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How to increase hearts

Main Heroines

  • Akane (Cream hoodie, black undershirt)
  1. Win Water Gun mini game multiple times
  2. Win Flag Run mini game multiple times
  3. Talk to her at the long beach in the early morning

  • Ashimi (Massage Parlor)
  1. Gain MAX level in Massage Skills

  • Kana (Pink top)
  1. Meet her on bus staion and escort to her home in the center of the town near clothes shop.
  2. Meet her on old factory slums (Right-Centre on the map) and escort to her home.
  3. Meet her in the cave north of town (quick entrance to the cave can be found on the south side of the park near town or use bus stop to the cave and go west) and escort to her home.

  • Miyako (Long blonde hair)
  1. Take her to the swimsuit shop in town (north side)
  2. Take her to the massage parlor south of your hotel
  3. Find her northeast of the Pill icon in the fields from 20:00 - 0:00, Find key item next to swim suit shop, Return for H-Scene.
 Must have Bald Massage Guru at hotel

  • Mizue (Sexy Soap Girl)
  1. Purchase 5 sessions at Sexy Soap
  2. Purchase 10 sessions at Sexy Soap
  3. Purchase 15 sessions at Sexy Soap

  • Maki (Policewoman)
  1. Defeat 10 Thugs (shirtless males)
  2. Defeat more Thugs (amount unknown)
  3. Defeat Thug Boss in the Slums at night.
 How to kill a lot of thugs quickly: 
 # Buy a huge ass sword at the pool (any of the two that cost 500 minigame points)
 # Go to the slums at the east
 # If you look at the slums, there's a hill on your right that thugs can't climb
 # You can pull two big groups here: the one from the slums and one that wanders around the entrance

  • Makoto (Sexy Land Idol)
  1. Win the crown (5000 Points) in Sexyland Water Park

  • Nagisa (Maid in green clothes)
  1. Speak to her she will ask to invite guests, you dont need to have "Sex with costumers" upgrade, get parlor and keep increasing number of rooms and invite guests. Speak to her at various times for the first two hearts.
  2. Speak to her at the beach behind your hotel around night/midnight.
  3. Speak to her at waterfall between your hotel and private beach

  • Natume (Camera around neck)
  1. Find her west of the Park icon in the center of the map. Meet her again here later.
  2. Talk to her behind the Hotel (17:00 - 20:00)
 Possibly need a key item?
  1. Take a screenshot (f11) of her having sex with a guest at the hotel (last option). Talk to her at Old Castle.

  • Oboro (Dark brown twin tail drills)
  1. Bring her Ice Cream, can buy from shop near clinic
  2. Fish up 10 ヒトリサケ, and give them to her at the pier in the morning.
  3. Trigger (!) Event at hotel, Talk to Oboro on mountain path, bring her 5 crabs (Can be bought at sexy land)

  • Reika (Nurse)
  1. Automatically gained after dying multiple times
  2. On the last heart, choose top choice twice and bottom choice after the Hscene.

  • Ryoko (Blonde maid in red clothes)
  1. To gain first heart you have to find her lost item behind nurse office after 17.00 in the event.
  2. See event with Oboro? and find her near the beach in the southwest corner
  3. Talk to her at the waterfall between hotel and western beach at 0:00-6:00

  • Shizune (White business suit, carries Pipe)
  1. Acquire 10 Ore (can be won through Sexy Land Waterpark)
  2. Acquire 5 Gemstones (can be won through Sexy Land Waterpark)
  3. Acquire 2 Gold Bullion (can be won through Sexy Land Waterpark)

  • Yuzuho (Light blue business suit)
  1. Return Key found at the slums near Soapy Soap. East of north town bus stop.
  2. Buy 5 waters from Seagrass Cafe (3 per day, 50G), Return to her in Slums
  3. Talk to her in Slums



  1. Talk to her. She can be found at the 6:00 to 12:00 time slot by the shop above the cave entrance by the city.
  2. Invite her to your hotel. Then find her between 17:00 to 20:00 beach area south of the city. She must be sitting on the bench by the dock.
  3. Talk to her. H-scene will follow.
 She can be found on the same bench between 20:00 and 0:00. Talk to her. H-Scene follows again.


  1. Talk to her. Note you will be able to H-scene with her anytime after this.
  2. Talk to her, then take her to the indoor pool area. The ! will be by the shop on the main level
  3. Talk to her, then take her to the city. ! is by the ice cream shop.
 She is easily found by the port at almost anytime of day
 *This only worked for my 1st quiet girl. I tried with 2nd quiet girl and her 2nd Heart can't be earned in the indoor area


  1. Spam the "Invite to hotel".
  2. Once you earn the 1st Heart stop the conversation. The interact with her again. Spam the Invite to hotel" again.
  3. Talk to her again - H-scene follows
 She can be found on the south edge of the city early in the day. After 12:00 she can be found on the beach west of the port.


  1. Talk to her
  2. Invite her on a date. All you need to do is run her health out. She will stop following you. Find her again in the city. She will return the favor by stabbing you.
  3. Talk to her. H-scene follows
 She can be found in the city during anytime of day


  1. Talk to her
  2.  ???
  3.  ???
 She can be found by the shop near the port at random times

________________ Trash bin with raw info, to be edited later:

Sagara Miyako (Premium Play Darkness Girl) Guide - 1. find her at bus stop near "Bleach-Flag" or "Crab Restaurant" near town entrance around 9:00-12:00 2. Escort her to area near jewelry shop in town (unlocked first heart) 3. find her again at the same time and same spot as 1. 4. Escort her to massage parlor near your hotel and give her a massage , make her cum (unlocked second heart) 5. find her at abandoned site near soapland around 19:00-00:00 , talk to her and choose the first answer 6. go to town at night and find two key items , one was near the weapon shop , another was near jewelry shop 7. go back and talk to her again and choose the first answer 8. she will give you a blowjob , finish the scene after cumming (unlocked third heart) 9. when you found her agian , talk to her and choose third answer to ask for a date , she will follow you 10. find a bench , solid ground , walls and have fun