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The Pyramid (ピラミッド) is a difficulty ★★★☆ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. The dungeon appeared in the middle of the desert one day, and adventurers have already arrived on site to plunder its treasures. This dungeon is unlocked by speaking to the man by the bar in Hidden Town's pub.

The Pyramid

General Info

  • Traps found in this dungeon include poison arrow traps, floor spike traps, flower's scent traps, and ether eater traps.
  • Weapons and accessories with Holy attribute will assist greatly in defeating the undead, but swap them out if fighting mimics. Dragon-slaying equipment may help out in the later levels.
  • The majority of enemies in this dungeon are melee fighters; spellcasters with lightning magic appear in limited numbers in the upper levels.
  • There are NPC mummies in this dungeon. Initially they (like the signs in the dungeon) are unintelligible, but buying understanding of their language will allow you to meaningfully interact with them and unlocks a number of options.

Quest: Archeology

Given by the man in a lab coat at the entrance to the dungeon. He will ask for unusual things to be delivered to him in exchange for some compensation. There are five objects in total. The items are:

  • "Something Weird" - Found by the gap dividing the hall on the eastern side of the second floor.
  • "Something Strange" - Found in the left side chamber past the pool switching chamber on the third floor.
  • "Something Erotic" - Dropped by the Sphinx after answering her riddle correctly on the fourth floor.
  • "Something Beautiful" - Given by the priest standing in the save chamber just below Amuneris' arena. Listen to his story about the past of his people to the finish; requires language skill.
  • "Something Shiny" - Dropped by Amuneris after defeating her.

The rewards are as follows:

  • Holy Ring - Adds Holy attribute to weapon.
  • Angel Ring - Always regenerate.
  • Goddess' Goldwork - Resists Weakness.
  • Three Star - Magic charging speed is increased.
  • Resist Ring - Creates magic resistance barrier depending on wearer's Magic.

Pyramid Entrance

Of note is the merchant on the right who will sell you a selection of equipment, curatives, and Stripping Spirit. Closer to the dungeon entrance is an archeologist fretting at the plunder of archeological treasures before archeology teams could arrive to survey the site. He will ask for your assistance in bringing to him anything of interest in exchange for rewards, if you accept.

After you defeat Amuneris a time witch will appear behind the single crate to the southwest. Switching to nighttime will replace her with a cloaked figure. She will offer to dance for you and if you accept you will be given three options; the second one will cause you to fall under her charm and wake up in her room as a futanari. After a night of passion your character will be left naked in front of the pyramid the next morning but without the extra appendage. This is a way of obtaining the Ejaculation Slave H ability without the Futanari H ability.

First Floor

This level has many empty chests, evidence of previous plunder by adventurers. Any chests remaining are hostile Mimics that will aggressively chase you. If you have the Morningstar you may break the breakable boulder blocking the stairs on the eastern side of the level to access a shortcut to the third floor.

Second Floor

Assuming you are entering this floor from the main large stairs north of the first floor, to the east is a passage with a chasm in the middle and Something Weird near it. The western exit will lead to a hall with a chasm separating you from two chests; a nearly invisible S-shaped bridge bridges the two sides. This same path also takes you through the longer way to the next floor where along the way you will find a guarded treasure chamber which needs a code from the sole NPC mummy on this floor to enter safely.

To the south is a massive hall with five exits (two each on the sides, one to the south). The southern exit leads to a guarded treasure room.

Treasure Chamber

The treasure chamber has five chests, the second of which is actually a Mimic. The first two actual chests share a common protective equipment loot table, while the other two share a common weapon loot table.

