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The Sacred Mountain Border (国境の霊峰) is an unranked difficulty dungeon spanning both the Central and Eastern Continents. Chizotto Village lies in between two sections of the dungeon. The dungeon may be unlocked by speaking to a pirate with a blue bandanna in Ray-On Village after defeating at least two bosses.


  • This dungeon has a fair number of traps; protection against Slime and Darkness in particular is recommended.
  • There will be a number of fire magic spellcasters and boulder-throwing Ogres. Additionally Zombies and Lesser Demons will mob you in the later part of the dungeon. Bubbly Slimes are present in the later parts and should be destroyed with magic.
  • This dungeon is somewhat easier and both much shorter and linear compared to the Large Dwarven Tunnels dungeon for the purposes of unlocking the Eastern Continent, but there is less in the way of treasure as well.


Western Side

The first area after entering the cave will contain a large number of Ogres. Evade their boulders as best you can and make your way to the exit in the west.

In the waterfall map, the chest you see in the northwest is trapped and will knock you back down to the beginning of the area, dealing very heavy damage in the process.

The boss arena initially has a two enemies; the faster moving one is the more dangerous of the two. Upon defeating them step on the switch to trigger the second fight.

The boss that appears rarely moves; if she does she will teleport to the location. She will occasionally cast a trio of ice spells. The main danger is the four red crystals that occupy the four corners of the arena. They cast short range fire spells that are capable of incredible damage and have fixed movement patterns. "Killing" them merely locks them into place. Note that defeating this boss does not count towards the Boss Subjugation counter.

Upon defeating her, take the southern exit to reach Chizotto Village. A white wyvern outside can take you down the mountain if you wish.

Eastern Side

Exiting via the eastern exit of the village takes you to the eastern side of the dungeon. Unlike the previous side there are more enemies here and they are very aggressive; in some areas, with their numbers they can easily gang up on you and deal a considerable amount of damage.

In the map with the long stairs leading down, there are two exits to the east and southeast. The eastern exit leads to two chests.

The next map has exits to the south and southeast. The southeastern exit leads to a triad of waterfalls feeding into a lake containing the Holy Sword Caliburn; although it claims you have acquired it the sword does not appear in your inventory. There is nothing past the lake.

The southern exit leads to a long waterfall. Search behind it to find a cave and head northeast. There you will find a chest containing one of the following:

  • Fire Dragon Ring (Immune to Fire but weaker against Ice)
  • Water Dragon Ring (Immune to Ice but weaker against Lightning)
  • Tree Dragon Ring (Immune to Lightning but weaker against Fire)

From there the dungeon becomes linear and you can walk all the way to its end.