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Lemuria Slave Market (レムリア奴隷市場) is a town in the Central Continent. It is the location of a bustling slave market; various merchants and opportunists have gathered to take advantage of the congregation of slave traders and buyers. The market is also the takeoff point of the skyship that provides access to the Skymap.

Locations and Points of Interest


The market's inn is a building to the west. You can rent a room here with the exception of the suite. The first three doors ("Simple Beds") allow you to switch characters and perform other character roster related matters. You will also find the Second Princess of Melbel here who will unlock the Ruins of Melbel on the map.


This small pub is to the east and has little of interest.

Human Ranch Tour

To the east is a man in an orange suit together with his horse. For a 200 gold fee he will bring you on a tour to the human ranch. The ranch is of minor interest, however inside the barn there is a girl who will offer you the opportunity to experience being a milk cow. Accepting will cause her to inject you with a drug granting you the Demon Breasts ability and the milking process will yield you a bottle of your own milk. She will also offer you a pass allowing free passage to the ranch if you want to be milked again.

There is a milk merchant to the girl's east, but due to a bug trying to reach him will trigger the moaning SFX and prevent you from moving forward.

7th Haven Skyship

Tickets for the skyship are sold by the red-haired maid to the west of the inn for 10,000 gold. You can then access the skyship anywhere on the world map by pressing SHIFT, although this will also consume the ticket.

Slave Market

The main attraction of the location. It is directly north of the starting point and entered through a door flanked by two red flags. The pigman by the entrance inside will only interact with you if one of your characters has been placed for auction on the market.

Other Persons of Interest

  • There is a girl next to the inn's entrance who sells flowers for 1 gold.
  • An old lady in the alley between the two stairways will offer you rumors in exchange for alms.
  • A man in orange next to a chest to the west of the stairway from the slave market building entrance will sell you potions at a minor 5 gold discount; note however that he does not take into consideration your recovery item limit and will take your money for free if you already have the maximum permissible.
  • Similarly, a rogue standing against the wall to the west of the map will sell you a batch of Ether cheaply (400 gold for a batch of 16 at the default recovery item limit; this translates to 25 gold per bottle). Don't buy more than one if it will exceed your limit or the money will be wasted.
  • A woman with double red buns hairstyle and red/white outfit on the level above the entrance to the slave market building is one of the two persons needed to unlock Roland Underground Prison in Ray-On Village, the other being the purple bandanna pirate in the village pub.
  • The bard playing by the stairs north of the pub can be spoken to if you want to change the background music.


Investigate Kidnapping Rumors

To the far northwest is a blue haired maid who is looking for a veteran to assist her in investigating some rumors. Once you have defeated at least three bosses she will offer to recruit you. She will ask you to investigate rumors of kidnappers kidnapping people off the streets of Capital Avalon; this will place Capital Avalon on your map. Head to the cemetery of Capital Avalon at night and you will hear a scream. Your character will investigate and uncover a minor dungeon culminating in a fight with the kidnappers; it turns out that a local pedophile noble is involved. You will be rewarded with 10,000 gold by the authorities. Returning to the maid will have her send you to investigate further rumors involving the mafia, but unfortunately the city where it takes place was never created and the quest ends here.

Item Gambling

There are three lotteries you can try in Lemuria Slave Market.

Man with Sword

  • This man is right at the western wall of the pub.
  • Cost: 1,000 gold
  • Possible Items: Long Sword(78%), Power Long Sword(20%), Keen Blast(2%)

Man in Orange

  • This man sits between two brown chests to the west, northwest of the inn.
  • Cost: 2,000 gold
  • Possible Items: Sedative(70%), Super Ether(23%), Elixir(6%), Elixir(0.5%), Diamond Edge(0.5%)

Man with Large Face

  • This man is close by to the Man in Orange, being to his northeast.
  • Cost: 1,000 gold
  • Possible Items: Potion(50%), Hi-Potion(30%), Dry Ether(20%)

Shop Inventories

Warrior in Red Armor

Standing right next to the entrance. He will be replaced by the Melbel Arms Workshop vendor when the latter becomes available.

