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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Dokuno Falls & Dokuno Marshland (ドクノーの滝・ドクノー湿原) is a Difficulty ★★ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. It is unlocked by talking to the head nurse of the underground ward in Hidden Town.


  • This dungeon has many slime-type enemies.
  • There are no traps in this dungeon, although there will be events that will slime you.
  • Saving the game is restricted to save points interspersed throughout the dungeon.
  • Slime attacks may strip your armor and infest you with a persistent slime.
  • The Slime Girl transformation is available here.


Cliff's Edge Shop

This is a small shop run by jellies. The innkeeper will offer you a room for 1,440 gold. The sparkling star beside him offers a save point, BGM switch, and day/night switch. The yellow jelly sells standard potions, curatives, and resistance accessories, though if you ask it about "recommended products" it will show you its stock of 99 Stripping Spirits on sale for 3,000 gold each that can be used to remove cursed equipment and parasites (the other places to buy them are from the hidden maid in the Disused Factory or the merchant outside the Pyramid, while enemies in the Ancient Library drop them).

Downstairs to the west is a slime with information about the marshland. Of particular interest is how to identify the two types of herbs that grow in the marsh, which is important in creating the correct special antidote for the sick in Hidden Town. Outside the shop, to the northeast is a barely hidden slime who tells you that you should search the cliffs ahead for places to jump.

Before heading down to the marsh, be sure to stock up on Potions as you need at least one to create Antidotes.

Dokuno Falls

This area is a fairly linear series of cliffs. Insects will jump down to attack you, bats will randomly spawn and boulders will randomly fall; the latter does a large amount of damage if they hit you. Some waterfalls can be searched to reveal hidden caves that contain chests of consumables, save points, and a slime NPC.

After two level-traversing caves, on the long route east to the third one there is a trio of wide waterfalls. The first one with a watery ledge just beneath its edge can be jumped to skip one level right to the bottom of the falls.

Towards the bottom of the falls, just before the marshland itself, is a save point accessible through a ladder to the west. Saving here will save you a lot of time in case anything untoward happens.

Dokuno Marshland

The marshland is extensively covered in slimy water and consists of seven parts. The first four maps form a squarish quartet (the entrance map to the marsh being the northwestern-most one), while the remaining three are accessed by the southeastern-most map. The latter consists of one area that branches to the north and east, both of which are dead ends.

There are save points towards the end of the marsh. The first is in the southeastern map of the quartet, near the eastern exit. The second is marked with a giant pentagram on the easternmost map of the marshlands on its northern side which needs 50% power to also teleport you back to the Cliff's Edge shop. The pentagram starts off unpowered.

Enemies in the marshland consist of three enemy variants in two colors:

  • Green slimes will try to poison you, the green men will burrow underground and surprise attack you, and the green slime women will try to poison you with a ranged attack.
  • Purple slimes will try to jump on you, the purple men turn invisible and try to attack you, and the purple slime women fire ranged attacks at you.

Any attack that hits you in this area will strip your armor slot, although equipment such as the Rubber Suit are resistant to this effect. Walking through the slimy waters may trigger an event that also strips your character's armor slot and can poison her.

  • Getting hit enough times in this area will turn your character into a Slime Girl; at least three events will happen before this where she will notice the visible changes to her body.
  • Wearing a Rubber Suit or equivalent piece of equipment, such as a Hydra Suit or the Rubber Biosuit, will protect you from slime accumulation to an extent.
  • In order to reset the slime accumulation progress, use a Stripping Spirit.

For the purposes of the Hidden Town quest, you need to create special antidotes from herbs that have rounded leaves (these herbs also have a random chance of creating a different item instead needed for one patient); using herbs with sharp-tipped leaves will create Evil Potions instead. The type of herb at each gathering point is entirely random; to make it easier and avoid being slimed you can savescum from the last waterfall area and stick primarily to the first map and the one to the south as these two have easier enemies to avoid.