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Core version: 150 (2021-07-13)


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Meribel Public School Entrance
Meribel Public School, sometimes referred to as "Melbel Public School," "Meruberu Public school," "Hypno School," or "the School," is a location you are sent to by Hypno (Reaper) to learn how to be a better slut.

Unlocking the School

Save Melbel

  1. Buy the Hypnosis Lifting Drug (last item) for 2,000 gold from the dog in Ray-On Village.
  2. If you have unlocked the Ruins of Melbel, fight your way to Melbel Castle (Map ID: 312 (29,13)). Otherwise unlock the location via a soldier in Capital Avalon's Inn (after defeating two bosses), or via talking to the Princess at the Lemuria Slave Market's inn.
  3. When offered 'security' by the dungeon boss, decline his offer and fight him.
  4. Upon defeating him, talk to Hypno who appears at the upper left section of the throne room together with Princess Alicia. Say first that you do not believe him, then either speak about the second princess (if you do not have the Hypnosis Lifting Drug) or pick the second option if you do. Either way you will defeat him and cancel the hypnosis cast upon the entire city.

Re-Brainwash Melbel

  1. You can only enter Melbel during daytime, so if it's still night talk to a time-witch to switch back before returning.
  2. Go to Melbel's Inn, talk to the time-witch there(Map ID: 383 (17,10)) to switch to nighttime.
  3. Head to Melbel's well (Map ID: 385 (8,8)) which is at the northwestern side of the city. It can be accessed by taking the path west from the entrance and heading north all the way to the end. Talk to the maid in the well; this cause several caped men to appear in Melbel. At this point you cannot exit the town or enter the inn, and being caught by the caped men will hypnotize your character with various H hypnosis abilities.
  4. Enter Melbel's castle. Take the door to the northwest, then head east and take the stairs down. Take the stairs at the far eastern side again, and you will find Hypno in the royal chambers at the end (Map ID: 391 (37,23)). Talk to him to get enslaved.
  5. (Optional): At this point the Hypnostore in the middle of Melbel opens. It costs 50,000 gold to get/remove a specific type of the six possible hypnosis H abilities, or you can ask for a free therapy which has a random effect.

Get sent to School

  1. Save the game before staying a night at the inn.
  2. You'll automatically go to Hypno who will say that you should attend Melbel Public School (Map ID: 543 (12,18)) for sexual education. You'll wake with a school application form. If this doesn't happen reload and manually walk all the way through the castle at night to talk to Hypno.
  3. It will be nighttime again, so talk to the time-witch and leave Melbel.



  • The man at the entrance won't let you through unless you have the school application form from Hypno.
  • The stairs leading down on the left leads to a shop.
  • The big doors lead inside. You will be afflicted with the "Hypnosis" status when you enter, and lose it when you leave.
Meribel Public School Layout 1F-2F

First Floor

The Student Dormitory is on the far left, while the cafeteria is on the far right. Note that with the exception of the Staff Room, School Infirmary, Cafeteria, Student Dormitory, and some classrooms, all other classrooms will be locked at night.

Top rooms, from the left:

  1. Staff Room - There is a time-witch here. A teacher on the left side keeps track of your education points.
  2. Examination Room - Inaccessible. This is the location of the first and second year exams.
  3. School Infirmary - No real function except as a location for a few H events.
  4. Homeroom - Location of four important NPC classmates.

Bottom rooms, from the left:

  1. First Classroom - This class offers 'Service' 1 lessons. At night there is a Student Counseling session which turns Masturbation Hypnosis or Peeing Hypnosis into their brainwashing variants.
  2. Second Classroom - This class offers Masochism 1 lessons.
  3. Third Classroom - This class offers Masturbation lessons. At night there is a possible H event here with a teacher.
  4. Fourth Classroom - Unused.


There are four classmates in your homeroom:

  • Warrior - Bottom right side, available from start.
  • Student Council President - Blonde girl on the left side, available from the start. Cannot be convinced to join during the Researcher's recruitment event.
  • Witch - On the right side; she joins once you accumulated 45 education points.
  • Researcher - At the top; she joins together with the witch when you have accumulated 45 education points. When you have accumulated close to 70 points you can talk to her to start a onetime event where she wants you to recruit people against Hypno, then bring them to a meeting in her dorm room (second row from the Student Dormitory's Study Hall). The Warrior and Witch are the possible recruits; who you ultimately recruit will influence which of four different endings you get. You have to wait at the Researcher's room to actually begin the event.

Second Floor

This floor is accessible after clearing the first year exam.

Top rooms, from the left:

  1. Biology Laboratory - This class offers tentacle interaction lessons.
  2. Second Floor Sixth Classroom - This class offers futanari lessons. Not available for futanari characters.
  3. Second Floor Fifth Classroom - Unused.
  4. Guest Room - Inaccessible and unused.

