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Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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Proposed updates and changes

A lot of information here looks like it's out of date as of version 1.03, but I'd like to hear more contributions before I make any changes. I don't have all data, and perhaps someone else's observations would fill in more information, and more reliable information.

I'd say go ahead and make the changes that you are medium-sure of; For the ones you are less sure of, note the uncertainty on the page so other people reading it might try to verify/test them. -Afker 02:10, 4 January 2008 (UTC)
Aye, that was my intent. There's ongoing discussion on Hongfire, some of them may come over here to contribute. I'd encourage anyone testing to use Breaker's AG3 Monitor ( to watch and verify needs and relationship levels (Love/Friendship/Jealousy.) DokEnkephalin 17:28, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

Alright, I'm going to sandbox some revisions here again, after cleaning out the old info already integrated into the article. There is a lot of repeated information that could be consolidated into general sections, and consolidate descriptions to the information specific to the situation. Also, instead of repeating content here and gameplay guide, just refer to that page and keep any controls dealing with H-mode here. DokEnkephalin 18:24, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

H-Mode Controls

Most of the controls as listed in [Artificial Girl 3 General Gameplay] operate in H-Mode, with some exceptions.


Any movement keys will align the camera's x-axis with your avatar.

Cursor Icons


Default cursor - The cursor will remain in camera mode over most of the screen, but camera mode can be forced with either CTRL key.


Appears over girl's chest, hips and pelvis.
  • Manual action: Left-Click will move or remove clothing, Left-Click +hold and drag to fondle body parts.
  • Two locations can be fondled at once. Fondle any location until the hand icon fades from view, and that location will be fondled with the next location selected.


Appears over girl's mouth
  • Kissing: Left-Click and drag to kiss, with the same effects as fondling. If she was previously fondled until the hand icon faded, kissing will continue to fondle the last location. Kissing may sometimes quiet the girl and initiate her tongue-kissing animation.

Question Mark

Appears after girl asks question.
  • Yes/No response: Left-Click to answer 'Yes', Right-Click to answer 'No'. The question may influence her actions, and may just be rhetorical, depending on the situation.


Appears over avatar's erection and center of pelvis. (Expansion Only: The mushroom is always accessible over a transparent gray semicircle in the upper right corner of the screen.)
  • Mushroom color indicates male arousal level; grayish blue below 50% arousal, purple from 50%-85% arousal, red with a ╬ symbol from 85%-100%, and red coated with white during ejaculation.
  • Clicking on the mushroom during the final phase will cause additional white streams to emit from the avatar's penis, which is visible only when ejaculating outside.
  • Scrolling forward and back can be done with the NumPad +/- keys. On a laptop it will require a function key specific to your board.
  • Expansion Only: Any +/- key will emulate scroll forward or back respectively. This can be changed to J/K with Custom Configuration in the Setup when the game is first loaded.

Male Action (Active controls)

  • Left-Click and dragging up will generally move to a more forward position, Left-Click will and dragging down will move back and eventually end the scene. Details are described for each individual position.
  • In pre-penetration position, the avatar will slowly raise and lower his erection, and depending on raising or lowering angle, dragging up can select between anal and vaginal penetration.
  • Scrolling the mousewheel forward will increase speed of foreplay or penetration, scrolling back will reduce speed.
  • A single Left-Click, will pause the current motion, holding Left-Click additionally teases the girl. Stopping from certain positions may provoke the girl to take control.

Girl Action (Passive controls)

  • Left-Click and dragging down generally ends the H-scene, dragging up may switch to other passive positions or take active control. Details are described for each individual position. When the girl is taking the initiative, dragging the mushroom may be ignored or resisted by the girl, but repeated use will have an effect.
  • Scrolling the mousewheel forward in sync with animation will increase speed. Each animation has a set of frames where this is most effective, but the hip movement, even subtle movement, is a good indicator.
  • Scrolling backward or scrolling irregularly may reduce speed, but this will be overridden when close to orgasm.
  • Scrolling while the girl is paused has no reliable effects.

