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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Capital
  • Quest Start: Ziggy
  • Repeatable: Yes
  • Gold Reward: 800G
  • Other Rewards: Optional 200G bonus.
  • Available for Nanako and Serena.


  • Head to the bar in the residential district.
    • To get there, walk out of the Guild Hall and head west.
    • Go north along the main trade district then take the first left heading west.
    • Make another left and head south, you'll have to squeeze between some houses before getting to the next area.
    • Go town the stairs and enter the door with the PUB sign over it.
  • Speak with the female bar owner, she'll get you started on the job.
  • Once on the dance floor, Nanako will have to dance her ass off before the clock runs out.
    • There are four corners to the stage, each one has several patrons around it.
    • Every time a patron has a marker over their head you must move to that corner.
    • Making it to at least 10 corners before the clock runs out grants a bonus reward of 200G.
    • Getting four wrong will end the dance, but it won't fail the quest.
  • After the clock runs out Nanako will stop dancing and return to the bar owner.
  • If Nanako danced well there will be perverts roaming the bar.
    • The better she danced, the more perverts there will be.
    • The perverts will attempt to grope Nanako when bumping into her, which she can choose to accept or reject.
    • If she danced well enough and her Desire is 100 or more, one of the perverts will ask her for sex.
      • Accepting will trigger an H-Scene where Nanako gets taken to the back room and is gangbanged.
  • Turn in the quest.