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Rotten Sea Nosurei (腐海ノースレイ) is a dungeon in the Central Continent. It is unlocked by completing both Bug Labyrinth & Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins, and then talking to insect monster in Ray-On Village pub. (3000G required)


  • Contains a lot of parasite eggs in clever places (e.g. right in front of you after area transitioning), tentacle beds that (unlike in the bug labyrinth) capture from any side, enemies with ranged attacks that inflict nasty status ailments and traps that eat recovery items 5-9 at a time - Vigilance 3 is almost mandatory.
  • Moving in the green water has a random chance of giving you a parasite; possibly nulled by using a rubber suit
  • Vermifuges (parasite removers) are hidden in bushes
  • Map is maze-like and loops around a lot
  • Chain and Sickle makes progress far easier
  • Correct paths are often hidden by bushes - you can move through bushes that don't have blue dots on them
  • In some parts of the dungeon, you cannot see things more than two tiles away
  • Some enemies (such as the giant plant mouth) have mucus attacks that can temporarily disable your inventory
  • The dungeon is incredibly long.
  • Eventually you will find a bog - in each area, you will find several bags. Some of them contain very valuable items, such as Soul Jar 0s that can store souls from certain enemies, Gold Ingots and Holy Woman's Medicine (reduces sensitivity of body parts and overall sensitivity, no side effects)
  • If you keep moving through the bog long enough, you will have the option to leave the dungeon - this takes a very long time.