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Violated Heroine edit




Other stuff:

Quest Info

  • Location: Hot Spring Town
  • Quest Start: Guild Master
  • Gold Reward: 3000G
  • EXP Reward: 150EXP
  • Available for Nanako after obtaining a guild rank of 15 (16 in version 191222) and talking to the Guild Master.
  • Half of gold is awarded in advance and half when completed.
  • Warning: Starting another guild quest before completing the two nights of training at the inn may prevent you from training Nameless Stance and starting Rescue Ashley.
    • Possible fix by adding Erika to party, speaking to Guild Master, leaving the Guild Hall, and continuing the training at the inn.


  • Go to the Blood Brother Gang's hideout.
    • To get there, head out the east gate.
    • Keep heading east until reaching a cabin, when there a man will direct Nanako towards the hideout.
    • Follow the dirt path until it forks, head north into the trees at the fork.
    • Navigate through the trees and enter the cave.
  • Once inside the cave, inspect all eight sparkling points. One will be inside a room.
    • It's recommended you save before inspecting anything.
  • After mapping out the area Nanako will head deeper into the cave. When passing a room she will hear footsteps and enter it.
  • Inside the room Nanako meets Ashley, they talk for a bit then bandits eventually enter the room looking for Nanako..
  • Ashley attempts to seduce them in order to distract them, but Nanako can't stand watching and eventually attacks the bandits.
    • Losing to the bandits will cause a game over where Nanako is locked in a room and raped by the bandit gang.
  • After defeating the bandits Ashley and Nanako decide to escape together.
  • The next two rooms have guards walking along set paths. If they spot Nanako they will automatically catch her.
    • Being spotted will cause a game over where Ashley and Nanako are raped in the room they just left.
  • After making it past all the bandits Ashley and Nanako find themselves in a room with an underground river. Ashley, realizing they have little time, decides to lower Nanako's body temperature so she can drift down the river without drowning.
  • When Nanako finally washes up on a shore she's found by Erika who nurses her back to health. After talking for a bit they board a horse-train and head back to Hot Spring Town.
  • Return to the guild and turn in the quest.
  • Go to the inn and rest.
    • Nanako will begin her training for the Nameless Stance.
    • After two nights of training Nanako will be ready to begin Rescue Ashley.