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The Large Dwarven Tunnels (ドワーフの大トンネル) is a ★★☆ difficulty dungeon in the Central Continent. It is unlocked by speaking to a pirate wearing a purple bandanna in Ray-On Village's pub after defeating at least two bosses. Clearing this dungeon is one of two ways to access the Eastern Continent, the other being through the Sacred Mountain Border, although the latter is slightly easier as it does not have several dark sections that make the former somewhat more difficult to navigate.


  • This dungeon has many traps; protection against Silence, Poison, and Darkness in particular is recommended.
  • Possessing the Morningstar from the Bug Labyrinth and the Chain Flail from the Undersea Temple will make it possible to take shortcuts, acquire a Lantern to make the deeper areas easier to navigate, and access an area containing a Crystal Fragment.
  • The dungeon gets progressively darker as you progress, culminating in several maps that split off into multiple directions and are in near-total darkness. Possessing a Demon's Helm (sub-armor), Midnight Eyes (consumable), Wizard's Will (accessory) or similar light sources will increase the visible area of your character but will never dispel the darkness.
  • Fairy Wings will assist you greatly in traversing sections of lava in this dungeon, preventing larger bursts of damage although you will still take sustained damage over them.
  • Some enemies in the depths of the dungeon are capable of destroying equipped armor; be careful that they do not destroy your best equipment.
  • Element-bestowing items and equipment will be useful against certain enemies; Lightning, Ice, and Holy are recommended.
  • Most enemies will be of the Human, Bug, and Incorporeal types.


Outer Tunnels

The dungeon starts with a southward path and is fairly straightforward. The second map has two paths to the west and southwest; the western path takes you to a small lava-filled area that will damage you heavily and has two spirits that are immune to most forms of damage. The reward for this section is a pouch containing 205-552 gold and a random minor item.

Taking the southwestern exit, the third map has two exits to the east and southeast. There are two routes to the southeastern exit, but the eastern one is blocked by breakable boulders. The eastern exit leads to a boulder-strewn area with two chests containing random consumables.

The fourth map is an area with boulders rolling from the top of the screen. Make your way from west to east but be careful of boulders hitting you as you might end up momentarily trapped and losing a lot of health due to the interaction between hitboxes.

The fifth map has a large body of water and two exits to the east and southwest. There is a brown chest in the east with a Potion and a random consumable on the floor nearby. Heading into the water will net you a pouch containing 212-553 gold and is the longer way through to the eastern exit. If you have the Chain Flail you can use a shortcut via the pillars instead. Two other small islands are reachable by pillars, one of them containing a pouch with 201-539 gold.

Fifth map has a potion in the brown chest to the east, random consumable from potion on floor to east. 212-553 gold in pouch to the east, in water. The watery path leads to eastern and southwestern exits; the pillars allow for access to two more item spots (one is a pouch with 201-539g) and a shortcut through the water to the east.

  • The southwestern exit is a lava lake with an island to the far west. On it is a pouch containing 202-509 gold and two chests with random consumables.
  • The eastern exit leads to a long, wide bridge heading eastwards. There is nothing of note to the north in the middle.

Beyond the long bridge is a long winding route ending in the central exit to the mid-dungeon boss.

Boss: Scorpion

This boss is accompanied by a small number of G Scorpion enemies and a rare purple slime trap. It regularly spews slime on the ground which inflicts the Slime status if you touch any. Avoid its directional tornado-like attacks which have a small area of effect around the animation itself; this is its main source of damage and will heavily damage you if it connects. The Scorpion also occasionally negates most damage against itself, reducing damage to 1. On death it drops a random item and spawns a treasure chest.

Possible loot from the chest includes:

  • Water Necklace (Shoulder, Protects against Slime status)
  • Armor Piercer (Dagger, 40% chance to ignore enemy Defense)
  • Elixir
  • Gold Ingot
  • High Demon's Fluids (consumable, permanent Health +2)
  • Dagger Whip (Whip)
  • High Potion
  • Muramasa (consumable, permanent Attack +2)
  • Superhard Carapace (Very Heavy Armor)
  • Metal Armor (Very Heavy Armor)
  • Tian Go Water Fan (天剛劈水扇, Dagger)
  • Katsutaitan (活体丹, consumable, permanent Defense +2)
  • Hortensia (オルタンシア, Sword. A Rapier with high critical rate)
  • Mahonomoto (まほうのみなもと, consumable, Mana +2 permanently)
  • Fairy Wing

The exit to the north leads to a chest with a Potion, and a healing fairy. Further north is a narrow passage map with a gondola at the end. Using it places you on a special map where you will need to kill a number of enemies before the gondola arrives at its destination.

Deeper Tunnels

The gondola will arrive at a tiny pigman settlement with a few neutral NPCs, although enemies are still free to roam and attack you. The first NPC is a pigman who will talk about their troubles with a dragon and seeks your aid to get rid of it. He will give you a Potion and five Panaceas if you accept. The middle two NPCS have little to say, while the NPC to the east will sell you a Black Ore consumable for 1,000 gold that deals massive damage to all enemies and grants invincibility). If you head into the exit slightly to the southwest you will reach a feeding pen where a pigman will offer you a place to rest. Accepting will trigger an event where you are locked in and forced to consume adulterated semi-liquid pig food, transforming your character into a pig (he will refer to you as a sow and ask if you are there to mate with the pigs, although there is little apparent effect otherwise).

