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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 150 (2021-07-13)


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Ray-On Village (RAY-ONの村) is the town where new characters start in.


From left to right on the map, Ray-on Village contains:

Newbie House

  • Contains NPCs that explain the many game mechanics unique to RyonaRPG
    • Allows you to change pregnancy settings
  • Contains an easy dungeon with signs that teach you how to play the game
    • It costs 50G to enter, and dungeon 100G
      • You can just ignore the woman asking for money and get in the dungeon for free.
    • See Newbie Dungeon for more details.

Entrance to back streets

  • Located between Beginners Pavillion and Arms Dealer.
  • See Back Streets for more details.

Arms Dealer

  • Weapon store, also sells armor and accessories. Has 2 weapon/armor vendors, accessory vendor and a mithril vendor.
  • When you are wearing Dog Ears and Tail Set can talk to ghost in top right hand corner, which changes her status to 'female dog'. Events in village are similar to that of a slave but with different text


  • Between the two shops, to the south.
  • Contains trap door leading to some kind of underground laboratory at night time.

Tool Shop

  • Has restoratives and various equipment for sale.
  • You can buy spells from Samantha.
  • Blue NPC on left gives Auto-Healer
  • Also contains Torture Chamber (拷問部屋), Map ID 0034.

Fountain with goddess statue

  • Has version information.


  • Can stay here when Injured or talk to maid upstairs to be healed
  • Can talk to witch to change from day to night and vise-versa
  • Several events when character has slave status
  • Contains journal which is used for cheats and changing game settings
  • Can change characters by using the second door on the right


  • Can talk to several NPC's to unlock new dungeons or areas
  • Courier jobs can be taken from the bartender
  • If choosing first option from lamia can be turned into one at Map ID167
  • Can play hit and blow with blue haired NPC on the right
  • Again, several events when character is a slave


  • Talk to father to remove parasites for 10G
  • Nun with also remove cursed equipment, but when wearing collar will turn you into a full sex slave
  • Several locations of dungeons can be found by looking round the church
  • If character goes through door on right when a slave....

Entrance to Graveyard

Shop inventories

Maid on the streets

She jumps away when you exit her shop, but returns whenever you leave town and come back.

Name Price Remarks
Hisohi Grass 50
Black Ore 100
"First time" Cure 666
Elixer 1000
Winder 5000
Tile Pack 40 60
Tile Pack 80 240

Dog on the streets

These are mostly Sub-Armor slot equipment that give a special skill when equipped.

Name Price Remarks
Strained Back 10
Wild Swing 500
Turning Tides 1300
Last Stand 1300
Discharge 1500
Persistance 2000
Bloodthirst 5000
Tortoise Number 10000
Unseen Sword Style 10000
Massacre 13000
Wild Strikes 20000
Shock 30000
Hypnosis-Counter 2000 Useful against Hypno in Melbel.

Arms Dealer

Weapon and armor vendor

Name Price Remarks
Leather Whip 100
Rope and Spikes 1200
Throwing Knife 20
Gladius 100
Main Gauche 800
Silver Dagger 2000
Long Sword 150
Lead Sword 300
Greatsword 200
Long Spear 150
Javelin 300
Knight Spear 3500
Battle Axe 500
Magicians Staff 100
Mages Staff 1000
Beat Stick 200
Smash Wand 300
Mace (AD) 800
Battle Hammer 1500
Long Bow 150
Crossbow 5000
Arrow 2
Quiver 200
Name Price Remarks
Buckler 100
Spike Shield 1500
Light Guard 500
Excel Guard 10000
Iron Armor 200
Reggae Armor 500
Mini Protector 1200
Heavy Armor 1500
Silk Armor 4480
Silk Robe 100
Magic Bikini 6000

Special weapon and armor vendor

Ammo/Fine Weapons
Name Price Remarks
Arrow 2
Flame Arrow 50
Ice Arrow 50
Thunder Arrow 50
Quiver 200
Bullet 60
Barrier Spear 3000
Flame Tongue 4000
Orihalcon 12000
Super Spear 22000
Melk Real GS 40960
Iron Orb 51200
Whale Vice 958875
Revolver 5000
Special Armor
Name Price Remarks
Mystic Beasts Fur 5000
Metamorphosis Dress 8000
Dancer's Clothes 2000

Accessories vendor

Name Price Remarks
Pendant of the Star 500
Silver Specs 800
Earrings 1500
Ring of Comfort 1000
Gyroscope 1200
Angels Gown 1000
Elfs Mantle 1000
Purifying Anhk 800
Silver Knight 100
Burning Bracelet 500
Alarm Piercing 1500
Healthy Atmosphere 300
Headdress 100
Tiara 600
Fur Cloak 300
Thunder Ring 8000
Holy Ring 8000
Flame Ring 8000
Demon Ring 8000
Secret Book 1 1000 Teaches Attack Mode ability
Secret Book 2 1000 Teaches Defense Mode ability

Mithril vendor

Name Price Remarks
Mithril Sword 600
Mithril Foil 500
Mithril Spear 1000
Mithril Cleaver 2000
Mithril Staff 500
Mithril Whip 500
Mithril Bow 800
Mithril Mail 1000
Mithril Robe 500
Mithril Bustier 1500
Ninja Shooter 2500
Region 21 30000
Cypress 7 12000
Blade Barrier 10000

Wandering weapon maniac

Name Price Remarks
Bishops Staff
Kunai 2500
Eastern Katana 6000
Tsurugi 8000
Fauchard 5000
Warrior Armor 5000
Water Raiment 3000
Eastern Kimono 10000

Tool Shop

Name Price Remarks
Potion 50
Antidote 10
Eyewash 10
Echo Grass 10
Gold Needle 10
Clotting Agent 10
Telephus Stone 10
Holy Water 10
Stimulant 10
Stiff Shroom 10
Sedative 200
Panacea 50
Skimpy Swimsuit 500
Sorcerous Staff 10000
Pan-lid Shield 50
Highleg Leotard 2000
Barbarians Trunk 3562
Dragons Dung 10000
Bandage 1
Bandage 1
Exercise 25000
Magic Belt 1500
Jewel Brooch 3000
True Mirror 1000
Silver Medallion 1000
Body Checker 300
Funny Sandals 500
Eastern Kimono 10000
Boob-medicine 2000
Small Seal 50
Leather Belt 500
Force Buckler 1000
Dog Ears and Tail Set 500
Cat Ears Headband 1800
Empty Bottle 100

Night time activities

  • By speaking to the witch in the Inn it's possible to change the time of day to night time, or revert back to day


  • Suspicious man in black cloak offers a special kind of amour...
    • You can get more and more parts of the same kind of "armor" by talking again, and using the medecine the suspicious man offers while wearing his suit of armor.
  • Witch sells diuretics and and can hypnotise your character. The other item can reduce breast size, which can be useful if your character's breats get too big.