  • Chests 1 and 3 (Protective)
    • Captive's Waist Armor (66 Attack Power, 112 Defense, 66 Magic, -152 Spirit)
    • Queen's Bondage (60 Attack Power, 60 Defense, 40 Magic, 40 Spirit, Embarrassing)
    • Terrestrial (Armor, reduces physical damage by 20%)
    • コロボックルアーマー (20 Attack Power, 20 Defense, 20 Magic, 40 Spirit, Accessory)
    • Elephant (Very Heavy Armor, immunity to Fire and Ice, vulnerable against Lightning)
    • Hydra Suit (Fire resistance, immunity to Poison; 64 Defense, 20 Magic, 64 Spirit)
    • Wisdom Ring (20% chance of evading attacks)
    • ディスプレイサローブ (40 Attack Power, 2 Defense)
    • Rich's Robe (10% magic nullification)
  • Chests 4 and 5 (Weapon)
    • Dragon Whisker (Spear)
    • Brionac's Spear (Spear)
    • Crystal Saber (Sword, 1/4 chance of ignoring enemy Defense)
    • Hundred Kills (Sword, HIT + 1)
    • Sandworm's Teeth (Dagger)
    • ダマクラカスソード (Sword; Effective against incorporeal spirits)
    • Efreet Slash (Large Axe, Fire attribute)
    • Dragon's Beard (Whip)
    • Beautiful Skin Cream (Consumable, increases Charm)

Third Floor

There are four exits on the left side of the large hall:

  • Slaves' Hangout - The cloaked figure will sell you Ether for 300 gold and enable you to understand their language for 3,000 gold; once you've bought the latter he will offer full restoration of Health and Mana for 500 gold. The mummy behind a crate to the north will sell you potions, Antidotes, Panaceas, Sedatives, and a coil of Rope useful for creating a shortcut to the second floor later. The save spot will cost you 500 gold per use.
  • Lever Room - This lever unlocks the right hand side of the locked gate leading to the lesser boss of the dungeon.
  • Guarded Chest - This one is guarded by two monsters who will appear once you loot the chest.
  • Hallway - Leads to the rest of the level.

In the next large hall with the bat transformation curse pools, two exits to the east takes you to the second lever for the locked gate, and another guarded chest. A Something Strange may be found in the left side chamber of the room where you switch the pools. Note that if you somehow enter combat while in your cursed state and die the game will end.

Boss: Sekhmet

Sekhmet is a very straightforward boss. His attack pattern consists of moving several steps forward before launching into a bull rush. Occasionally he may take time to slowly move in your direction.

Upon defeat he drops a random item and spawns a treasure chest containing among others one of the following:

  • Storm Sword (Large Sword)
  • Suiran (スイラン, Large Sword)
  • Goddess Umbrella (Staff, converts part of enemy's magical attacks into Mana)
  • Furisode of Love (Armor, -60 Attack Power, 100 Defense, -60 Magic, 100 Spirit)
  • Fairy Skin (Immune to Paralysis)
  • Urishu's Knife
  • 碧の賢帝 (Sword)
  • Dragonslayer (Sword, 90 Attack Power, 40 Defense, -40 Magic)
  • Dragon Rod (Increases charging speed when using magic)

There are two hidden rooms with permanent attribute boosters to the sides of his arena which can be accessed via routes from the entrance.

Fourth Floor

Heading east will take you to a treasure chest guarded by two Wyrms that will keep respawning. This chest has a chance of containing any of the following:

  • Brandistock (Sword)
  • Diamond Edge (sword)
  • Golden Kodachi (Sword)
  • Terrestrial (Armor, reduces physical damage by 20%)
  • Dragon Armor (Immunity to Fire, vulnerable against Ice)
  • Iron Maiden (Armor with dark magic that protects its owner in exchange for pain)
  • Guilty Lance (Spear)
  • Excel Guard (30% chance to negate normal attacks (disabled while attacking))
  • Diamond Nail (Dagger)

Take the western route to eventually reach a Sphinx; note that the three chests you will encounter before her contain permanent attribute boosting consumables. She will test you with a riddle. Answer correctly and she will throw herself off the western edge in disgrace, appearing on the opposite side of the merchant at the entrance later. You can optionally jump after her if you want. The Sphinx drops Something Erotic. If you somehow fail her riddle she will summon four Iron Giants instead; these creatures will respawn every time you enter this area. There is a hidden path to her northeast leading to a chest.

Beyond the Sphinx is a large garden; you can find an Elixir in the pot to the northeast. The stairs to the northwest lead two levels above to a lever on the exterior of the pyramid. This unlocks a save chamber just before the boss arena.

