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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Slave Market
  • Quest Start: Slave Market
  • Available for Nanako. Access to the Slave Market is granted after completing Escort a Girl.
  • Note: You could encounter Elmire earlier if you explore houses in the northwestern corner of the Capitol residential area. She is in the kitchen, wearing her trademark hat. Her parents mention having huge debt, if asked.


  • One of the cells at the Slave Market contains a small witch being raped by a Slime, her name is VH/Elmire.
  • Speak with the man at the desk he offers to sell the girl for 100,000G, which Nanako may pay at any time.
  • The girl from Escort a Girl will be at the counter if that quest was completed and turned in already.
    • It's possible to lower Elmire's price by speaking with the girl.
    • Ask about the slave girl, Nanako will be offered a discount for collecting certain items.
    • Each time Nanako turns in the collectables she will receive a check, which reduces the price by 10,000G.
      • The first item is Muscular Meat x3 (Lean Meat). Minotaurs drop it.
        • After Nanako turns in the meat, Elmire will be impregnated by the Slime.
      • Next is Raw Meat x5. Wolves drop it.
        • Elmire is now being fucked by a man.
      • Next is corpion's Shell x4. Scorpions drop it.
        • Elmire is now being fucked by two men. Nanako can't tell if she's pregnant again or if it's the slime from before.
      • Next is Wyvern Wing x3. A red bat in East Capital Forest 2 drops it.
        • Elmire is no longer pregnant, she's now happily giving blowjobs thinking if she does a good job her parents will save her.
      • Next is a Garuda Egg|. One can be obtained during Garuda Eggs.
    • After obtaining all five checks, the price for Elmire will now be 50,000G. That's as low as it will go.
  • Once Nanako buys Elmire she takes her back to Hot Spring Town.
  • Elmire is so completely mindfucked at that point she believe Nanako is really her mother and will now follow her around.
  • Elmire can now be recruited as a companion.