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The Magicians' Retreat (魔術師の隠れ家) is an unranked difficulty dungeon in the Central Continent. A retreat for renegade mages, it was raided by an expeditionary force from Capital Avalon but none of the force's members have returned since. It is unlocked by talking to the female mage on the second floor of Slave City Shrike's inn.


  • This is a large dungeon comprised of one central dungeon and two separate smaller dungeons.
  • There is a good & evil system in operation within the Magicians' Proving Grounds area. How far you are towards either determines which set of final rewards you will get at the end of the entire dungeon; it may be worthwhile to make two different playthroughs of the dungeon if you desire rewards from both alignments.
    • Taking the equipment from the women imprisoned within individual cells is considered evil.
    • Throwing the collapsed woman off the narrow path in the ghost-infested dimensional zone is considered an atrocity.
    • Taking the equipment of the dead (which brings up a prompt) aligns you towards evil.
  • This dungeon has enemies and traps that will cause nearly every negative status effect.
  • To get the treasure at the end of the dungeon it will be necessary to finish it at one go.



The exterior map is filled with Ether and Potion-stealing bandits. Some areas can be accessed by having a Chain Flail acquired from the Undersea Temple. One of these areas is a cave to the northwest inhabited by an unkempt man. He tracks your good/evil alignment within the dungeon.

The former mages' hideout is to the southeast. Upon entering you will be trapped inside by bandits. Fight them until they give up and you will be able to leave. However to access more you need to check the bookshelf that has no books in it to reveal a hidden stairway leading to a magic circle with stairs in its center. The bandits will respawn and trap you every time you reenter the hideout.

The Living Museum may be found past a door to the southwest. The rest of the dungeon is covered under Magicians' Proving Grounds and Magicians' Proving Grounds, Depths.

Living Museum

There is a save point in the foyer when you first enter the museum. To proceed examine the painting with a door at the southwestern section of the area. Walking past the painting of you triggers a game over.

In the next room with monsters and empty paintings you need to convince the monsters to return to the paintings with brute force. Once all the paintings have settled down two door paintings appear to the south. Enter the western door and follow the path to the door painting at the end. (Check out the eastern door if you like for another game over.)

Boss: Divine Painting

This enemy has two forms, god and goddess, which share a high common health pool. It does not move except to switch between two frames on the left and right.

  • In god form magical attacks except Holy attribute attacks are ineffective; in goddess form physical and Holy attribute attacks are ineffective.
  • Its hit box may be difficult to target; aim for the upper part of its body.
  • It has different attack patterns depending on which deity appears:
    • God - Earthquake, Torpedo, Lightning
    • Goddess - Earthquake, Poison Bomb, Gas, Recovery
  • Torpedo and Poison Bomb cause homing balls to fill the area between the frames and their base. This may be avoided by running to the far southeast or southwest. They are very damaging due to the number that can strike you at a time.
  • Lightning strikes three or four times, all of which may be evaded by being on the move.
  • Gas will cause ??? and status ailments such as Fallen or Fear.
  • Recovery will recover around 500 Health per cast.

The treasure chest may contain, among others:

  • Gold Ingot
  • Silver Ingot
  • Copper Ingot
  • Stripping Spirit
  • Dress of Change (Armor)
  • Mithril Bustier (Armor)
  • Small Sticker (Armor)
  • Dancer's Clothes (Armor)
  • Circlet (Sub Armor)
  • Demon's Collar (Accessory, prevents falling, catching, and freezing; cursed, ??? status, attribute decreases)
  • Peaceful Ring (Accessory, immune to Paralysis)
  • Ice Rod (Staff, consumable, charge to cast ice spell. Increases ice damage, resist ice)
  • Thunder Rod (Staff, consumable, charge to cast lightning spell. Increases lightning damage, resist lightning)
  • Bishop's Staff (Hammer)
  • Broken Staff (Staff)
  • Empty Hands (Fist)
  • Mithril Whip (Whip)

Two doors will reveal themselves; the western one leads back to the moving pictures gallery while the eastern one leads you to the room with two chests. Activate the lever inside the eastern room and attempt to leave.

