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  • *'''Q: Will the game run on Windows 10?'''<br />A: The old AppLocale program no longer works on Windows 10. NTLEA and Locale Emulator are somewhat funct ...en Celerons - it is highly likely they have decent graphic cards though. A computer which does not meet all system requirements may experience anything from lo
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  • *Q: The game restarts my computer whenever I try to run it. Help!? **A: There is region locking in this game. If it fails, it restarts the computer. Short answer: Use Microsoft AppLocale<ref name="AppLoc" /> (Japanese) or s
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  • ...i get "The program cannot start because the d3dx9.24.dll is missing on my computer", what can i do ?<br />A: That means that your DirectX is not up-to-date. F
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  • Some have succeeded in "cheating" the Scool Mate program to use e.g. 1280x960 if you run 1280x1024 by setting your desktop resolutio when the game installs the exe. will be titled in English as will the program folder like so:
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  • #*Do not install to C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) because the game will not be able to write your save data into ..., going to properties, clicking compatibility, and then checking "run this program as an administrator" to install the game.
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  • with system locale set to Japanese or using the locale emulation program: [[ Link here]] * Through locale emulation: Using locale emulation program like Applocale, HP pApplocale, NTLEAS or Locale Emulator without reboot the
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  • ...till doesn't work then use [ this program] to change the font to whatever you want. and select add a new language. Select and add Japanese and restart your computer.
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  • ...ou do not need to use the HFAppLoc's ''Run with Japanese locale''. Run the program directly or ''Run as administrator'' depending on the exe file you are atte ...error: "The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer."'''<br />A1: If you get this error it means you have to install [http://ww
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  • ...ogi.Category enum parse error (character not japanese)", that mean '''your computer have not completely changed the located system to japan'''. You must do the ...non-Unicode programs choose <code>Japanese(Japan)</code> and restart your computer.
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