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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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The Pyramid (ピラミッド) is a difficulty ★★★☆ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. The dungeon appeared in the middle of the desert one day, and adventurers have already arrived on site to plunder its treasures. This dungeon is unlocked by speaking to the man by the bar in Hidden Town's pub.


  • Traps found in this dungeon include poison arrow traps, floor spike traps, flower's scent traps, and ether eater traps.
  • Weapons and accessories with Holy attribute will assist greatly in defeating the undead, but swap them out if fighting mimics. Dragon slaying equipment will help out in the later levels.
  • There are NPC mummies in this dungeon. Initially they (like the signs in the dungeon) are unintelligible, but eventually they will begin to make more sense.


Pyramid Entrance

Of note is the merchant on the right who will sell you a selection of equipment, curatives, and Stripping Spirit. Closer to the dungeon entrance is an archeologist fretting at the plunder of archeological treasures before archeology teams could arrive to survey the site. He will ask for your assistance in bringing to him anything of interest in exchange for rewards, if you accept.

First Floor

This level has many empty chests, evidence of previous plunder by adventurers. Any chests remaining are hostile Mimics that will aggressively chase you.

If you have the Morningstar you may break the breakable boulder blocking the stairs on the eastern side of the level to access a shortcut to the third floor.

Second Floor

Assuming you are entering this floor from the main large stairs north of the first floor, to the east is a passage with a chasm in the middle and a Strange Object near it. The western exit will lead to a hall with a chasm separating you from two chests; a nearly invisible S-shaped bridge bridges the two sides. This same path also takes you through the longer way to the next floor where along the way you will find a chamber which needs a code to enter safely.

To the south is a massive hall with five exits (two each on the sides, one to the south). The southern exit leads to a guarded treasure room.

Third Floor

There are four exits on the left side of the large hall to the south of the stairs:

  • Mummy Hideout - Here you can pay 500 gold to save, and also pay for a bit of healing.
  • Lever Room - This lever unlocks the right hand side of the locked gate leading to the lesser boss of the dungeon.
  • Guarded Chest - This one is guarded by two monsters who will appear once you loot the chest.
  • Hallway - Leads to the rest of the level.

In the next large hall with the bat transformation curse pools, two exits to the east takes you to the second lever for the locked gate, and another guarded chest. Another Strange Object may be found in the left side chamber of the room where you switch the pools.

Boss: Sekhmet

Sekhmet is a very straightforward boss. His attack pattern consists of moving several steps forward before launching into a bull rush. Occasionally he may take time to slowly move in your direction.

Upon defeat he drops a random item and spawns a treasure chest containing among others one of the following:

  • Storm Sword (Large Sword)
  • Suiran (スイラン, Large Sword)
  • Goddess Umbrella (Cane, converts part of enemy's magical attacks into Mana)
  • Furisode of Love (Armor, -60 Attack Power, 100 Defense, -60 Magic, 100 Spirit)
  • Fairy Skin (Immune to Paralysis)
  • Urishu's Knife
  • 碧の賢帝 (Sword)
  • Dragonslayer (Sword, 90 Attack Power, 40 Defense, -40 Magic)
  • Dragon Rod (Increases charging speed when using magic)

Fourth Floor

Heading east will take you to a treasure chest guarded by two Wyrms. Take the western route to eventually reach a Sphinx. She will ask you a riddle. Answer correctly and she will throw herself off the western edge in disgrace, appearing on the opposite side of the merchant at the entrance later. You can optionally jump after her if you want. The Sphinx drops Something Erotic.

There is a spatial warp zone just before the stairs to the fifth floor.

Fifth Floor

This area is linear, and leads only to a chamber where you will need to defeat a bunch of monsters to proceed to the sixth floor.

Sixth Floor

There is a double door entrance into the Pyramid, but the access lever is located just beyond some rubble. The only path to the boss fight is via the stairs closest to you when you turn the corner; you will be warned about the impending battle in case you need to prepare.

Boss: Amuneris

Amuneris is the leader of her people, and she intends to lead them back to glory through conquest, starting with you. She starts with a Guardian Dragon but upon ending dialogue will summon a quartet of Guardsmen. She moves fairly quickly through the arena casting a short range cone of fire at you. Occasionally lightning will strike and she will summon a clone of herself. She is considered a Female-type creature in the game files, and takes x2 damage from anti-human equipment.

On defeat you will find Something Shiny, a Crystal Fragment , and a random item from a treasure chest. The random item may include the following:

  • Magic Crown (+40 Magic & Spirit)

There will also be a spot that will return you to the entrance of the Pyramid. There you will find that a time witch has appeared to take her spot behind the single crate to the southwest.


  • "Aid the Archeologist" - Started by the scientist-looking guy at the entrance to the dungeon. He will ask for unusual things to be delivered to him in exchange for some compensation. The items are:
    • "Something Strange" - Found by the gap dividing the hall on the eastern side of the second floor. Also found in the left side chamber past the pool switching chamber on the third floor.
    • "Something Erotic" - Dropped by the Sphinx after answering her riddle correctly on the fourth floor.
    • "Something Shiny" - Dropped by the last boss at the end of the dungeon.