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The Temple of Trials (古代の試練場) is a Difficulty ★ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is accessible at the beginning of the game.



The first area of the Ancient Trial is a safe "lobby" area with a fairy that provides healing. It is very useful if your character needs to perform actions that can only be done in "dungeon" areas but you don't want to fight anyone. In the deepest part of the lobby is a teleportation device that takes you to the actual trial.


There are two different layouts (see the maps below for reference) possible. The trial either requires you to survive for a minute or sacrifice a random number of souls (10-18). Note that the souls have health-draining attacks that ignores your defense, and it is advisable to equip anti-draining equipment or just stay far away and kill them with ranged attacks. You will be returned to Ray-On Village's inn if you fall during the trial and both your weapon and armor/cloth will be damaged.

  • There will be a fairy in a random room during the trial that can restore your Health and Mana and also cure all status ailments.
  • The initial levels will have humanoid souls, but as you undertake more trials there will be streaks of trials with demon-shaped souls that cast various offensive magic. An unprepared and/or low leveled character may be killed in one hit by these.
  • Souls may occasionally pass through walls so beware of getting trapped in passages between rooms.
  • The survival trials may be cheesed by attempting to access the menu as the timer will still count down regardless while enemies remain frozen.
  • Occasionally you might spawn in an area nearly surrounded by souls which may prove impossible to survive; save between trials whenever possible.
  • Some chests which contain random consumables will be randomly placed in the trial area. Equipment rewards are given upon completing a trial.
  • It may be useful to bring along protections against Poison, Darkness, Bleeding, and elemental magic. Darkness in particular is very commonly encountered during the earlier trials.
  • It may also be useful to bring along Holy element weaponry or bracelets against the souls.
  • There appears to be no upper limit to the number of trials that may be undertaken, but souls get noticeably harder at higher levels.

Reward Chamber

Once you fulfill the trial's requirements you will be teleported to a rest area with two chests. At the southern end of the rest area is a sigil that allows you to save your game if it's not broken (this is randomly determined). The sigil to the north allows you to undertake another trial or exit to the world map.


Ancient Trial Map