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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


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Changing Game Input Controls

Hold shift when you boot the game to load the default unity launcher permitting changing buttons like the 'Esc' key which at default quits the game.

This also seems to have different graphics settings. May not work.

Game Performance

Config Settings

SBPR config menu

Items with "(?)" need better description of what they do and understanding of what item does is low. Items number 10 and after apply only to H scenes.

  1. Display Crosshair
  2. Real-time Shadows toggle
  3. Max Number of Heroines to Load (Max 15 if Studio DLC is installed)
  4. Max Number of Mob NPC's to Load
  5. Level/Map loading limit
  6. Toggle Scanner/Radar (Disabling may prevent loading of Heroines, can fix by re-enabling and waiting for reloading)
  7. Scanner/Radar Range
  8. Invert Horizontal Camera Rotation
  9. Invert Vertical Camera Rotation
  10. Girls Gaze, fixed or looking at camera during H
  11. Girls Head, fixed or Looking at camera during H
  12. Display Player Toggle
  13. Display Player (penis) Toggle
  14. Self-help hidden obstacle (?)
  15. Display Males Ejaculation Effect Toggle
  16. Display Mob NPC's During H (?)
  17. Display Help During H
  18. Automatically Reset Camera During H Scene Change