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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Hidden Town (潜む町ヒドゥン) is a town in the Eastern Continent. It is home to runaways, eccentrics, refugees and outlaws, located on poisoned ground that is slowly sickening its inhabitants. Characters created as runaway slaves will start here instead of Ray-On Village.



There are two vendors to the left selling curatives and accessories. A time witch is stationed to the right. The inn offers every room type except for suites. Upstairs are the rooms leading to game options, character changes, and the Spirit & Time room.


The local pub is the location of several persons who can mark new dungeons on your world map.

  • Man by Bar - Seated on the southern end of the bar, he will reveal the location of the Pyramid for you.
  • Bandanna Man - Seated by the table on the right in front of the performers. He will reveal the location of the Cave of Flesh-eating Ghosts. Speaking to him again will allow you to buy Lighting Insects which are consumables lasting for a short period that will illuminate the dungeon and make it easier to explore.
  • Southeastern Lady - She appears at the table to the southeast at night. Speaking to her places Hall of the Dead-Myurondo on your map, although it isn't explicitly indicated.

Speaking to the guy with red hair on the eastern side of the bar will make the performers play a different music.

Weapon & Armor Stores

Located northeast of the inn, each vendor has their own entrance despite being within the same building.

Weapon Vendor

Name Price Remarks
Mithril Claw 450
Aura Knuckle 2,000
Battlehammer 1,500
Tin Cane 5,000
Battleaxe 500
Mithril Foil 500
Long Spear 150
Mithril Spear 1,000
Thief's Dagger 2,000 Treasure+
Mage Smasher 15,000 Double damage against magic users
Ripper Knife 1,000
Lead Sword 300
Irune 1,600
Amber Duel 3,500 Consumes 5 Mana, Silences
ムンダーブローバ 4,426 Charge +1
Keen Blast 5,000 集魔
Cross Sword 5,000 MD +10
Dragon Knight's Lance 8,800 Lightning, Resist Lightning
Prime Pleasure 10,000 魔溜+2

Armor Vendor

Name Price Remarks
Iron Armor 200
Silk Robe 100
Protective Suit 5,200 Protects against Darkness
Light Guard 500
High Leg Leotard Armor 2,000
Bunny Suit 3,000
Mini Protector 1,200
T-back 2,000
Small Sticker 50
Pan Lid Armor 50
Indecent Underwear 500
Worn Out Underwear 1
Impact Check 3,300 Resists knockback
Hunting Cap 2,000 必1, Fear
Circlet 2,500 抗黙怖凍?8 (Silence, Fear, Freeze)
Great Helm 4,000 Resists Darkness


The orphanage located at the northwestern side of town, and is incomplete. Using noclip to access the underground indicates that there would have been content involving enslavement of the character.


You can speak to the sister next to the priest to remove status ailments. She is capable of removing slave chains from you but will be unable to do anything about the collar. There is also a person who can be spoken to if you want to wear a chastity belt.

Magic Library

This is home to a small magical library where everyone is welcome to visit and read its books. Characters may buy magic with Prime Blue and some gold here. It is closed at night.

Underground Ward

Several people sickened by the poisonous water are warded here. Speaking to the head nurse will unlock a quest to search for a cure and unlock the Dokuno Falls & Dokuno Marshland dungeon on the world map.


The wooden bathhouse is on the western side of town, just below the orphanage to the south. You can buy Milk and Antidotes from a nurse here at night. There is no charge for entering the bathhouse. Speak to the girl on the right side of the pool to restore your Health and Mana.

Points of Interest

  • There is a couple in the garden to the north. The guy turns into a horse at night and the lady into a cat during the day; at night they can be found copulating in the garden.


Antidotes for the Sick - Start by speaking to the head nurse in the Underground Ward. She will ask you to gather herbs that can only be found at Dokuno Falls & Dokuno Marshland and make special antidotes out of them. You need to bring along Potions and mix them with certain herbs from the marsh. Note that you need fifteen Antidotes and three Aojiru (青汁モドキ) in order to treat everyone successfully, as the kappa patient in the southeastern-most bed does not do well with the standard antidote. The head nurse will then reward you with one Soul Jar 8 and some gold. The ward will then become permanently inaccessible.