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  • ...various actions which will raise or lower the girl's affection level. The player can explore 5 locations and meet the girls there, interact with some hotspo :{{Key|2}} - Toggle Player character
    9 KB (1,531 words) - 00:46, 27 August 2014
  • * DVD Player to the left of the TV
    7 KB (1,223 words) - 15:35, 3 April 2014
  • * Contains the amount of items the player gets at the beginning of a new game.
    3 KB (517 words) - 21:20, 28 March 2014
  • ..., which is the time at which the girls have to leave again. Until then the Player is free to interact with them (As described in the gameplay section). ...the girls had their affection maxed, they will just leave. Otherwise, the player can met up with one of them to experience an individual ending for each gir
    1,003 bytes (180 words) - 21:20, 28 March 2014
  • released by Illusion with some cheats and gameplay options to augment a player's experience. Press F3 to turn on the AAXPlay Cheats Screen. This will paus *{{key|Z}} Auto Game: Player will respond to all questions with either Yes or Aimai during NPC interacti
    3 KB (548 words) - 21:20, 28 March 2014
  • ...e character would want you to give him/her more orgasms than yourself (the player).
    20 KB (3,152 words) - 21:20, 28 March 2014
  • ...o class members, has no effect on the other.'' Completely invisible to the player, the game also assigns a set of AI-behavior to the added classmates in orde ...each day phase will automatically end. Most interactions initiated by the player will speed up the passage of time, with "big" activities such as Study, Lun
    30 KB (4,971 words) - 21:20, 28 March 2014
  • of 64 heterosexual positions, and 16 lesbian/bisexual positions (the player can switch his/her active character between dominant or passive). If the player doesn't perform any action within 30 seconds after a climax, the game will
    24 KB (4,151 words) - 07:16, 11 April 2014
  • with one or many girls (whose various characteristics are set by the player). ...The girls the player creates first have to be placed in a world before the player can interact with them. Multiple girls - up to a limit of 5 - can be entere
    2 KB (295 words) - 19:41, 18 June 2017
  • ...y three orgasms, but five seems to the be the minimum to cause this if the player ends the scene. ...rements, the girl will grab hold of the male and make out with him. If the player does not input any movement keys, it will automatically lead to a H-scene.
    53 KB (9,505 words) - 12:09, 20 July 2018
  • ...ted''" trait; this value (family name) has no bearing. This is because the player does not enter a family name for himself. the player's number, otherwise if her number is smaller she will be the player's younger sister.
    8 KB (1,205 words) - 21:21, 28 March 2014
  • To have a girl hold your hand and follow you, move the male player so that you are to the general front and left of the girl (Northwest of her
    13 KB (2,268 words) - 21:21, 28 March 2014
  • ...ple, to get the girls to call you 'Hideki', you must input 'HIDEKI' as the player name.
    9 KB (1,421 words) - 03:54, 5 December 2016
  • ...s typically sleep for the same amount of time, but they can be waken up by player or by other pressing needs (food, toilet). ...nable to hold it in any longer and "pee in her pants". If witnessed by the player, her reaction (laughing/neutral/crying/?) will depend on her affection/trai
    6 KB (1,058 words) - 21:21, 28 March 2014
  • ..., is more likely to trip over objects, and won't notice events around her (player being naked or screwing another girl).
    24 KB (3,916 words) - 21:21, 28 March 2014
  • * Missionary can be initiated by the player from the front standing.
    638 bytes (81 words) - 18:08, 11 March 2014
  • Vs 2 player allows you to battle a friend.
    819 bytes (140 words) - 16:46, 6 April 2014
  • room environment where fairy-sized girls live (only one at a time). The player can observe, interact from outside (poke, give food, etc), and even shrink
    1 KB (165 words) - 19:41, 18 June 2017
  • * H great success, girl actively service player</div> some general instructions on H mode. Mentions player can only ejaculate once per session</div>
    69 KB (9,506 words) - 17:01, 28 March 2014
  • From the Blowjob position and Handjob position, the player can switch to Standing position, where the following are possible: Rotate the camera on her back and the player teleports behind her.<br/>
    5 KB (805 words) - 17:01, 28 March 2014

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