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What does this mean: "Special Requirements: No Orgy [乱交] Skills performed"? I don't see any "Orgy" skill listed on the Skills page ( --- ...oh, this means the "Group" category of skills, right?

Red36312 Answer :
Yup Group Skill is Orgy. If you translate from JP text maybe I should little edit don't need everyone confuse about this.
Group Skill

  • 乱交愛撫(Orgy Caress) Group Caress
  • 乱交奉仕(Orgy Service) Group Service
  • 乱交3Pセックス正常位(Orgy 3P Missionary Sex) Group 3P Missionary Sex
  • 乱交3Pアナルセックス正常位(Orgy 3P Anal Missionary Sex) Group 3P Anal Missionary Sex
  • 乱交3P2穴セックス(Orgy 3P Double Penetration) Group 3P Double Penetration

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