The exit to the south takes you to a human NPC who will sell you equipment, some of which are of good quality. To the west is an area named the "First Warehouse" which is blocked by breakable boulders; accessing it will net a few items including the Lantern on the skeleton. The exit is to the southeast.

The next area to the south has a pouch containing 108-359 gold and a southeastern exit. The path branches into southern and eastern routes; the eastern one is a shortcut blocked by breakable boulders. There is a pillar shortcut midway through the southern one that cuts a small amount of distance.

Past this is another lava lake. The eastern section consists of several conveyors; carefully make your way to the southern exit, or use a Fairy Wing to safely make your way on the conveyors. The only item of note is the sword in the lava to the northwest. This yields a random weapon, including the Wyvern (Sword, +138 Attack Power, drains 9 Health every few seconds), and the Flame Sword (+100 Attack, Flame Attribute, drains 12 Health every few seconds).

Tunnel Depths

From this point on the maps will be entirely dark. Having the Lantern will double your visible range and make it easier to navigate and spot terrain off the main routes. There are three main routes here from the entrance. The western one splits towards the south, with the left side leading to a random consumable and the right to the southern exit. The southern one is a dead end save for a possible pillar shortcut to the eastern route. The eastern route splits into two, with the right one leading to a random axe and a random consumable.

The next map has four possible routes from the entrance. The western route leads southward to a spot where you can get a random armor (either the Iron Armor, Mithril Mail, Heavy Armor, Mini Protector, or the Warrior Armor) and eventually the southern exit. The southwestern route leads to consumables and a pillar. The southeastern route leads to consumables and a potential route at the very end via pillars towards the extreme southeast of the map; if you stumble upon a pillar at the edge of an outcrop, the right spot is the outcrop to the east of it where you can fire the Chain Flail south, then east twice.

The robe found there may be any one of the following:

  • Water Raiment
  • Tiger Bikini (Immunity to Lightning, amplifies Lighting magic)
  • Robe of Light
  • Scarlet Robe
  • Emerald Robe
  • Sage's Coat
  • Elven Skin (Resist Cold, Immune to Paralysis)

Lastly, the eastern route takes you to the eastern exit. This exit leads to an area with three main routes. Both northern and southern routes lead to dead ends. Slightly into the eastern route you can attempt to hook north to an area with boulders blocking a chest that you can leave afterwards by hooking eastwards. From the main eastern route you can head northeast or southeast; the former leads to a dead end while the latter leads to a chest containing one of the following:

  • Sharp Axe
  • Grand Shamshir (Large Sword)
  • Leading Axe (Axe, +28% Critical Chance)

To continue you need to return to the previous map and take the western route that leads to the southern exit.

In the next map, to the east is where you can attempt to hook over to the islands leading to the Crystal Fragment; this may also allow you to skip most of the map and head directly to the boss room. Heading directly south from the entrance in the next map you will find a pillar that hints at an island to the south with a chest. Move to the outcrop to the southeast from the pillar and hook westwards. The chest's loot potentially includes the following:

  • Resistance Crown
  • Red Spice
  • Magic Stone (魔晶石, consumable, temporarily increases Magic)
  • Barrel Helm Glitter (バレルヘルムグリター)

The route will eventually take you northwards. There will be a chest on the left with potentially the following:

  • 超銅金のアンクレット
  • Diamond Nail (Dagger)
  • Devilish Ring (Bracelet, adds Demon attribute and resists Absorb)

Later on you will reach a pillar; about three steps north you can hook west to reach some consumables. Towards the end the path will split into two; one leads north to a pillar that points northward to where an island with boulders blocks access to a Crystal Fragment. The one leading east will lead you to the final boss of the dungeon.

Boss: Nergal

This arena has a number of pillars to the east that can be used to bring yourself to a trio of islands, although this is unnecessary for the fight. It has an exit to the north which will be blocked for the duration of the fight, and Dark Spirits will spawn to replace any you slay. There are a few purple slime traps present.

The boss, Nergal, is a Devil Beast and as such is particularly vulnerable against Holy attribute attacks. The extreme darkness will make it somewhat difficult to track him during the fight, but he will always be moving towards you and his abilities' animations may reveal his position. He spews slime regularly and moves relatively slowly. He has three abilities, two of which are of importance; the first is a lunging attack covering some distance that is signified by golden orbs gathering in his body, and the second is a poisonous short-range conical breath attack that heavily damages you.

On death he drops a random item and spawns a chest directly south of the exit. This chest contains items that may include the following:

  • Sapphire Ring
  • Octopus Dumplings (+2 to Spirit permanently)
  • Magna Split (Large Axe)
  • Dragon's Beard (Whip)
  • Robe of Light
  • Dragon Claw (Fist, Flame attribute)
  • Devil Knight (Shoulder)
  • Horned Maris (Sword, +208A, Silences wielder)
  • Wizard's Will (Accessory)
  • Shadow Tiger (Large Sword, Oriental)
  • Dragon Rod (Staff, Increases charge rate when using magic)

Taking the northern exit will trigger a dungeon conquest message and unlock the Eastern Continent. If you head back to the pigman settlement the pigman will reward you with a Thunder Spear and if requested heal you once. Do not leave the dungeon until you do so or else it will reset and the reward will be lost; he will ask you to defeat Nergal again without memory of your prior victory.