In the wax gallery some of the dolls are alive (you can tell if they turn to face you) and will hit you if you come close. They don't move so just run past them to the eastern exit.

In the doll prison you need to continue to the second section and pull the lever in the room with the stone statues while avoiding the three obvious traps on the floor. Enter the open coffin in the first prison section and pull the lever there; if you didn't pull the previous lever first you'll trigger a game over before reaching it. Finally you can return to the wax gallery and pull the lever near the two flute dolls which will move the statues to the north. However should you try to proceed the statues will trap you and delta horse you into submission, ending the game.

Instead go through a hidden door in the wall to the left of the lone statue. After the room with a save point, Prime Blue, and bookshelves full of information you find the boss of the dungeon.

Boss: Magician Couple

This enemy consists of a couple that frequently uses magic spells. The man moves slowly compared to the woman, who will teleport very frequently. They are accompanied by a tiny flying creature.

The treasure chest spawned contains one of the following:

  • Queen's Bondage (Armor)
  • Dancer's Cloth (Armor)
  • Sexy Leotard (Armor)
  • Succubus Ring (Accessory, +5 Charm, -15 Neatness)
  • Dark Circlet (45 Defense, 35 Magic, 35 Spirit)
  • Ghost's Scented Oil (Accessory, +90 Charm)

The door will take you back to the beginning of the museum.

Magicians' Proving Grounds

From the first underground area take the southern exit. The next area is a chamber filled with numerous slimes; to the southeast is a passage sealed by two pillars. To remove them you need to activate a switch and lever; the switch is in the room to the southwest. Then, take the eastern passage and follow it towards the stairs leading downward to the east. Past the cells you will find a lever.

The next area is an amorphous zone where rapidly moving spirits will constantly assault you. There is a Light Robe to be picked up on the eastern island area. Make your way to the southern exit where you will be forced into a boss battle with a red Tonberry.

Boss: Red Tonberry

The boss battle takes place in a watery arena; it may be advantageous to equip equipment that negates water penalties such as the Bubble Suit from the Undersea Temple. The Tonberry does a lot of damage and has a large amount of health, but has low defensive capabilities. Its movement speed fluctuates and it may become difficult to avoid it at its highest speed. Aside from its melee attacks the Tonberry also fires a special bullet which on impact triggers "Everyone's Grudge" which may kill you if you are also under a negative status effect.

On death he spawns a chest that contains mostly daggers:

  • Urishu's Knife (Large Ax)
  • Star Bringer
  • Psycho Dagger (Dagger)
  • Paracelsus' Dagger
  • Critical Dagger (Dagger)
  • Dagger of Glory (Dagger, (経宝))
  • Holy Knife
  • Throwing Dagger (Dagger, one is consumed per throw)
  • Ripper's Knife (Dagger, 30% of damage done bounces)
  • Main Gauche (Dagger, reduces physical attacks by 10% (disabled while attacking))
  • Kunai (Dagger)
  • Midnight Haze (Sword, 20% magic damage reduction)
  • Thief's Dagger (Dagger, extra treasure)
  • Mage Smasher [Dagger, double damage to enemy spellcasters)
  • Silver Dagger
  • Orichalcum (Dagger)

Head southwest past the moving saws to a dead end (the southernmost exit leads to a lever that will raise the terrain there, but it may be easier to just dodge the saws). On the right is the exit marked by a slightly different wall border. In the next area, the trick is to expose the slimes in the southern passage to extremes of heat and cold; switch on and off both switches once. Pulling the lever will open the doors to the other chambers, releasing heat and cold respectively and periodically damaging you. The heat chamber has an Incandescent Bracelet that can be picked up.

Along the passage you will meet a woman who will invite you to follow her; if you accept she will trap you in the sewers and summon slimes to assault you before revealing herself as a Slime Girl. Upon defeating everything in that encounter you will be swept away through the sewers where a ladder will allow you to climb back into the main area of the retreat.

