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All data in table are copy from japanese wiki, they have not update for a long time, many data are missing, please fill in /correction if possible. Also if you think table is not a good idea you can change or remove it --CDRW 22:08, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

With regards to the Type listing of certain characters, Rosa is currently listed as Monk (which technically should be translated as Priest given the game she comes from), whilst Lenna is currently listed as Other (which is listed as Versatile in the game). I'm of the opinion that mixing the labels like this is confusing and can lead to some misunderstanding of how certain things in the game work. Either the wiki should have the complete in-game Type for each character (which includes Fairy for Fairy, Pure Soldier for Female Soldier and Pure Mage for Nina), or by the internal classes which the game uses (which seems more sensible for a statistic chart like this, especially when these classes start being referenced in other sections).

The game uses three main flags for Class. These are Mage (Switch 373), Battle Mage (Switch 377) and Soldier (Switch 378). Rosa is categorised as a Mage via this, and Lenna is categorised as a Battle Mage. This is important because these classes govern many aspects of combat and what default abilities you start with. As an example, all Soldiers gain the 肉切骨断 and 受け流し skills; all Battle Mages gain the 魔法剣, 魔法盾 and 魔力集積 skills; and all Mages gain the 魔法盾, 魔力集積 and 結界 skills. As another example, when using Rapiers, Soldiers have an increased number of hits, Mages have a decreased number of hits, and all others (including Battle Mages) have the normal number.

From the above, it makes more sense and is more informative to list Rosa and Lenna as Mage and Battle Mage respectively. Fairy and Pearl are the only true Other classes, because they have none of the three classes, and thus do not start with any of the above listed abilities. Also, many of the same weapons that Rosa cannot use also can not be equipped by Nina or Rydia, even while other Mages can equip them. So it is a little misleading for some weapons to be listed as "mage/monkX". Instead, it might be worth noting these additional equipment restrictions in the profiles of those three characters on this page, rather than devote space to a class that has little bearing on game mechanics. (And if we must have the Types listed by the game itself somewhere, then they too would be better off in the individual descriptions of each character, along with their Class)

Also, as an aside, and whilst I'm looking at the code, I note that a couple of characters have the rare ability to 'change' their class temporarily. Liza (normally a Soldier) becomes a Mage whilst wearing Mythical Beast's Fur; Lenna (normally a Battle Mage) becomes a Mage whilst wearing the Dress of Change (but she keeps her Battle Mage class and abilities at the same time); and Monica (normally a Battle Mage) becomes a Soldier whilst wearing the Mithril Bustier. These characters return to their original class when the equipment is removed. I'm not sure where best to display this information... probably in the individual comments on each character.

Anyways, I leave the decision on whether to make the edits in the hands of more regular editors of this wiki, and I apologise for the length of this message. Personally, I think using the game mechanic classes would be more useful for players, but I can understand wanting to keep to the more visible Type names given by playing the game. 15:40, 5 April 2009 (UTC)


I don't know why, i always check this wikia recentchanges but i still miss this talk page messages. Your study is very useful ! It will help our edit.

I like the way that use game's internal classes for character type

About the item restrictions... i have no idea yet, but may remove that column later, when we have update this page and add some item restriction info for each character.

One more thing, i am editing Aty but not sure the translation is correct or not, please comment :

  • バストが -- Probably Bust(ier) [Bra]
  • でかい -- Huge
    • huge breast ? -- I guess that would be Huge Bustier Bra (most probable), Huge Bra or Huge Bust/Breasts
  • 抜剣覚醒 = ?? (maybe some games have good translate on this skills) -- Reading: ばっけんかくせい (Awakening/Arousal/Remote Bakken, so I guess it's a pun) It's from Summon Night 3, so maybe you can take a look and see what the ability is for: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%B5%E3%83%A2%E3%83%B3%E3%83%8A%E3%82%A4%E3%83%883
    • 抜剣 unsheathe -- (Bakken) which I also gather would be Unsheathe but I don't know what it means in this context
    • 覚醒 awake (i just don't know how to merge this two together) -- Awakening/Arousal/Remote
  • 発動後15秒の間、武器ダメージ2倍、魔法ダメージ2倍、防御2倍、魔法防御が2倍になり
    • Attack, Magic, Defense and Spirit are double in 15 seconds
  • ほぼ全ての状態異常が常時無効化する効果を得る。
    • Netgative status are constantly remove. (not sure) -- I also think that's right
  • 発動中はカルマ値が上昇していき、値が一定値以上になると、発動中にペナルティを受ける
    • Increase stat to a fixed limit ? then take what penalty ? i don't know its meaning -- Not sure either. I gather that if you raise "Karma" above a certain limit you'll get a penalty for using the ability.

Now i am using Aty, but i don't know how to active 拔剣覚醒... it may need some requirment (certain level ? equip XX item?) --CDRW 09:34, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Editted and added what I gather from it. I think the ability you said might only be activated if you're almost dead (as some ability of last resort) if I understood the summon night wikipedia entry correctly (but I only glanced over it so I might be wrong) -- RosettaStone 10:29, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Thanks. hummmm i found an image [1] i don't know who draw that picture at character selection screen... it sucks, the recent 1569 pics update are much better, hope they will change the pic at char select screen too.

Wikipedia have mention a sword called "碧の賢帝" that also found in this game item list (ID 1048) i don't know they are related or not, and how to obtain... When i play the game, this character have die many times but she haven't active that skill... yet--CDRW 12:31, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

Picture locations and character order

Character Order

In case it wasn't obvious, the characters are arranged in order by page and then by position on the page

Character Pictures

The pictures of the characters can be found in [RyonaRPG directory]/Pictures/

Some of the characters have clothing and body as separate images, in which case you should use an image editor (such as the GIMP) to put them together. Remember to:

  • Do this with copies so you don't mess up your installation of RyonaRPG
  • De-index the images before combining so the colors come out right
  • Get all pixels with the transparency color, not just a fill-select

Some characters will not have large images, in which case it is probably appropriate to use a face image from [RyonaRPG directory]/FaceSet/

Character faces are stored 4x4 to a file with filenames beginning with "CF"

I think we want to use the character in their "neutral" poses and wearing their default costumes, but showing them in a "pleasure" pose with no outfit and wearing a slave collar has its appeal. :D

Powerofvoid (talk) 20:55, April 13, 2013 (UTC)