turning in the quest Nanako may sleep at the bathhouse for free from then on.
  • There is a VH Heart in the back of the baths. Just follow the path northward on the left of the building.