Boss: Slime Woman

Like the Red Tonberry encounter this fight takes place on water, so armor with no penalties will help. The boss will avoid combat initially and let her slimes do the fighting. Both of them have a considerable amount of health but wielding fire spells or fire enchanted weapons will make this fight go faster. Having accessories that resist Capture will be useful although due to the slow movement of your enemies this may not be necessary if you are already sufficiently leveled. She does not count towards the Boss Subjugation counter.

Once defeated the encounter will end abruptly as a wave flushes you to the sewers. Taking the stairs up will take you back to the start.

To properly finish the dungeon you need to ignore her for the time being. Go past her to the very end where you will face the boss of this part of the dungeon.

Boss: Zombie Wizard

The Zombie Wizard fights in a square arena with no traps and is assisted by several invulnerable fast moving balls of light that will cast elemental magic at you. The sheer number of spells from them together with his own will make it impossible to avoid being hit; having high Spirit equipment will make you more durable for this fight. The wizard has only average movement speed and doesn't move in a flashy manner; he also has plenty of health to sustain himself. Holy attribute attacks will be of great help in this fight.

His treasure chest may contain any of the following:

  • Thunder Rod (Staff, consumable, charge to cast lightning spell. Increases lightning damage, resist lightning)
  • Ice Rod (Staff, consumable, charge to cast ice spell. Increases ice damage, resist ice)
  • Flame Rod (Staff, consumable, charge to cast fire spell. Increases fire damage, resist fire)
  • Slave Girl's Chains (Noble version of the slave girl chains)
  • Sorceror's Staff (Staff, halves mana consumption)
  • Mistress Papillon
  • Ether Shield (Reduces magic attacks by 50% when not attacking)
  • Buckler (Reduces physical attacks by 25% when not attacking)
  • Scarlet Robe (Armor)
  • Devil's Dress (Armor, cursed)

Do not take the rope to the surface. Instead, head back to the slime girl and fight her. Once you return to the main area via the sewers the depths (via the stairs blocked previously by bars) will be accessible. Also unlocked is the door in the passage with all the expedition members restrained against the walls; the chamber it leads to contains a Soul Jar 8.

Magicians' Proving Grounds, Depths

This sub-dungeon is straightforward and leads to a room with friendly slugs and a save point. Further in do not step onto the circle with three dead girls on beds nearby or you will trigger the possession bad ending. The long journey will culminate in a long hall with loli automatons flanking both sides.

Boss: Loli Automaton Leader

The brown haired automaton will be assisted by nine subordinates. They attack by throwing knives and causing electric shocks aside from engaging in melee. Knives will cause Bleeding while electric shocks inflict Paralysis. The enemy will move fast and aggressively in a slightly irregular manner towards you; the leader is less direct but is also capable of short jumps. The high aggression, numbers, and damage of the automata makes it very dangerous to be boxed in. They have a good amount of health and as artificial life forms are very resistant if not immune to bladed weaponry; use weapons such as the Morningstar or Demon attribute enchantments to damage them.

Beyond them is a bedroom where you will find a Crystal Fragment and a treasure chest.

The chest contains one of the following:

  • Relic (Misc, also known as Articles of the Dead)
  • Peaceful Ring (Accessory)
  • Fairy Armor (Armor)
  • Ruby Sandals (Consumable, casts Exit)
  • Noble Slave Girl's Dress (Armor)
  • Pin Clip (+10 Loli)
  • Princess Dress (Armor, 20% chance of avoiding negative status ailments)
  • Lolita Dress (Armor, +25 Charm, +60 Loli)
  • Strawberry Lipstick (Accessory, +20 Charm, +20 Loli)
  • Sacrificial Doll

Touch the sparkling gem to appear at a magic circle in the western side of the caverns level.