H-Scene Basics

Initiating Ecchi

You attempt an H-scene with the Right-Button when you're close to a girl you're facing. The positions and actions possible will depend on how the girl is positioned when you attempt.

  • If she is facing you, you can first attempt to hold her with a right-click and kiss her with another right-click. Continuing to hold the Right-Button will attempt H.
  • If she is facing away, you can briefly hug her from behind, or continue to hold Right-Button to attempt H.
  • If she is laying on her back, you can stand over her knees and right-click to lay on top of her, and may right-click again to simply kiss her, hold Right-Button to attempt H. In the Expansion, you can lead her by the hand to lie down next to you where possible, then simply get back up on lay on top of her.
  • If she is sitting on the ground with one knee propped up, she has collapsed either from tripping or orgasm exhaustion, and any right-click while facing her from the front or behind will initiate H without resistance.
  • Successfully initiating H will begin one of the [Known Active Positions]

The girl can reject H depending on her current mood, [Relationship Levels], [Personality Type] and [Traits]. An upset Virgin, Timid girl in Blue is most likely to push you away, a smiling Lewd, Devoted girl with Strong Sexual Appetite in Red is most likely to accept.

A girl's experience with you is as important in determining; the more satisfying H-scenes the girl has had with you, the more likely she is to engage in H. A Timid girl in Blue who you've had many scenes with may still accept, even with a little persistence, and a Lewd girl with high Friendship may still be reluctant.

Also, the girl's ecchi level influences how willing she will be. If her level is high enough, she may be the one to attempt to engage, as explained in [next section].

Girl's Initiative

When a girl's ecchi need or Jealousy level is high enough, she may initiate H, and can succeed if you're in the proper position.

  • When sitting at a chair without a table or desk in front of it.
  • When laying on a bed, even when sleeping.
  • Expansion only: Potentially anywhere, unless seated at a table or desk. If standing, she may approach you with a hug, if sitting cross-legged, she may take you by the hand and drag you to a standing position to initiate. You may break her hold before she initiates by pressing any movement key before H begins.
  • You may call out to her to get her to approach you sitting, laying or standing.
  • If you take her by the hand and lead her to your preferred position, she may not begin until she walks across the right spot, which she will do in a few minutes when she attempts to wander. If she leaves due to one of her needs, she will not initiate H. In the Expansion, she will sit or lay next to you instead if possible. The surest way to guide her by the hand is to release and walk toward where you wish to engage in H while calling her, but any of her other needs may override as soon as you release her hand.
  • Successfully initiating H in these cases will begin one of the [Known Passive Positions].

For the girl to take initiative in engaging in H, she must have a Red or Yellow icon and maximum ecchi. In the Expansion, Blue and Green girls are more likely to leave to masturbate, but may also initiate. This usually happens if she walks into contact before her ecchi need has triggered her to run away, such as when sleeping beside her, waking up in the same room as her, or allowing her to approach you in some of the places girls are known to masturbate, such as the Bath, Nurse's Office or Japanese House. Girls with high Jealousy may also get sexually aggressive even with less than maximum ecchi.

During the H-scene, girls may take control following a sudden stop during Missionary, Fondling on Top, or in the Expansion's Sitting Lotus position. The closer the girl is to orgasm, the more likely she is to take over. Girls with Strong Sexual Appetite have a higher likelihood of taking control, and girls with Devoted trait have the highest, almost guaranteed to take over at any Arousal level. When this happens, you will go from an Active Position to a Passive Position.