Name Price Remarks
Halberd 10000
Crossbow 5000
Heavy Armor 1500

Melbel Arms Workshop

A soldier in blue near the entrance. Unlocked during the Melbel City quest line.

Name Price Remarks
Damascus Sword 18000
Halberd 10000
Crossbow 5000
Heavy Armor 1500
Silk Armor 4480

Hunter Association Vendor

Girl in yellow dress next to a basket, near the entrance.

Name Price Remarks
Mithril Bow 800
Elven Bow 1500
Arrow 2
Flame Arrow 50
Ice Arrow 50
Thunder Arrow 50
Holy Arrow 100
Throwing Knife 20
Fishing Rod 200
Dynamic Rod 3000

Mithril Arms Ltd Vendor

Wanders around the open air area near the entrance.

Name Price Remarks
Mithril Sword 600
Mithril Foil 500
Mithril Spear 1000
Mithril Cleaver 2000
Mithril Staff 500
Mithril Whip 500
Mithril Bow 800
Mithril Mail 1000
Mithril Robe 500
Mithril Bustier 1500
Ninja Shooter 2500
Region 21 30000
Cypress 7 12000
Blade Barrier 10000


Standing by the western wall of the pub.

Name Price Remarks
Worn Out Clothes 1
Worn Out Underwear 1
Dirty Love Hat 2
Dirty Shoes 2
Remains 1

Old Man

Standing to the right of the stairs leading to the slave market building.

Name Price Remarks
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
Eyewash 10
Clotting Agent 10
Antidote 10
Sedative 200

Trader in Blue

Standing to the right of the stairs to the east, north of the pub.

Name Price Remarks
Long Sword 150
Battle Axe 500
Long Spear 150
Long Bow 150
Arrow 2
Buckler 100
Iron Armor 200
Potion 50
Antidote 100
Sedative 200
10 Ft. Rod 100

Mage Guild Black Market Vendor

Girl wearing a wizard's hat to the northwest of the entrance.

Name Price Remarks
Rod of Flame 12000
Rod of Ice 12000
Rod of Thunder 12000
Wizard Staff 1000
Crystal Staff 3500
Circlet 2500

Bearded Purple Bandana Man

Standing just next to the entrance to the slave market building.

Name Price Remarks
Stiff 'Shroom 10
Diuretic 200
Bind Suit 2000
Princess' Manacles 1
Prisoners Fetter 1
Vernier Armor 3500
Small Seal 50
T-Back 2000
Boob-medicine 2000
Body Checker 300
Leather Belt 500
Leather Whip 100
Beasts Egg 1332
Stimulant 10
White Bottle 100
Pink Bottle 100
Ghosts Scented Oil 200000

Old Man Upstairs

Standing northwest of the entrance to the slave market building, north of the guy in orange next to a brown chest.

Name Price Remarks
Last Stand 1300
Tortoise Number 10000
Persistence 2000
Bloodthirst 5000
Massacre 13000
Wild Strikes 20000
Swallow Blade 5000

Oriental Item Vendor

A purple-skinned fat guy wearing a white and blue garb west of the Woman with Sword. Unlocked after defeating five bosses.

Name Price Remarks
Oriental Single Edge Sword 6000
Tsurugi 8000
Exotic Kimono 10000
Samurai Armor 5000
Japanese-Style Breastplate 3562

Woman with Sword

Next to third stairway to the north from the map entrance. If sufficiently worthy she will offer to sell you the Unnamed Katana (a Large Sword worth 65,512 gold) next to her for 300,000 gold. At that point she will no longer sell you her stock as she will either repeat her offer if you refuse, or advise that you shouldn't fall into the path of evil while wielding the sword, if you accept.

Name Price Remarks
E. Single Edge Sword 6000
Seiryu Naginata 6000

Shady Dealer

Lurks in the alley to the right of the pub.

Name Price Remarks
Black Medicine Bottle 100 Inflicts Capture status and causes damage.
White Medicine Bottle 100
Pink Medicine Bottle 100 Inflicts ??? status
Evil Potion 50
Evil Ether 50