Treasure Chamber

If you have defeated all the bosses in order, by the time you are teleported here from the depths all three crystals around the magic circle will have darkened. Examining the huge stone monument will teleport you to the treasure chamber of the dungeon. There will be four chests with random items in front of you. Four more chests with fixed rewards are available depending on your actions throughout the dungeon; the left chamber is accessible only to the good, and the one to the right only by the evil. Considering the dungeon, the guardian of the treasure chamber is evil-aligned as it is unimpressed by your strength and virtue if you remain good.

Possible contents of chests, from left to right:

  • First Chest
    • Whip of Energy (Whip)
    • Chain Axe (Scythe, axe with scythe properties, Hit + 1)
    • Slicer (Axe, "Flying Blade", instant charge)
    • Trident (Spear, used in the fishing system)
    • Kamaitachi Katana (Sword, attacks 3 directions in front of you at the same time)
    • Hundred Kills
    • Goddess' Umbrella (Staff, converts part of enemy offensive magic into Mana)
    • Sorcery Wand (Staff, quadruples magic charge speed and halves Mana consumption)
    • Sage's Coat (Armor)
    • Beast Killer (Whip, effective against Beasts)
  • Second Chest
    • Spell Spear (Spear, counteracts all magical powers)
    • War Fork (Scythe, double attack range)
    • Guardian Sword (Sword; power, status +20)
    • Bane Spear (Spear; has both spear and mallet characteristics)
    • Elemental Shard (Dagger)
    • Knight's War Spear (Spear)
    • Twin Lancer (Spear, Hit + 1)
    • [Not entered] 0956 (Bugged item)
    • Beast Spear (Spear; grants a beast's strength and agility, but...)
    • Dragon's Whisker (Spear)
    • Cupid (Bow; adds Confusion, Holy attribute)
  • Third Chest
    • Behemoth Shell (Very Heavy, ○ Acid, Poison)
    • Devil's Dress (Armor)
    • Element Reflector (Armor ◯ Fire, ice, acid, state 8)
    • Nightmare Armor (Very Heavy)
    • Zenmai Armor (Armor, changes class to Warrior)
    • Vital Raiment (Armor, Healing)
    • Impact Check (Armor, anti-knockback)
    • Elephant (Very Heavy, fire and ice immunity, vulnerable to lightning)
    • Spell Spear
    • Ice Fog Shell (Armor; immune to ice, but weak against lightning)
    • Phantom Cloak (Sub Armor; 1/3 chance of avoiding physical attacks)
  • Fourth Chest
    • Grape Lipstick (Accessory, +10 Charm, +20 Mature)
    • Youchou Dress (Armor, +40 Charm, + 21 Neatness, +20 Masochism)
    • Nekomimi Armor (Armor)
    • Noble Slave Girl's Underwear (Armor, embarrassing, +15 Charm, +25 Neat, +50 Masochism)
    • Dark Clip (Accessory, -5 Charm, +25 maturity)
    • Mistress Papillon (Sub Armor, -20 Charm, -25 Neatness, +25 Sadism)
    • Sexy Leotard (Armor, embarrassing, -25 Charm, +95 Mautre)
    • Succubus' Eyeshadow (Sub Armor, -15 Charm, +40 Maturity, +25 Defense, +15 Spirit)
    • Noble Slave Girl's Dress (Armor, +25 Charm, +30 Neatness, +40 Masochism)
    • Pin Clip (Accessory)
    • School Swimsuit (Armor, embarrassing, +20 Charm, +15 Loli, -15 Neatness)

Good Chamber

The contents of the chamber's chests are:

  • Audrio Ladan (Armor, +10 Charm)
  • Knight of Judgment's Sword (13% chance of instantly killing any non-boss enemies)
  • Holy Cloak (Strong Talisman)
  • Judgment Mace (Hammer, Holy attribute, ス死悪)

Evil Chamber

The contents of the chamber's chests are:

  • Sinner's Cross
  • Bloody Apron
  • Bloody Manicure
  • Sword of Massacre

The emergency exit will take you back out to the surface.