Ecchi Need

[[This section can be moved to Gameplay Guide's 'Mood' section when that gets overhauled. Then 'Horniness Strategies' will move to an appendix of this page. DokEnkephalin 15:18, 6 August 2008 (UTC)]]

Increasing Ecchi

  • A girl's ecchi increases by 1 point per 10 seconds when near you. The Strong Sexual Appetite trait doubles this increase.
  • Holding hands with a girl increases ecchi by 1 point per 10 seconds. This appears to be 2 points, but while holding hands, the girl is also near enough to get the proximity increase. The Strong Sexual Appetite trait doubles this increase, raising a total of 4 horniness per 10 seconds.
  • Hugging and kissing increases ecchi by 2, 4 for Strong Sexual Appetite traits.
  • Resting on top of a sleeping girl increases ecchi by 2, 4 for Strong Sexual Appetite traits.
  • Stripping in front of a non-Lewd girl will increase ecchi by 50 if she has Easily Aroused trait, 240 if she has Strong Sexual Appetite, 120 if she has Strong Sexual Appetite and Uneasy Around Men.
  • Entering the Bath with a Lewd girl bathing will increase her ecchi by 200 (entering with another girl present will also increase Jealousy.)
  • Making out or having sex with another girl will increase a Lewd girl's ecchi to maximum (and increase jealousy.)
  • Expansion only: Ecchi will increase per minute instead of per 10 seconds. It will not increase from proximity, but increases at a constant rate whether in your presence or not. Ecchi still increases while holding hands, and also when laying on or beside a girl in bed.

Decreasing Horniness

  • Being away from a girl lowers her ecchi by 1 point per 10 seconds except while the girl is sleeping. Expansion only: ecchi doesn't lower but constantly increases.
  • Ending a sex session after making a girl cum will reset her ecchi to 0. Expansion: Ecchi may also be reset after she has given orgasms by taking the initiative. This doesn't appear dependent on the Energy Draining trait.
  • Expansion: Breaking a girl's hold when she's attempting to engage will reduce ecchi by 10 points.

Determining Max Horniness

  • Blushed cheeks
  • At maximum horniness, a Lewd girl may wear her Erotic costume (the Sexy costume isn't a reliable indicator; Lewd girls will wear it as often as their Cute costume regardless of horniness, and non-Lewd girls don't appear to wear it at any horniness level.)
  • Expansion only: When she's stalking you down for ecchi, she will stare fixedly at you, into the camera if your avatar is hidden, while moving toward you. Whenever you move or change positions she will pause with an impatient stance and expression, continuing to stare at you.

Horniness strategies

  • The simplest way to bring up a girl's ecchi enough to engage in sex is to take her hand and walk with her to where you wish to play. This works best for initial encounters or late relationships with girls. For girls with very low Love and Friendship values, this will bring Friendship up enough for them to consider sex with you, and get them horny enough to make it likely they'll respond. For girls with Love and Friendship values close to the maximum, this will keep them even enough that Love takes precedence, and more interactions are possible. One drawback to this method is that the girl's other needs may raise enough that they rush to take care of them as soon as you've arrived and gotten your first kiss. Another drawback is the potential to keep Friendship higher than Love, Friendship raises 20 per second while handholding compared to 3-9 for Love, so some activities may not be possible unless you can raise Love and/or reduce Friendship enough. In the Expansion, Blue or Green girls may run to masturbate instead.
  • Hugging and kissing increase ecchi more quickly, but will also raise Friendship quicker than Love. This may be helpful courting a Blue girl, but can work against you if you're trying to turn her from Green to Red. Failed hugs and kisses will reduce Friendship by 40 and may bring it down enough, but some personality types get more Friendship and less Love values from successes. Attempting sex will reduce Friendship by 160 whether the girl accepts or not, and satisfying the girl sexually will increase Love by 100, so you may take more than one session to get Love and ecchi to sufficient values for attempting anal sex with an anal virgin, or provoking the girl to take initiative.
  • Stripping is a less gentle way to ramp up horniness, as it only works on girls without the Lewd trait, but with Easily Aroused and/or Strong Sexual Appetite traits. Stripping before a non-Lewd girl will send her running with her hands over her eyes, so you may have to play Naked-Hide-and-Seek with the girl. You might chase the Easily Aroused girl like a naked boogeyman before she's too horny to resist; the Strong Sexual Appetite girl will be maximum horny from first glimpse, and will still be turned on by the time you catch up to her.
  • Lewd girls will get extremely horny if you enter the Bath while they're bathing. If you don't wish to wait around for her to feel filthy enough, one quick way to increase her need to bathe is to ejaculate on her as much as possible. Grab her for a session, cum outside her as much as you can, and when you let her go, she'll run to wash up between taking care of other needs. If there's another girl in the Bath, Love will drop 100, so you may wind up putting her in the Green and have to work her back to Red before you can take full advantage of her horniness.
  • Lewd girls will also get extremely horny watching any stage of sex you're engaged in with another girl. One problem with this method is starting the scene with a willing girl in a place you can be seen by the girl you wish to turn on. Another problem is the Lewd girl herself; sometimes she may just watch from a distance while her Jealousy increases and Love decreases. If she drifts within a proximity however, she won't be able to resist watching, and her Love and horniness will increase. A final problem is using a non-Lewd girl who you intend to keep a relationship with; having an audience will create complications for your sex life later. Expansion: A non-Lewd girl with more than 50% ecchi (120) not terminate the scene regardless of Lewd spectators.
  • Expansion: Sleeping next to the girl increases ecchi slightly quicker. If she's already close to maximum, she may wake you to satisfy it, regardless of traits or relationship values.

