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Nearby Forest (近くの森) is an Easy (0.5 difficulty) dungeon. It is unlocked by talking to the man on the second floor of Ray-On Village's inn. This area has a number of low level enemies including Goblins, Wolves, Frogs, Birds, and Snakes. Some potions and other items can be found scattered across the initial maps, which may be useful for the beginner adventurer. Protective equipment against Bleeding and Poison may be useful.

Points of Interest

The main forest path from the initial area will split into three different directions which leads to two sub-dungeons and a completely new dungeon.

Goblin Cave

  • Map ID: 199
  • From the first map area, follow the path south to the next map, then east, and finally north.
  • A Crystal Fragment can be found hidden in the branches of a tree to the right just outside the cave.
  • Two possible H-event endings:
    • Defeated by goblins.
    • Defeated by Goblin Boss with "???" status.
  • Home of a Goblin Boss and five goblins.
    • Recommended Level: 7
    • Goblin Boss will keep his distance for two pairs of fixed-distance dash attacks that will damage you if you get in his way. After that he will dash rapidly towards you and attack.
    • Once his health drops low enough he will be stunned, allowing you to freely damage him to death.
    • It is possible to escape from the cave if the fight is going poorly.
    • The Goblin Boss drops a treasure chest on death unless you pick up the Kitchen Knife at the end of the cave; the knife will disappear if the chest drops instead.
    • Possible loot from treasure chest includes:
      • Gold (tested from 272 to 446 gold on V-MAX difficulty)
      • Berserker Drug (consumable)
      • Red Spice (consumable)
      • Time Bell (consumable)
      • Thorn Collar
      • Iron Getas of Flame
      • Demon's Knuckles
      • Burning Gloves
      • Burning Longsword (+49 Attack Power, Fire attribute Sword)
      • Kungfu Shoes
      • Amber Duel (+108 Attack Power, +24 Defense, +22 Willpower. Inflicts Silence on character, drains 5 Health every few seconds. Sword.)
      • Troll Stone

Forest of Snakes

  • Can be found by taking the path entirely southwards. To reach the end follow the bridges eastwards and eventually make a U-turn across several more bridges to find the northwestern exit.
  • The enemies here are much stronger than the general Nearby Forest areas. These include Cave Worms, Giant Worms, and Lamias. Lamias may grab your character and increase EX.
  • A friendly lamia lives in the last area. Do not speak to her unless you are sufficiently leveled and prepared. She will say that "everyone" is pleased to have a visitor who is able to reach the area after so long. "Everyone" consists of around ten tough monsters (Lamias, Cave Worms, Giant Worms, and Flying Bugs).
    • If you do not speak to her the monsters will remain largely docile although still hostile, and will allow you to more easily access the fairy towards the end who can teleport you back to the world map.
    • If you do speak to her a treasure chest containing a Silver Ingot will spawn right next to the fairy. However, all the monsters will turn highly aggressive and start chasing which can be dangerous if they manage to trap and gang up on you; at lower levels you are unlikely to survive as they deal heavy damage each.

Entrance to Rocky Mountain Cavern

  • Can be found by following the same route as to the Goblin Cave, except that instead of following the path north take the eastward route instead across the bridge.
  • Upon exiting the map through the eastern exit, the Rocky Mountain Cavern dungeon will be unlocked; see Rocky Mountain Cavern.