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The system may have changed since this guide was written, as of Jul 27 update and DL addon.  This is actually describing the method to get the most satisfying H ending, the one that gets the most positive review and reduces H%. Keeping them horny and needy is straightforward enough, but satisfying them is the challenge.
As described, every girl has an optimal pace (Slow/Fast speed) and piston depth (Short/Deep strokes), a 'sweet spot' during safe and risky days. The effect of touching (including kissing) depends on intensity (Gentle/Hard) and area(s) of inheraction. Together, touching modifies piston pace (but not depth,) and can bring it closer to target or overshoot it. Pistoning faster or touching more intensely than the girl's area is ready for will make the girl uncomfortable and fail to achieve satisfaction.
Touching is the simplest way to satisfy the 'sweet spot' requirement for perfect H. Just click gently and steadily on any one area; with or without other areas activated, and whether the girl's weak point is one of them. This will elicit many comments alternating between complaints and enjoyment (or complaints about enjoying it,) but if you keep the same slow and steady pace it will all work out to a powerful orgasm. As area exp increases you can increase the intensity, and the girl's tolerance may vary by personality/traits. Should she complain, be ready to let intensity drop before continuing. Let the last few clicks be as slow as the first.
During piston, touching within the girl's tolerance increases overall pace/intensity, which can reach or overshoot the target. Touching the girl's weak point(s) increases tolerance for variations in pace and intensity; breasts, ass and nipple can get double the benefit from this. Kissing works like any other touching, however it generates so many positive responses that can mask dissatisfaction and discomfort with pace, depth or intensity.
The arousal rate when pistoning at the girl's 'sweet spot' may not change noticeably enough to be a helpful guide [Note: Arousal gains are modified by how close the PC's personality scales match the girl's preferences, so the multiplier may be more or less pronounced.] It's possible to find the sweet spot by watching for visible indicators and listening for audible queues, and locking arousal gain can make it easier.
The girl's comments are helpful if you can understand them. Positive comments indicate you're on target; the first if you find it before arousal reaches the Hint line and and the second when near orgasm after staying on target. Inexperienced girls will give negative feedback when too fast/intense for their area exp, but pace nearest their target may be sufficient. Experienced girls complain much less. Girls in Lewd state will only give positive feedback, and will eagerly encourage you to continue the wrong pace/intensity, and ''more'' of it. Comments can be cut off by a mistimed/mistaken clicks, or misinterpreted by changing pace/intensity too quickly, or preempted completely by extended kissing. Most comments won't be repeated for the H scene, so if you're trying to recover the right point, or going a second round, you can't rely on hearing another hint.
The most consistent indicator is the eyes. When eyes are open wide, your pace/intensity is close, but the depth is off. When eyes are closed the pace/intensity are off though the depth may still be right. When eyes are partially open, the depth is right and the pace is at or near target. This indicator can be disrupted too, though; their eyes may close after a comment is interrupted, or their eyes may stay closed too long after kissing. The character's eye shape and size can make this more or less difficult, and familiarity with the character's facial expression always helps.
More indicators: orgasm: longer/louder wail - after glow: heavy extended breathing, euphoric comments, faint voice

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