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The Suspicious Temple (あやしい寺院) is a dungeon in the Central Continent. It is a mysterious dungeon with an eerie atmosphere, with hallways occupied by hooded men. It is unlocked by paying 1,000 gold to the guy wearing a cloak in Ray-On Village's church.


  • Traps in this dungeon include the delta horse, ??? inducing pink mist, Silence trap, Capture traps, and occasionally the Flame Flare (primarily in a side area of the dungeon).
  • ??? status preventing equipment and items as well as heavy fire and ice resistance will be needed in the final stretch of the dungeon.
  • Some traps may be avoided by using a Fairy Wing, Magic Carpet, or similar items that grant Float.

Dungeon Layout

Temple Exterior

The temple exterior is a trapped region leading to its entrance. At the door are two cloaked figures who will demand 10,000 gold for entry; be sure not to accidentally pay both of them as you only need one to stand aside to enter.

First Floor: Trapped Path

The fastest path to the next level is right down the middle but it is also the most heavily trapped. Being affected by Float via a Fairy Wing or Magic Carpet will largely make these negligible. There are two traders at the northwestern and northeastern points but they largely sell detrimental consumables.

To reach the chests, you'll have to fall from the third floor's gaps which are next to the ones with butterflies.

Second Floor: Maze

This is a teleporter maze. The correct sequence to reach the exit to the third floor is as follows:

  1. Enter the first circle.
  2. Head west.
  3. Head north.
  4. Head east.
  5. Head south.
  6. Head west.
  7. Head east. You should reach a looping hallway by this point.
  8. From the spot you arrive at, head east.
  9. Head north.
  10. Head east.
  11. Head south and enter the teleporter.
  12. Head up the stairs.

Third Floor: Conveyors

Press the button to the south. Of the three routes heading south from the button take the first one on the left. Once you arrive, head south again around the pit and you will arrive at a four-way node. Take the westernmost conveyor to drop down to the first level.

Step on the pressure plate to the south to create a gap in the middle of the hall, then step on the skull to return to the entrance. From there you need to make your way back to the third floor through the side routes.

Once you have returned, take the the one on the right. Once you arrive take the conveyor south again and then take the easternmost one. Upon reaching an area with two statues, fall through the hole and into the basement. If you have not opened up the gap earlier then falling will trigger a game over.

Note: Going though the uppermost left path and then down all the way, will lead you to two chests. One of them contains a Soul Jar 4. This chest refreshes every time you reenter the dungeon.


There are three pairs of chests, all of which are on the right side. Two routes lead to them but only the lower one allows you to access both. Save the last one at the bottom take the lower route to reach all the chests. You only need to access the first chest of the last pair as the lower route is lined with traps, there is a parasite egg in front of the second chest, and the second chest itself is empty.

There is a single white skull next to the second pair of chests which will grant you a Soul Jar 8, which respawns each time you reenter the temple. One of the chests will also contain 10,000 gold, effectively paying back the cost of entry.

The shiny spot in the cell next to the third pair of chests is a Time Bell consumable that is also surrounded by parasite eggs. There is no known way of reaching it.

Long Hallway

This long hallways is full of cloaked men. Fight your way through them. Some are stronger than usual and some may release parasites on death, similar to certain green slimes.

Basement: Four Daises

The two daises with chests are actually slime mimics, while the one to the northwest has a Crystal Fragment. There may be a Three Stars Necklace (increases magic charging speed) on the dais to the northeast. There are three other exits to the north, east, and west.

Northern Exit

This area leads to an elevated area with nothing at the top. A fairy here will tell you that the area is currently under development.

Scorching Trial

The left exit will take you to a small library filled with rapidly moving cloaked figures. Here you will find a magic circle that will restore your Health and Mana, and also serves as a save spot. You can speak to the cloaked figure to the north to access the trial for 10,000 gold, which consists of three areas of fire.

There will be fire demon girls keeping you from what is apparently the only safe path through the flames but which is actually filled with Flame Flare traps. This repeats itself for the second area. In the third you will have flames randomly and frequently appearing throughout the corridor with few safe areas. There are also a few dragons patrolling the route. The Tier 3 Invincibility spell is highly recommended as it will let you through the flares safely.

At the end is a purple flame marking the prize: the Flare spell, which is a charged spell that consumes 100 Mana to deal fire damage to all enemies. There will be a magic circle that will take you back to the world map.

God of Death's Trial

The right exit will also take you to a small library with similar enemies and a magic circle that will take you out of the dungeon aside from restoring Health and Mana. The northern exit also has a figure who will demand 10,000 gold to allow access to the trial.

The first area will consist of ice demon girls and zombies. The floors are full of ??? and Poison traps. The second room is full of scythe-wielding wraiths with similar traps.

The last area has wraiths and will o wisps casting Ice magic. This area is also full of floor spike traps.

At the end is a Phoenix Down (revives you upon death, consumable).