During the H-scene

Every position, active or passive, has at least one foreplay stage, a pre-penetration stage, and a penetration stage, but they all have basics in common. Each foreplay and penetration stage has a slower and a faster speed, and one or both partner's arousal can be increased by finding the right pace of motion.

  • In active or passive control, your own arousal level is indicated by the colors of the mushroom icon. Below 50% arousal it will appear greyish purple, above 50% arousal pinkish purple, and will appear spotted red and white when within 85% of orgasm. The girl's arousal level is indicated by three stages of shininess to her skin, and each personality type has three distinct pitches to her screams and two distinct moans, some louder and some more muted (the Quiet trait does not reduce the volume of any personality type.) The girl's skin will glisten at 25% arousal,
  • In active control you can find the right pace by scrolling the mousewheel. If you can see her eyes, her stimulation is highest when they are open, otherwise you can watch her lips and listen to her moans, when her lips are slack and her moans are dull and low, she is not getting stimulated enough. If the girl is Virgin, or if anally penetrated without the Likes Anal trait, her teeth will be clenched most of the time, but if her eyes are open, she is still being stimulated. When her lips relax and eyes open wide, she is closest to orgasm.
  • If you're in passive control, you can increase pace to the second stage of speed by scrolling up in short strokes with the girl's rhythm. At the faster speed, it may be difficult to increase speed more but becomes easier as the girl becomes more experienced. Grabbing and fondling in dragging motions can also sustain and increase speed. You can also attempt to lower speed by scrolling down or out of rhythm, but this seems less reliable.
  • Outdoors or public ecchi with a non-Lewd girl can make it difficult to judge her arousal. Her eyes may be closed or nearly closed the entire time. Her lips will be pressed together, her moans will be muffled, and her eyes may not stay open for long, but you can still judge by her pitch and how tightly her lips are closed whether she is being stimulated. Non-Lewd girls will be more relaxed in non-public rooms such as the Bedrooms, the Palace Room, the Japanese House, the Laundry Room, or any of the secret rooms accessible through the White Room monoliths. Lewd girls will be uninhibited in any location.


During foreplay, the passive partner's arousal can be increased. Dragging the mushroom up during an active position will move to another foreplay position or a pre-penetration position, dragging down will terminate the scene. In passive positions, dragging up may begin penetration stage or take active control, depending on the position, and dragging down will end the scene.


