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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Lake Emirisu (エミリス湖) is a location in the Eastern Continent. It is the site of a sunken castle that is now a minor tourist attraction. The location is incomplete and as such has little in the way to offer.


In the first map is a price-gouging harpy who will sell you sponge cakes for a random amount of gold, usually in the thousands. There is also a time witch here seated behind a crate.

Castle Site

The second map to the north is the castle site itself. The only point of interest is the pharmacist in the northwestern section on top of the castle who sells powerful potions and ether together with a Maiden's Kiss item.

At night the castle site will be empty save for a female mage to the southeast who will randomly cast toad transformation spells at you; if you are wearing a Ribbon or similar negative status negating item then it will not affect you.

Once afflicted you can access the inside of the castle right above where the pharmacist was, an area marked by two rocks. The path is linear and passes through a semi-submerged throne room towards a passage on the opposite side to the east. There you will find an undead creature who will offer to turn two Morningstars into an Iron Ball of Destruction for 200,000 gold; note that not all characters will be able to wield the resulting Iron Ball-class weapon, which may cause issues until you find another Morningstar if your character needs to break boulders. Also with it are two chests.

Left Side Chest

  • Holy Knife (Dagger)
  • Minerva Bustier (Armor)
  • Spider Whip (Whip, adds Paralysis)
  • Dragon's Beard (Whip)
  • Dragon Rod (Staff, increases charging speed when using magic)
  • Flame Anchor
  • Angel Stick (Staff)
  • Dragon Slayer (Sword)
  • Sandword Knife (Dagger)

Right Side Chest

  • 神楽幻想譚 (Magic Book; cursed)
  • Tears of Artemis (Sword)
  • Wieder Stone Sword (Sword)
  • Unicorn Sword (Sword)
  • Arcane Armor (Armor, magic defense fluctuates 20%)
  • Hellfire Engine
  • Magical Crown
  • Star Bringer (Sword, Holy attribute)

Note that if you are attacked by snakes while inside you will be instantly killed. Use a Maiden's Kiss to return to human form once you've left; you will be prevented from using it while inside the castle. From time to time while in frog form you will secrete Toad Oil with currently unknown uses that may be sold for 250 gold.