Bottom rooms, from the left:

  1. Second Floor First Classroom - This class offers 'Service' 2 lessons. At night you can find a teacher having sex with a dragon.
  2. Second Floor Second Classroom - This class offers bestiality lessons. You will be sent to a different area where you will choose (from a note on the wall) if you will have penetrative sex with the available dog/horse or not.
  3. Second Floor Third Classroom - Unused.
  4. Second Floor Fourth Classroom - Unused.

Third Floor

This floor is accessible after clearing the second year exam. To the north is the elevator to the Principal's Office which is only accessible during the graduation exam.

Top rooms, from the left:

  1. Pregnancy & Childbirth Classroom - This class offers pregnancy and childbirth lessons. Your character can birth up to 30 'children' before being asked to sign them away to the Life Science Institute.
  2. Third Floor Fifth Classroom - This class offers Masochism 2 lessons involving delta horses.
  3. Special Lecture Hall - Accessible once you have at least 70 education points.
  4. Third Floor Fourth Classroom - This class offers "Hentai Biology II" lessons. Taking a class unlocks a quest at night to transform into a lilim (succubus/demon) permanently.

Bottom rooms, from the left:

  1. Hypnosis Class - This class adds a random Hypnosis to your character.
  2. Third Floor First Class - This class offers sex with elves lessons.
  3. Third Floor Second Class - Unused.
  4. Third Floor Third Class - Unused.

Lilim Transformation

This transformation quest becomes available after taking the "Hentai Biology II" class once.

  • Return to the class at night. One of the students will telling the teacher that she wants to become a lilim permanently.
  • The teacher gives her a letter and begins to leave. On the way out he notices you and asks if you also want to become a lilim. Saying yes or no only changes the dialogue; the end result of this quest will be the same.
  • The teacher asks you to bring the student to the Life Science Institute. If you do not have Slave City Shrike or the Institute unlocked, this will grant you access to both.
  • Head to the Brain Remodeling Laboratory (the door to the immediate right of the stairs leading to Dr. Daijobu) and talk to the scientist at the top right of the lab. He will transform you and the other girl into dog girls (Dog name tag, Bitch Collar, Bitch ears/tail).
  • Once a dog girl, return to the classroom at night to be transformed into a lilim. This will change your character sprite; Young Rydia and Nakoruru both have lilim portraits. You also gain the Lilim ability, which causes the ??? state to not disrupt charging.
  • Once permanently transformed, taking the class again will have you and the other girl participate as assistants.

Advancing in School

You start with 0 education points although you get one point per caped man who catches you in Melbel.

First Floor/Year

  • First Year Classes: Awards one point.
  • Advanced First Year Classes: Awards two points. Requires 15 points.
  • First Year Exam: At least 20 points.
  • At around 6 points you can talk to the teacher next to time-witch at night for a very fast 1 point blowjob. This the fastest way to rake points save Hypno's lecture (which requires 70 points and clearing two exams).

Second Floor/Year

  • Second Year Classes: Awards two points.
  • Second Year Exam: At least 50 points.
  • You can talk to the Student Council President in Homeroom twice for some "studies" which are worth five points. This is repeatable and available until you pass the second year exam.
  • If you've done the quick blowjob in the teacher's room at least once, at night go to the third first-year class for a very, very, VERY long scene. Make sure to answer "no" after the extremely long scene or you'll get a game over. Awards 1 point. This is also a requirement for getting a scene with the school nurse at night, but there are other requirements.

Third Floor/Year

  • Third Year Classes: Awards three points.
  • Graduation Exam: At least 75 points.
  • You can read the Student Council President's diary in her room (first room, fourth row from the Study Hall) in the Student Dormitory.
  • Once you have 70 points Hypno's lecture at the Special Lecture Hall will be unlocked. Each lecture is worth 15 points and is repeatable until you attack him.


The graduation exam becomes available after having at least 75 points. Failing the exam drops your points to 74 no matter how much you had before. The exam requires you to match pairs of similar looking men together who are hidden behind doors, which can be made easier by taking a screenshot when the principal gives you a moment to memorize. Note that you will definitely lose your virginity if you have been avoiding penetrative lessons up to this point, and passing the exam always seems to lead to a game over. All of the following leads to the same dead end (Hypno's slave for eternity, or with 100+ points you are given the option of becoming a teacher):

  • Graduation after event with recruited witch and warrior.
  • Graduation after event with recruited warrior (despite what the scene may suggest, there's no difference whether or not you have the peeing hypnosis).
  • Graduation without starting the recruitment event.

If you skip the recruitment event but do talk to the warrior about Hypno (having read the president's diary) and later take Hypno's lecture, she will kill him. Both the president and her will then travel to find a way to release Melbel from Hypno's hypnosis. Note that you can still take the graduation exam and paradoxically end up with the above bad endings despite Hypno's death.

Non-Graduation Game Overs

  • Doing the recruitment event with only witch recruited: You will be recruited into making for slaves for Hypno.
  • Doing the recruitment event without recruiting anyone else: You will become Hypno's devoted sex slave.