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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Hot Spring Town
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • Gold Reward: 1000G
  • EXP Reward: 150EXP
  • Other Rewards: 1 Honor
  • Note: If you die during the quest, the man who ordered the quest will allow you to try again, most likely because he likes Nanako. If Nanako doesn't require a retry before you make it to the cabin, Nanako will sleep by the door. If Nanako is on her second attempt or more, she will sleep on the bed with him to make up for failing before.
  • Note: You cannot have a companion in order to accept this quest.
  • Warning: The game will bug up if the client dies while Nanako is being raped, and the game can randomly bug up for no reason upon entering the first map, where the client is not there, and you can never leave.


  • At night, head upstairs in the Inn.
    • Sleeping at the inn or interacting with the clock in front of the restroom will change it from day to night.
  • Talk to the man with black hair in the bottom right room.
  • After he joins, leave the inn and head out of town through the east gate.
    • The gate itself is sealed, exit through the little dirt path just above it.
  • The client can take a few hits but dies very quickly, run ahead of him and kill all the monsters.
  • After three screens Nanako and the client will decide to rest in a cabin.
  • Bandits attempt to raid the cabin but Nanako and the client hide in the rafters.
    • If Nanako's Charm is high enough the client will grope her.
    • If Nanako's Dirty is high she may let him continue on and fuck her.
    • If the client or you get defeated after this scene triggers, you will return to the inn and the master will tell you that the client got attached to you therefore its possible to still complete the quest, the client will be at the hotel at night with some extra dialog
    • after reaching the cabin again, a new scene triggers where Nanako sleeps in the same bed as the client (no h-scene) and she feels rather uncomfortable
    • the h-scene after the bandits exit the house is available regardless of Nanako's purity
    • losing again will not end the quest, and you get more dialog, after reaching the cabin again Nanako will sleep in the bed as the client, but before Nanako is able to open up to him, he falls asleep
  • When morning comes Nanako and the man exit the cabin, now is a good time to put clothing back on.
  • Continue heading east, protecting the client from monsters.
  • After two more screens the client will reveal his name is Johnny and they part ways.
    • Note: The area just south of where they part ways is where Catch the Rapist takes place.
  • Turn in the quest.