There is a spatial warp zone just before the stairs to the fifth floor. This leads to the Sorcery Division Research Headquarters. The Headquarters is only of relevance to the character Otone; if she is the player character a lolicon sorceror will appear and you will be forced to fight him. He will cast a short range spell that will turn Otone into a loli, after which he will engage in melee; he will also forgo the spell if she has already turned into one previously. On defeat the gates to the Headquarters itself will open.

  • There will be two pills, red and blue, in the chests. The red one de-ages, the blue one ages.
  • All the equipment in the Headquarters will de-age.
  • Otone will lose half her attributes when turned into a loli, and this persists even after leaving the Pyramid.
  • If affected twice in a row by de-aging sources, she will turn into a baby. If she does not have access to a blue pill at this point the game will end as she would be too young to adventure.
  • If Otone is not the primary character (aka the one you started with) bringing her to the Headquarters will bug out and she will instantly be treated as if she had de-aged into a baby state.
  • For other characters, DO NOT enter the Headquarters at night; this will cause a game over bug related to the above.

Fifth Floor

This area is linear, and leads only to a chamber where you will need to defeat a bunch of monsters to proceed to the sixth floor.

Sixth Floor

The only path to the boss fight is via the stairs closest to you when you turn the corner; you will be warned about the impending battle in case you need to prepare. You will not be able to return through this way after starting the boss battle.

Boss: Amuneris

Amuneris intends to lead her people back to glory through conquest, starting with you. Her main attack is a flurry of long-range fire spells which upon impact deals damage and turns you into a bat for a short period. Occasionally lightning will strike one of the Guardsmen defending her, turning him into a clone of herself; the clones have predictable circling movements, very little health, and only attack if you run into them. She is considered a Female-type creature in the game files, and takes double damage from anti-human equipment. The Guardian Dragon she has will not respawn as long as there are not enough Guardsmen summoned. There are special scenes for losing while cursed or normal.

Upon defeating her you will find Something Shiny, a Crystal Fragment , and a random item from a treasure chest. The random item may include the following:

  • Magic Crown (+40 Magic & Spirit)
  • Jet-black Armor (-20 Defense, 90 Magic, -20 Spirit)
  • Valkyrie Mail (10 Attack Power, 135 Defense, 10 Magic, 70 Spirit)
  • Araches' Magic Spear (アラケスの魔槍, Spear)
  • マーカライトファープ (Shield)
  • Ribbon (Immune to all negative statuses except Ashamed)
  • Artemis' Bow (Bow)
  • Flare Riser. (Large Sword, 200 Attack Power, 100 Magic)
  • Suiran (Large Sword)

There will be two glowing glyphs to the north and south. The southern one takes you to Amuneris' bedchamber where she is recovering from the fight; she will immediately force you out unless you happen to have the Futanari H ability. The northern one returns you to the entrance of the Pyramid. Interestingly, she will remember the previous encounter if you return at a later date.

Pyramid Underground

This section of the Pyramid becomes accessible upon completing the archeologist's quest. He will rush inside and open up the door with the evil eye in the first area.

General Info

  • You cannot leave this dungeon early once you have started it; the game will warn you before you can proceed.
  • The cost of using the recovery and save points offered by the mummies is increased, particularly at Underground Level 4.
  • Enemies in the underground section have more Health and better basic attributes.
  • There are more spellcasters with very damaging magic, some of which are homing for a short distance.
  • Protection against Paralysis, Poison, Silence, and Blindness will be useful against mummies.
  • Protection against Lightning and Fire is recommended against enemy spellcasters.
  • Holy attribute weapons are still useful here.
  • Traps here are similar to those found in the upper floors.


  • Free the Angel - An imprisoned angel will plead for freedom; find the Sapphire Key to her cell.
  • Free the Stone Prisoner - An unfortunate petrified woman needs Basilisk's Tears to be restored to flesh.
  • Free the Demon - An imprisoned demon seeks freedom; find the Ruby Key to her cell.
  • Report Delivery - The archeologist wants you to deliver his report to his apprentice.


This is the first location upon descending from the surface. It has both a recovery and save point for which you will be charged 500 gold for the former, and 1,000 gold for the latter.

