That Girl Quest ~Back Alley Angel

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Magic Charm

Rescued the boy from loneliness.

Back Alley Cheer Squad

Saved the pessimistic adult.

Mister Horse's Bride

Helped cure the horse's broken heart.

Secret Games in a Secret Base

Had a fun time playing in the boy's secret base.

Battle in the Bathhouse!

Saved the man suffering in the bathhouse.

Beyond the Glorious Hole

Saved an unknown man from the other side of a wall.

Back Alley Classroom

Saved a suffering man and educated the children about the work of heroes.

Ambush! Punch Love Mask's Last Stand

Reformed the corrupt young men.


Monster Hunter

Defeated all types of monsters:

  • Large Raven (SW)
  • Goblin (CW)
  • Orc (WNW)
  • Slime (NW)
  • Serpent (NNW)
  • Scissorhands (NNE)
  • Giant Bat (CW)
  • Mysterious Doll (NE corner)
  • Hornet (ESE)
  • Giant Centipede (NW)
  • Man Eating Flower (CE dead end behind hornets)
  • Rat (NNW)
  • Cerberus (S)
  • Ghost (NW, S)

New Comrade! Beat Chick Mask!

Got to know No.3-chan.

Friend or Foe! Black Punch Love Mask!

Got to know No.4-chan.

A Magical Girl Arrives!

You reached the end of the game.



Found all achievements!

Side Quests

242. Curse of the Evil Spirit

Long ago there was an evil spirit sealed in a small shrine in the back alley, it's rumored that sometimes the evil spirit's groaning can be heard. Apparently, if a person hears the groaning then they'll be cursed by the evil spirit and have their head transform into the visage of a monster.

Start: overhear boys talking when you leave the conbini, then step on question mark outside conbini

s107 ON, s103 ON

Defeat the "orc" north of the entrance.

s117 ON, s108 ON, s183 ON

Bronze Achievement: Secret Games in a Secret Base

s128 ON, s148 ON, s165 ON

v217 +1, v222 +1

243. Abandoned Child Trembling in Tears

I want to cheer up a little kid who thinks he's been abandoned by his parents.

Start: boy on bench in playground

Event: Blowjob

s106 ON, s145 ON, s162 ON, v217 +1, v222 +1

Bronze Achievement: Magic Charm

244. Tired, Despairing Man

Mister is fed up with his never-ending cleaning job, I want to find a way to help him regain his confidence.

Start: trying to enter public toilet at playground

s109 ON

Find man east of entrance

s110 ON, v217 +1

Find man far north of entrance

s111 ON, v217 +1

Find man at orange building (W)

Event: blowjob

s112 ON, s146 ON, s163 ON, v217 +1, v222 +1

Bronze Achievement: Back Alley Cheer Squad

note: some areas are closed off until this quest is completed

245. Brokenhearted Beast

The shock of having his heart broken at the matchmaking event caused the poor horse to run away into the back alley.

There must be something I can do to help get him to come back home...

Start: old man at farm, v217 >= 4

s124 ON

Find horse in back alleys (go east then north, requires completing Tired, Despairing Man)

Event: blowjob

s125 ON, s147 ON, s164 ON, v217 +1, v222 +1

Bronze Achievement: Mister Horse's Bride

246. A Regretful Repentance

I encountered an Onee-san who deeply regretted throwing away her manga collection. I'd like to find those books for her.

Start: girl in front of shrine (after completing games at secret base)

s129 ON

Retrieve the [Thin Doujinshi] from the secret base.

Reward: Great Fairy's Charm (immune to sience, sleep, stun, confusion)

s130 ON

247. A Glimpse of Anguish in the Steam

I've heard there's a man in the men's bath that's in pain. I want to do something to ease his suffering.

Start: girl in fastfood restaurant, v217 >= 4, completed Tired, Despairing Man

s126 ON

Soak in boy's/girl's bath, talk to guy in boy's bath

s127 ON, s149 ON, s166 ON, v217 +1

Bronze Achievement: Battle in the Bathhouse!

248. The Glorious Hole of Salvation

I want to provide a solution for the problems that most men seem to secretly hide away in their crotches.

I wonder if there's already a good method of helping them in place somewhere?

Start: guy in playground (completed A Glimpse of Anguish in the Steam)

s122 ON

Go to girl's toilet with hole in wall

s123 ON, s150 ON, s167 ON, v217 +1

Bronze Achievement: Beyond the Glorious Hole

249. Passing Down Heroic Knowledge

The children in town have all suddenly disappeared. Where could they all be?

Find the children just northeast of the entrance (requires v217 >= 4 and completed A Regretful Repentance)

Event: blowjob & anal

s131 ON, s151 ON, s168 ON, v217 +1, v222 +1

Bronze Achievement: Back Alley Classroom

250. Flanking Attacks are Underhanded

I've heard that there are suspicious people chasing after a little girl. I need to hurry into the back alley so I can help her.

Find the girl east of the entrance (requires v217 >= 7 and completed Passing Down Heroic Knowledge)

Event: Rape

s134 ON, s152 ON, s169 ON, v217+1, v222+1

Bronze Achievement: Ambush! Punch Love Mask's Last Stand

253. Red Ribbon, Swept Away

A young girl accidentally dropped her treasured ribbon into the river. Maybe if I look downstream I can find it.

Start: girl next to stream near farm

Find ribbon in northeast (requires some progress in despairing man to access)

Rewards: Flashlight / PL Beam Saber weapon (ATK+5, HIT+20%, Element: Light)

254. Ancient God Enshrined in Shadows

I offered to take an offering to the back alley Jizo-sama on behalf of Obaa-chan.

Start: Obaa-chan in front of shrine

s113 ON

255. The Lost Blue-Eyed Kitten

Apparently a kitten has gotten lost in the back alley. Let's catch her and bring her back to her home at City Angel Bar.

Start: Travestite in back alley

Find cat in far east: s118 ON (requires some progress in despairing man to access)

Find cat in northwest: s119 ON

Find cat in far east again: s120 ON

Return kitten to bar in SW

Reward: PL Slasher weapon (ATK+25, HIT+5%, CRI+5%)