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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]


  • Custom Characters


FAQ & Technical Help


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Adding Custom Characters From Maker Trial

Copy PNG files from "..\UserData\chara\female" in your maker trial directory to "..\UserData\chara\female" in the SexyBeachPR directory.

Once you load the game select the "Custom > Female" menu option, from there load each of your characters using the "Load All" to check them, then overwrite save them again. This recommended because some values may change in the transition.

Adding Custom Characters to the Game World

Sign Up screen

In the games main menu select "Sign Up", from there you can add your created characters to your game.

Finding Custom Girls/ Heart Progress

If you're having trouble finding the custom girls below at their locations consider turning the heroine slider to max to improve chances. See Technical Help to help find the setting. Beware game performance may fall drastically so it's only recommended you do this temporarily.

Finding the custom girls can be made easier by inviting them to stay at your hotel, from there you can invite them to go out with you. This won't help with heart progress in most cases though.


  1. Talk to her. She can be found at the 6:00 to 12:00 time slot by the shop above the cave entrance by the city.
  2. Invite her to your hotel. Then find her between 17:00 to 20:00 beach area south of the city. She must be sitting on the bench by the dock.
  3. Talk to her. H-scene will follow.
 She can be found on the same bench between 20:00 and 0:00. Talk to her. H-Scene follows again.


  1. Talk to her. Note you will be able to H-scene with her anytime after this.
  2. Talk to her, then take her to the indoor pool area. The ! will be by the shop on the main level
  3. Talk to her, then take her to the city. ! is by the ice cream shop.
 She is easily found by the port at almost anytime of day
 *This only worked for my 1st quiet girl. I tried with 2nd quiet girl and her 2nd Heart can't be earned in the indoor area


  1. Spam the "Invite to hotel".
  2. Once you earn the 1st Heart stop the conversation. The interact with her again. Spam "go on date".
  3. Talk to her again - H-scene follows
 She can be found on the south edge of the city early in the day. After 12:00 she can be found on the beach west of the port, or by the waterfall in the same area.


  1. Talk to her
  2. Invite her on a date. All you need to do is run her health out. She will stop following you. Find her again in the city. She will return the favor by stabbing you.
  3. Talk to her. H-scene follows
 She can be found in the city during anytime of day


  1. Talk to her
  2. Talk to her after triggering an event that appears in front of the docks during the day after some period of time.
  3. 3rd Heart can be obtained taking a bus to the mountain area, heading north, taking a left at the fork in the road then head up the path (between 17:00-20:00), H-event will begin.
 She can be found by the shop near the port at random times