  • You will only be able to reach this stage in active position if the girl is Green or Red and has been penetrated since entering the World, otherwise she will resist and may terminate the scene. A Blue girl who hasn't had intercourse, even if she's Lewd and non-Virgin with max ecchi, will refuse penetration, and a non-Lewd Blue girl who has had intercourse may also refuse depending on ecchi level. Taking advantage of a collapsed or horny girl will not get you to this stage; you have to at least be friends with her the first time.
  • In passive positions, the girl won't hesitate to penetrate herself regardless of relationship levels or traits, but would only take this position if her ecchi was at maximum horniness.
  • In pre-penetration, your avatar's erection will wave slowly between vaginal and anal penetration before selecting:
  • If in an active position, you can select either for penetration and drag up to move to penetration stage. If the girl is Virgin, you may miss in the attempt. A non-Virgin girl may also ask you to wear a condom, depending on her Love level and Energy Draining trait and she may not take no for an answer. Attempting anal may be rejected if the girl isn't Red and you haven't given her an anal orgasm before, even if she has the Likes Anal trait. If she has had anal orgasm, she may accept at lower relationship levels, and is even more likely with the Likes Anal trait.
  • If you move through active pre-penetration quickly enough, you can bypass both the condom question and resistance to anal by dragging up as soon as you take pre-penetration position and the erection appears. If done correctly then in later H-scenes, a condom may automatically appear without the girl even asking the question, and the girl may still be reticent about anal sex even after she's Red, and may acquire the Likes Anal trait more slowly than usual.
  • During passive pre-penetration, the girl selects vaginal or anal penetration. (It's unknown whether the mushroom can influence her choice.) If she's still a Virgin she's likely to ask a question, but whatever you answer won't change her behavior.


In penetration, both partners' arousal can be increased. Your arousal will increase almost constantly, but slow down at around 80%, and stop when the girl is close to the arousal level and the right speed for orgasm.

  • In active control, dragging the mushroom down while paused will withdraw to pre-penetration stage, and dragging down while in motion will result in ejaculation on the girl and withdrawal to foreplay stage. When you reach 85% arousal she may ask, once per H-scene, if you are going to cum. Arousal rates will remain still during the question, but she may still be at the right arousal and pace to cum before you answer the question.
  • In active control, dragging the mushroom up while in the second speed will cause immediate ejaculation inside.
  • Virgin girls are more difficult to penetrate, and may require multiple attempts.
  • In passive control, dragging the mushroom down may result in either terminating the scene or a few angry words from the girl, while dragging up may switch to a foreplay position or active control. When the girl's arousal is increasing, her eyes will be open and she may giggle excitedly. She may also override your attempts to control her speed, such as when her arousal is higher and she's determined to make you cum.

Causing orgasm

  • Active control: To cause the girl to orgasm, adjust speed at different arousal stages, usually to higher speeds but occasionally to slower speeds, according to her level of responsiveness. Finding the sweet spot will keep arousal increasing, even faster if you find the precise 'sweetest spot'. Fondling doesn't increase arousal, but may widen the range of her arousal sweet spot or keep it constant for longer. When she reaches max arousal, she must be at the faster speed to orgasm, and simply scrolling up constantly will eventually achieve it.
  • Passive control: Adjusting speed can be trickier, but timed upward strokes of the mousewheel will bring her up to the second speed, and increase pace from there. Fondling won't increase arousal here either, but fondling with her rhythm will keep her moving in time for her arousal to increase. Only faster speeds will bring her arousal up to orgasm, but can be taxing on your mousewheel if she isn't Easily Aroused.
  • Simultaneous climax: This the condition that will most satisfy the girl on ending the H-scene. Simultaneous climax occurs when both arousal levels are at least 90% when the girl orgasms. Finding the best pace while staying conscious of both arousal levels can be done easily with practice, but a reportedly foolproof method is to hold the Right-Button while scrolling up. This will hold orgasms while raising arousal, and releasing Right-Button when both arousal levels are at max should result in perpetual orgasm.
  • Perpetual orgasm: Non-virgin girls can be put into perpetual orgasm mode. When she's at or near max arousal and you've found the pace of motion that will trigger orgasm, scroll slightly down from the sweet spot and back up, teasing her about five times. When successful, her mouth will hang open, tongue out, and her screams and breathing will be louder. You can scroll up rapidly at any time to trigger orgasm and she will squirt at least once per H-scene, more often and more heavily if she has Snug Pussy trait, and you can continue teasing and withholding her orgasm to build up a heavier squirt. During perpetual orgasm her minimum arousal will be 50% and increase steadily as you scroll up, and your arousal will remain constant, so you can easily keep giving her repeated orgasms. She will stay in perpetual orgasm, even if she takes control, until you stop and single-click on Hand/Lips/Mushroom icon or withdraw from penetration, and sometimes she will just keep cumming until you let her catch her breath.

