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SchwarzMädchen (シュバルツメドヘン) is a town in the Eastern Continent. It is the location of a large casino and theme park. Black-suited security personnel are stationed throughout the town on the lookout for cheating gamblers and debtors seeking to escape. The town is only accessible at night; entering it will automatically switch to nighttime.



The town's iconic casino is just north of the entrance to SchwarzMädchen, marked by its glittering sign. You can buy or rent casino coins at the main counter, and to its left is a prize redemption counter where you can purchase special equipment. Prizes of note include one each of Prime Blue (1,500 coins) and Crystal Fragment (2,000 coins). The casino offers games of poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and lucky box. The eastern side offers slot machines.

There is a exit to the northeast that leads to dice games but the area is incomplete.

Outside the casino to the north, past a lady with a tired worker in a Moogle costume, is a shady guy next to some boxes. He will offer you some "important" information for 10,000 gold which only informs you about the fates of debtors and the existence of the special debtor's casino.

To the east of the casino are two salespeople from Mithril Arms Limited and Mithril Drug Manufacturing who will offer Mithril Arms' standard selection of equipment and the Auto Healer respectively.

Warehouse & Port

Located on the western side of the town, the warehouse is off-limits to all but authorized staff only. There is a ship docked at the port but otherwise there is little of interest.


Located in the eastern section of the town. The inn costs 1,000 gold per night and has a door to the northwest leading to rooms where guests may enjoy the services of various prostitutes. Characters indebted to the Colosseum may prostitute themselves here. Outside and around the side to the west is a door leading to a merchant selling some swords.


The pub west of the inn and north of the theme park has one activity of interest: a man sitting on the right side of the bar will offer you a chance to play a shooting game for a 3,000 gold fee. You are given a rifle with unlimited ammo (although you need to reload initially by charging it) and have two minutes to shoot at targets in hopes of winning prizes. The upper level of the pub leads to a more sinister location, namely a lobby for heavily indebted gamblers before they are forwarded to the special debtors' casino.

Theme Park

To the far north near the middle of the town is SchwarzMädchen's theme park. Unfortunately it was never completed and as such has nothing of interest.

Garbage Dump & Reservoir

To the southeast is a garbage dump, and to its north is the town's reservoir. The latter may be accessed via a manhole on the upper level and leads to a sewer-like area; the exit is to the west although you may also access a hole to the west near the starting point that places you in the garbage dump instead.

Debtor's Casino

This location is reachable only through the upper level of the pub, and only if you are indebted to the main casino. Taking the only available path from the pub will lead you to it. To the south a bouncer will show you the future fates of losers. The only playable game is to the northwest but it is rigged and you are guaranteed to lose. Afterwards the dealer will present you two options; taking the first one leads to a bad ending while the other will require you to escape the town while being hunted by security.