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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


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  • Q: How to save?
    A: Find a phone and press Enter when the icon "SAVE" is shown (there is one in the building behind you where you start).


Main map for Sexy Beach Premium Resort

Mini help guide

Okay here's my mini help guide for those who want to skip to H

Step 1. Get your Hotel Pumped up

  • Start by buying rooms in your hotel (in the hotel open the option that will prompt next to the phone, a house icon use the second option top to bottom that cost 2000) every time you buy it, it will open a room vacancy.
  • Invite NPC to the hotel by talking to them and using the second speech option , usually i use the top one to say hi and pretend that i care about them then slam my hotel on their faces as usual.
  • Try mixing it up invite both women and men because you'll need the men to reach star status on one of the girls at the hotel.
  • Make sure your hotel is full and start skipping the days until you have enough money to buy everything in the hotel upgrade category.
  • After buying everything you will be able to see the main characters sleep, masturbate, shower, give them massage and pole dancing but no H.

Step 2. Get your shit together

  • Forget about H, you'll find random "!" all over the place if you haven't advanced in the story already. So if you have enough money, upgrade your fighting skills to the max with the alien dude (Arm icon on Map).
  • Go talk to the drunk bald guy near the Soapy Soap area, talk but don't skip the conversation, talk to him until he disappears from the area. When he does he'll be in the front shop near your hotel and with him you can upgrade your massage skills and get all the special lotions and stuff.
  • Easiest girl to H is the Doctor. She is only available mid-evening to night, in rare occasions she'll be late night with an urge to do more hardcore stuff. Just die from either falls or them dolphin guys a couple of times and then you'll be transported to the Doctor's office. When she is there you can talk to her and her icon screen will have two "!!", keep the process and in no time she'll be yours forever. oh, when the event comes from her make sure you use the top answer twice and then the one on the bottom.
  • Second easiest is the girl is Nagisa (brown twin tails), seriously just talk to her few times and if you allowed her to please your hotel guests after few days you reach two stars. When doing so and you see there's no progress she will be late night at the beach just behind of your hotel.
  • When you encounter the Spy woman, Blonde with big assets. After upgrading the Hotel. I reached two hearts by just talking to her in few occasions. She will be located behind the hotel in one of said occasions and you should choose the text option on the bottom to initiate a BJ scene. And just like Nagisa she will be on the way down on the beach in like a rotten tent (seriously what's with the old rotten empty houses) on a bench. Use the top option for the confrontation and then she's all yours.

Courtesy of the user Xtremee at the HF forums


These descriptions refer to the default controls settings.

Basic movement:
  • W = Walk forward
  • S = Walk backward
  • A = Walk left
  • D = Walk right
  • Shift (hold) = Run
  • Space = Jump
  • Enter = Interact

  • Ctrl = Fighting Mode
  • Space = Attack (Fighting Mode)
  • Shift (hold) = Block (Fighting Mode)

Moods description

1. Event: Occurs when the objective is fulfilled. Talking to characters under this icon triggers event scene.

2. Normal: The basic status.

3. Sickness: Given rotten stuff as presents cause it to randomly occur. Tension decreases (overtime). Gift recovery item to cure.

4. Sensitized: Oil's effect or presents cause this to happen. Pleasure gauge increase faster.

5. Stimulated: Specific present causes it. The state where the girl is trying to hold back the pleasure. After some time it causes orgasm. *Date will be forcibly ended and results in Bad Mood*

6. Horny: Caused by giving the girl H-Items. Tension will not decrease even after special sex secnes. Cause [Embarassed] status.

7. Hungry: Randomly occurs. Tension gauge cannot increase. Gift food items or eat (while on a date) cures it.

8. Sleep: Caused by gifting sleeping pills, happens randomly. Can't be dated until woken up. Recovery item can be used to wake the girl up.

9. Desensitized: Caused by specific present. Pleasure gauge increases at a slower pace.

10. High-Tension: Randomly occurs. Makes the tension gauge increase easier.

11. Bad Mood: Happens when dates are ended abruptly. Can't be H'ed and decreases tension gauge.

12. Embarrassed: Occurs when wearing embarrassing (most likely lewd) clothing. Too embarrassed so cannot walk. Changing outfit solves it.

13. Holding Back: Caused by specific present. Holding back the urge to urinate, after some time will cause incontinency of urine. (Peeing in her pants) *Ends date and cause Bad Mood*

Courtesy of the user Saigono at the HF forums