Causing sexual collapse

After an H-scene in which the girl has five or more orgasms, the girl may collapse from sexual exhaustion. Her legs will sag and she will sink to the ground with either an indignant glower or a beaming smile, depending on personality type. Any kind or variety of orgasms will achieve this, but some conditions will prevent the collapse:

  • First time vagina or anal penetration
  • Acquiring any traits as a result of the scene
  • Penetrating without any ejaculation
  • Simultaneous climax

In any of these cases, instead of collapsing she will comment according to the situation.

If the girl terminates the session herself, she may still drop with as few as three orgasms, except when attempting to penetrate a girl in Blue mood, or in any of the above conditions.

After the H-scene

After the H-scene, the girl will remark on your performance or give a clue that she has acquired a trait. She won't immediately leave, even in response to her needs, so you could attempt another H-scene or simply run off (though a gentleman would at least give her a kiss goodbye.)

Known Positions

Known positions are described according to these details: {C Started from:The position and conditions needed to initiate it, or provoke the girl to initiate it. {C First speed/Second speed:Short description of actions at different speed levels of the position. {C Arousal or Girl's Initiative:Either the girl's action when arousal is highest, or the conditions the girl may take initiative, and which passive position she can take. Positions with an arousal response don't also have possible Girl's Initiatives, and vice versa. {C Drag up/Drag down:Position changes caused by mushroom controls. {C Perpetual Orgasm: Animation changes when the girl reaches perpetual orgasm.


  • All Active Positions are begun by holding Right-Button while in position, and active controls will apply while in these positions.
  • All penetration positions have a pre-penetration stage. For every pre-penetration stage there is an arousal animation that also plays when you stop during the preceding foreplay position.
  • In some positions the girl can take over.

Standing Front

Started from: In front of the girl, holding her.
First speed: Deep, heavy kissing
Second speed: Fingering
Girl's Initiative: Can switch to Standing HJ after 5+ orgasms, fewer if Devoted
Drag up: Laying Foreplay
Drag down: Ends the H-scene

Laying Foreplay

Started from: Standing Front
First speed: Licking
Second speed: Fingering
Arousal: Girl holds her thighs and raises her pelvis, looking up between her knees
Drag up: Missionary
Drag down: Ends the H-scene


Started from: Laying Foreplay or Sleeping Beauty
First speed: Holding thighs apart, slow pumping
Second speed: Bending thighs back, hard thrusting
Perpetual orgasm: Pelvis lifted with back and shoulders straight, head back
Girl's Initiative: Can switch to Cowgirl from any sudden stop, more likely with Devoted or highly aroused/ecchi girl
Drag down: If ejaculating, returns to Laying Foreplay, otherwise pre-penetration.

Sleeping Beauty (Laying variant)

[[ Need another name for this so it won't be confused with the trait. DokEnkephalin 14:41, 11 July 2008 (UTC) ]]

Started from: Laying on top of a girl in bed or taking control from Laying Handjob position.
First speed: Heavy kissing, rubbing thigh between girl's thighs
Second speed: Fingering
Arousal: Spreads thigh and fingers self while fondling erection
Girl's Initiative: Can switch to Laying HJ after 5+ orgasms, fewer if Devoted
Drag up: Missionary
Drag down: Ends the H-scene

Sitting Lotus (Expansion variant)

Started from: From Laying Foreplay while the girl is at maximum ecchi and high arousal or Jealousy. If the girl initiated with Standing BJ, you will always get this position
First speed: Kissing and firm grinding
Second speed: Girl leans back, holding neck and shoulder while lifted and dropped
Perpetual orgasm: Girl slumps forward into arms while lifted and dropped into thrusts
Girl's Initiative: Can switch to Cowgirl from any sudden stop, more likely with Devoted or highly aroused/ecchi girl
Drag down: If ejaculating, returns to Laying Foreplay, otherwise pre-penetration.