Underground Level 1

The main hall has five different exits, two each to the sides and one to the south.

  • The first eastern door leads to a cellblock where an Angel is imprisoned; you need a Sapphire Key to release her. Releasing her nets you Angel's Tears and Half-Split Key (Right), as well as a tip about the minotaur guard on the lower level.
  • The first western door leads to a guarded chest and a locked set of doors. These doors will lead you to the next level.
  • The second set of exits leads to stairs descending to a chamber containing a lever. This lever will open the locked doors past the first western door. The eastern exit also eventually leads to a chest containing the Sapphire Key, but upon acquiring it you will be dropped to the area beneath; take the stairs back to the main hall.
  • The southern exit is locked but will be accessible after going through Underground Level 2.

Once you're able to access the locked doors, be careful about crossing the gaps as falling will trigger an immediate game over.

Underground Level 2

The main feature of this level is a sandy arena occupied by a Basilisk. The statue nearby will warn you to leave it alone, but will also tell you that to remove the petrification on her she needs the Basilisk's Tears only obtainable from it. Note that if you fall from the small chasm maze on this level (which you need to go through to reach the lever to open the arena doors) you will drop right into the arena.

If you remove the statue's petrification she will introduce herself as Latifah and reward you with an Old Accessory granting poison resistance. She will also appear at the Pyramid entrance and reward you with a Blue Love Letter afterward.

Boss: Basilisk

While this boss has a very long range gaze attack it is limited to the four cardinal directions and can only use it every few seconds. It also moves somewhat slowly. Stay diagonally from it while dashing in to score attacks. Alternatively, for an easier time lure it towards the arena doors so that it gets stuck on either of the braziers on the sides; this will allow you to use two tile attacks (such as a second level charged sword attack) to hit it with impunity. As it is a Reptile-type creature, ice magic and attribute attacks will be particularly effective.

On defeat you will gain a random boss item and the Basilisk's Tears. It does not count towards the Boss Subjugation counter, and does not spawn a treasure chest on death. Note that it will respawn every time you enter this level.

Underground Level 3

The exit to this level is guarded by a Minotaur. Like the Sekhmet level you need to operate levers to gain access to its arena.

From the main hall, heading westwards will take you to a hall with three Charmy Ride enemies that will cast medium-range homing lightning spells which are very damaging. Upon defeat the beasts' riders will jump off and cast a transformation spell as they flee; getting hit and being in close range of a rider before the spell wears off will result in a game over. To access the doors to the north you need to defeat all three of them. Once you have done so access the room beyond to acquire a Magic Carpet; do not exit back towards the start or enter the lever room to the right before doing this or the riders will respawn. Note that they may flee past the locked doors, making it impossible to safely reach them.

Eastwards from the main hall is a chasm preventing access to two chests. The next area to the right will take you to curse and uncurse pools. Accessing the purple chest will cause a game over.

Boss: Minotaur

The Minotaur has much more health than Sekhmet, and is very damaging. While he doesn't charge like Sekhmet he does move more frequently towards you and has a short range lunge to close the distance. His attack pattern consists of two ability charging phases which deals damage in a small area around him, and a final step consisting of a screen-wide Earthquake strike that also locks him in place for a few seconds afterward. The strike may be avoided if you have acquired the Magic Carpet or used a Fairy Wing. It will be safer to keep at least a tile away from him while in melee as he still has reasonably strong basic attacks.

Upon defeat he drops a random boss item and spawns a chest containing one of the following:

  • Sword of Fire (Sword, drains 12 Health for Fire attribute)
  • Holy Flail (Flail, Holy attribute)
  • Spirit Spear (Spear, can use basic magic)
  • Dragon Buster (Large Axe)
  • Storm Sword (Large Sword)
  • Grand Shamshir (Large Sword)
  • Titania Mail (Armor)
  • Master Rapier (Sword)

Like Sekhmet's arena there are hidden rooms to the sides with permanent attribute boosters.

Underground Level 4

The antechamber here will offer you the opportunity to heal and save at a cost of 1,000 and 2,000 gold respectively. There is also the option to return to the surface if need be.

