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Currently, managing Koikatu wiki. You may use [email protected] to contact me via email if there's something wrong or want to help building the wiki, thank you ;)

Source of Materials on the wiki: I have all 30 personality as my waifus, been playing non-stop since day one release of the game. Wasted around 12 hours everyday just to inspect the game (and have fun!), I cannot finish a game's day fast because of having obligated to interact with all my waifus for fairness (in my heart). To fill my time, instead of succumbing to empty endless desire, I help building the wiki. I'm not good at being harsh on girls (real and virtual, only if necessary), so maybe on some parts (especially the one that makes the girls upset) on the game I cannot explain it correctly. I'll be glad if someone fill that position for me on the koikatu wiki. :)



Birthday 14 Feb
Gender Male
Sex Orientation Harem Overlord
Favorite Artificial Academy Personality Caring, Harsh, Sweet, Carefree, Playful, Reserved, Quiet
Favorite Maid Personality Tsundere, Imouto, Yandere, Onee-chan, Sadist
Favorite Koikatsu Personality Tsundere, Unfortunate, Orthodox Heroine, Mysterious, Crabby, Pure, Cool, Wild, Geek, Timid, Motherly, Evil-eye, Yandere, Insensitive, Boyish, Bookworm, Yamatonadeshiko, Lazy, Snobby, Weird, Oneechan, Quiet, Bad Girl, Lady, Trendy, Sexy, Old-school, Simple, Gyaru, Kouhai.


contact: [email protected]

Mostly use the name "Gussygoose" on the net (and games.. of course), can be either an ikemen mustache megane-person or a cat, posted several wiki contributions, drawing fan arts, doing commissions, making game mods, adding advices, suggestions and threads to the specific game forums in which is favorite ones.
Treat your waifus nicely, gentle and kindly. 」( ̄▽ ̄」)


You can post your questions (or personal) regarding Artificial Academy 2, Custom Maid 3D 2, or Koikatsu here
  • Q: Hi! Which personality/ies you like the most in Koikatsu?
    A: I think I love it all equally! each one is unique, and fits all the waifus I made for myself. I love them all the same that I'm bursting with love.