Standing Rear

Started from: Behind the girl, holding her
First speed: Massaging breasts
Second speed: Fingering and fondling one breast
Arousal: Girl bends forward slightly and thrusts her buttocks back, glancing over her shoulder.
Drag up: Behind
Drag down: Ends the H-scene


Started from: Standing Rear
First speed: Slow grinding while tightly holding girl
Second speed: Gripping wrists while thrusting, girl bent over
Perpetual orgasm: Girl leans back slackly into thrusts
Drag down: If ejaculating, returns to Standing Rear, otherwise pre-penetration

Behind Lift (Expansion variant)

Started from: From Standing Rear while the girl is at maximum ecchi and high arousal, or at high Jealousy
First speed: Rolling grind, holding girl up by thighs
Second speed: Quickly lifting and dropping girl's body
Perpetual orgasm: Girl lays back slackly, supporting herself on one foot during thrusts
Drag down: If ejaculating, returns to Standing Rear, otherwise pre-penetration

Kneeling Foreplay

Started from: From behind a fallen girl, either from tripping or sexual exhaustion.
First speed: Massaging breasts
Second speed: Massaging breast and vagina
Arousal: Girl raises buttocks and reaches behind to spread them, looking over her shoulder
Drag up: Doggystyle
Drag down: Ends the H-scene


Started from: Kneeling Foreplay
First speed: Holding girl's shoulders while thrusting forward
Second speed: Holding girl's hips while thrusting forward, girl's face lowers to her forearm on the ground.
Perpetual orgasm: Holding hips, girl's shoulders and face press slackly to the ground.
Drag down: If ejaculating, returns to Kneeling Foreplay, otherwise pre-penetration.

Kneeling Lift (Expansion variant)

Started from: From Kneeling Foreplay while the girl is at maximum ecchi and high arousal, or at high Jealousy
First speed: Girl sits back on lap, rising and falling
Second speed: Girl lifted up and dropped rapidly
Perpetual orgasm: Girl leans back slackly, propped up on her knees
Drag down: If ejaculating, returns to Kneeling Foreplay, otherwise pre-penetration


  • All passive positions are initiated by the girl, and all passive controls apply in these positions.
  • Dragging up or down aren't always reliable, depending on the girl's personality and a number of indeterminate factors, she may respond positively, negatively or not at all.
  • Dragging up may allow you to take active control or move to another position, depending on the position. In the Expansion this works more reliably, pre-Expansion it more often results in ending the H-scene.
  • Dragging down will always end the H-scene (if the girl allows.)
  • Expansion variants on positions occur under random or indeterminate conditions. So far there isn't any known way to instigate them.

Standing HJ

Started from:
First speed:
Second speed:
Drag up:

Standing BJ

Started from:
First speed:
Second speed:
Drag up:


Started from: Sitting Lotus (expansion variant)
First speed:
Second speed:
Expansion variant:
Drag up:

Laying HJ

Started from: Laying on the bed , girl ecchi is >90
First speed: Stroking
Second speed: BJ
Drag up:

Laying BJ

Started from: standing over you
First speed: fast licking
Second speed: fast deep throat than smiling and holding head
Expansion variant:female horse ride
Drag up:

Laying TF

Started from: Laying on the bed , girl ecchi is >90
First speed: TF + BJ , random speeds
Second speed: hands crossed , boobs around your dong, fast up and down motion
Drag up: intiate laying cowgirl.


Sitting Cowgirl

Started from:
First speed:
Second speed:
Drag up:

Sitting Blowjob

Started from:
First speed:
Second speed:
Drag up:

Hornyness increase


simple Question: The horniness increase for hug/kiss is it per hug (i.e hugging her - let go - repeat) or per kiss (without stopping the hug)?

It's per hug or kiss, repeated right-clicks will increase horniness per kiss, disengaging and hugging again will also increase horniness per hug, simply holding the right button will increase horniness for both the hug and the kiss, and hugging from behind will give the same horniness increase as a hug and kiss.