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all characters are at least 18

Sexy Beach Premium Resort [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help



Out of focus
  • Q: Is there a way to get the close up on characters not to blur out (see picture "Out of focus" on the right)?
    A: It is caused by you having moved the focus point of the camera past the character (probably by "zooming" in by holding both mouse buttons). To fix it, click Reset camera or move the focus (white cross visible when moving the camera) to be at the center of the character. Click the right mouse button and move left/right to zoom instead of both mouse buttons.
  • Q: Is there a way to get the male character maker to work under a 32 bit OS like Windows XP?
    A: The female Character Maker works fine under 32-bit Windows XP as is. The first (and so far the only) version of Male Character Maker, however, is built for 64-bit Windows exclusively. So if you want to try it with your 32-bit Windows, you'll have to use 32-bit SexyBPR_Trial.exe and 32-bit mono.dll from Female Character Maker as follows: copy Female EXE to main directory of Male Maker (where 64-bit EXE is located) and Female DLL to data\Mono, overwriting existing mono.dll there. Run 32-bit EXE directly or rename it to SexyBPR_TrialM.exe (delete or rename original 64-bit first, of course) to start it from InitSetting.exe launcher. While it's possible that Male Maker will be re-released for 32-bit OS in the near future, it's not guaranteed to happen and 32-bit OS users will have to make do with this workaround for now.

Installing the Game

Quick step-by-step guide

  1. Extract DISK1.mdf and DISK2.mdf (DO NOT extract the .mds file!) to e.g. C:\Downloads\SBPR
  2. Mount C:\Downloads\SBPR\DISK1.mdf with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite - it's completely free)
  3. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click Startup.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
  4. Click the second button from the top to start the Sexy Beach Premium Resort setup.
  5. Click (N) a few times and wait while the setup installs.
  6. About two-thirds the setup will ask for disk 2, so mount DISK2.mdf and then click OK.
  7. To run the game, simply right-click the InitSettings.exe in the game folder (or the shortcut linked to it), select Run with Japanese locale as administrator to open the launcher and then click the ゲーム開始 button on the far left to run the game.