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  • some general intro notes on interaction</div> some general instructions on H mode. Mentions player can only ejaculate once per session</div>
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  • ...ind almost all the H-events. In case you know about a H-scene that isn’t on the list yet, feel free to add them by pressing edit. ...throughout (though none of them contain anything unique). Find the stairs on each floor until you get to the bottom which leads to the Goblin King.
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  • ..., he'll tolerate cheaper living quarters, but as he gains reputation he'll demand a house more deserving of his stature. Rent prices are halved on custom easy, and quadrupled on extreme difficulty.
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  • ...word - this year the level will be very high at the traditional BCAF! Come on, you have all your chances, just be careful not to write your name in the w come with plenty of sea stars, they really enjoyed their special effect on them!
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