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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



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Clothing Shop Locations


Hidden Clothing

Ivy Vines

In the plants that grow in ruins.

Fairy Outfit

In the ruins east of the hotel, search the sparkling rocks there

Ripped Stockings, Leather Collars

In one of the containers in the middle of the slums, look for sparkling junk.

Seashell/Pearl outfit

"Shells" can be caught from any fishing location. Includes Seashell Bikini and Head Accessory, Pearl Sleeves, Hose and Shoes.


Weapon Attack Power 1H/2H Location/Cost
Torch 1 0 (pickup loc?)
Bamboo Sword 1 2 Weapon Shop - 1000G
Wooden Sword 2 1 Weapon Shop - 5000G
Combat Knife 2 1 Weapon Shop - 5000G
Nightstick 2 1 Weapon Shop - 5000G
Leather Bag 1 1 Weapon Shop - 1000G
Bastard Sword 4 2 Sexy Land - 500P
Epic Sword 5 1 Sword in the Stone on the mountain side
Katana 3 1 Weapon Shop - 12000G
Hero Rapier 2 1 Sexy Land - 300P
Hero Blade 4 2 Sexy Land - 500P
Ragged Sword 1 1 (pickup loc?)
Demon Blade 4 2 Sexy Land - 500P
Pow Hammer 1 2 Sexy Land - 50P
Parasol (open and closed) 1 2 pickup in Town (and beach loc?)
Oar 2 2 (pickup loc?)
Sabre 2 1 Special start item
Two-Headed Axe 2 2 Special start item
Wooden Bat 1 1 Start item
Metal Bat 2 1 Start item
Beer Bottle 1 2 pickup
Chinese Sword 4 1 Start item

: Needs confirmation: pickup locations.

The torch is identified in data as a 0-handed weapon. This may be because the damage is dealt by the flame, not the strike.