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Core version: 150 (2021-07-13)


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The Ruins of Melbel (廃墟メルベル) is a Difficulty ★★☆ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is the initial state of Melbel City. It is unlocked by talking to the Melbel Second Princess in Lemuria Slave Market's inn or by talking to the soldier in Capital Avalon's inn after defeating two bosses.

General Info

There are numerous soldiers in heavy armor here; wielding Morning Stars, Chain, Hammer and magic are recommended. Some soldiers have ranged attacks. The streets are also occasionally trapped with invisible traps. There are two neutral NPCs on the streets, one selling mithril equipment, and another offering the Auto Healer device.

Having some remedies or protection against Bleeding will be useful here.



The city's buildings contain monsters, brainwashed soldiers, some hostile civilians, and NPCs with minimal dialogue. There are no treasures in any building.


Located in the northeastern section of the city. The game can be saved here, and there is a healing fairy available.


Nothing of note here except that it is one of the only two other non-hostile locations in the city. This is also the site of one of the brainwashed bad endings.


Location of the few survivors of the city, reached by heading directly west from the entrance of the city and following the path north to the far end. A soldier here will provide background as to the troubles that befell its inhabitants.


The location of the boss of this dungeon, the Demon King, his minions, and several brainwashed soldiers and maids. Upon entering you will be locked in until resolution of the Melbel City incident.

He will initially offer you a chance to surrender; choosing yes is an immediate game over. The fight with him will see his minions converging on your location; of note are the two burly demons which are particularly tough and have plenty of health. The Demon King himself will frequently jump fixed distances from spot to spot and summon scythes that fly across the hall. Using area of effect items and/or strong charged magic can make this fight easier, as is luring the Demon King into pillars by staying on one side of the hall to take advantage of his movement patterns. Note that there are several spike and bear traps that can hinder you during the fight.

Upon defeating him a chest will appear in the middle of the hall containing either a Copper, Silver, or Gold Ingot, and both First Princess Alicia and Hypno (a yellow colored NPC) will appear at the northwestern end.

Hypno will attempt to convince you that there is nothing strange; pick the second option to disagree. Next you will be offered a chance to speak about the Second Princess which if taken skips right to the final set of options, neither of which will affect the ultimate outcome. If you choose not to do so there will be a check whether you have purchased any Hypnosis-Counter drugs from the dog in Ray-On Village. If you did then you will eventually break the mass hypnosis on the city, otherwise Hypno will hypnotize your character and sentence her to any one of four bad ends.