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all characters are at least 18

Summer Heat [edit]




SummerHeat Otawa Small.png Otowa Takanashi

A girl who returned to her hometown after her parents' divorce.

From an early age, she has carried her parents' expectations on her shoulders and has spent her days studying hard.

As a result, she is unfamiliar with most things other than her studies and has few friends.

During the summer vacation, she attends supplementary classes to close the gap between her school and her previous school.

She looks up to her childhood friend Rino as her best friend and older sister, and has been in love with the protagonist since childhood.

She has a weakness for doing as she is told. She has a single-minded personality.

Rino Akatsuki Rino Akatsuki

A girl who belongs to the rhythmic gymnastics club at an integrated school and is the head of the club.

She is well-liked by the club members and has many friends. She also has a boyfriend and leads a fulfilling school life.

She and Otowa have known each other since childhood, but because she is older than her, she often acts like an older sister.

When she learns that Otowa has returned to her hometown, she is worried, but also happy to see her again.

For some reason, she has a cold attitude toward the protagonist when they meet again, but...

Reiko Takanashi Reiko Takanashi

She is the daughter of a prominent local family and serves as the president of the PTA.

Because of this, she has a lot of pride and is always conscious of the fact that she is a "Takanashi"

She strictly educates her daughter, Otowa, and encourages her to study hard every day.

I divorced my husband because of her strong personality, and returned to her parents' country town with Otowa.

She is the protagonist's older sister and considers him to be a disgrace to the family.

Cocoa Tanaka Cocoa Tanaka

Rino's junior who joined the rhythmic gymnastics club for the impure reason of being popular with men.

She and Rino get along well and often talk about love.

Her personality is such that anything is possible as long as it's fun, and she basically just goes with the flow.

She has a boyfriend, but she is open-minded about her sexuality, cheating and having all the sex she wants.

She's a slutty bitch who will fuck anyone as long as she can enjoy sex!

Male Characters

Hero Mob Takashi

Although his job didn't last long, he was fortunate enough to get a job as a temporary janitor.

He is familiar with Otowa and Rino.

Reiko is his older sister.


A male student in Otowa's class and a fellow supplementary classmate.


Rino's boyfriend. He is a member of the soccer club.