From the main hall, to the east is a cell block with an imprisoned demon. She needs the Ruby Key to be rescued. Releasing her nets you a Prime Blue and the Half-Split Key (Left).

Westwards from the main hall takes you to the archeologist. He will assign you a quest to deliver his Investigation Report to his apprentice on the surface. The exit eastwards from him leads to the fabled Hand of Midas; while you may pick up one of the golden statues (worth 10,000 gold) here, stepping or interacting with any part of the Hand will result in your character turning into a golden statue herself. Provided she doesn't disappear into the slave market in the meantime the character will be moved to the pyramid entrance where you can purchase her for 30,000 gold. This will net you the Familiar Golden Statue item (which cannot be sold) that you can bring to the robed figure on the right in the antechamber on this level to be restored to life for 20,000 gold.

The southern main hall exit takes you to the locations of the Golden Bracelet and Golden Claw.

  • The challenge of the Golden Bracelet requires you to escape the maze within 70 steps or suffer a game over. Note that it will only be possible to reach the two chests closer to the center (which contain permanent attribute boosting items) as the one to the northeast is an aging trap and the one closest to safety is impossible to reach in time.
  • The challenge of the Golden Claw requires you to defeat 500 mummies in total, failing which the claw will return to its chest; you may quit the test safely every 100 mummies. There will be two waves of mummies from the upper pyramid levels, two from the underground, and finally one wave of Slave Generals and Slave Valkyries (colored black and white respectively). You can take advantage of the dais the chest is on to limit the number of enemies attacking you at once, as you will be unable to access the menu for the duration of the fight. The Slave Valkyries in the last wave however are capable of jumping terrain and may box you in.

Underground Level 5

This short level is the location of the Ruby Key needed for the demon's cell, and a genie. The genie will grant three wishes but one of them will be used in order to progress. The list of available wishes are as follows:

  • Wealth - Creates a chest containing 50,000 gold.
  • Power - Increases Health and all four primary attributes by 10.
  • Beauty - Increases Charm by 10.

Note that using up all three wishes will lead to a game over.

Underground Level 6

The save chamber on this level is only accessible if you have the Emerald Key, which you obtain by rescuing both the angel and demon from their cells and combining the two halves of their keys.

Boss: Radames

Radames is the sovereign of the lost kingdom and husband of Amuneris. He is a Human-type enemy that takes double damage from anti-human weaponry. He has a similar flame attack that will transform you temporarily into a bat, and may occasionally deal a massive area of effect lightning strike. His most dangerous ability however is a powerful ray of destruction; there is a chance he may cast it when he pauses in place for a few moments so use that time to stay diagonally from him. Also a threat are his mummies who can inflict various status ailments such as Paralysis, Poison, Silence, and Blindness, and who are quite damaging themselves. There is a special execution scene with four different outcomes (three game overs) if you lose against him in battle.

Defeating Radames earns you a random boss item, a Crystal Fragment, and a chest containing one of the following:

  • Dest Falcon (Large Sword)
  • Emperor's Sword (Sword, Very Heavy, Lightning attribute)
  • Gladius (Dagger)
  • Earth's Strength Mail (Strengthens the natural recovery rate of Health and Mana)
  • Phantom Robe (Drains six Health every few seconds)
  • Holy Flail (Flail, Holy attribute)
  • Gungnir (Spear)
  • アガートラーム (Large Sword)
  • Orichalcum Armor (Armor)

Radames' throne will also be the exit point for the dungeon leading back to the entrance of the Pyramid.


Depending on the NPCs rescued from the dungeons, there will be other interactions available at the entrance to the Pyramid.

  • The blue haired guy at the entrance will give you a Magic Source.
  • Latifah will present to you a Blue Love Letter.
    • There is an additional interaction if you have the Futanari H ability.
    • Another interaction appears if you shake off the temptation of the night dancer and talk to her while not in child form.
    • You may acquire her Silk Robe if you speak to her while naked.
  • The archeologist's assistant will reward you with a Perfect Libra.
  • The red helmed warrior will give you a Phoenix Down.